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  1. Thank you, Unfortunately i am left handed, so no good for me. Good luck with the sale. Cheers John
  2. Hi, Is the GRS stock specific right handed or ambidextrous? Also, any pics? Cheers John
  3. Same as Pops here, chromate sand.... Heavy as heavy can be..😁 cheers John
  4. Hi, There is a photo link at the bottom of the OPs post. cheers Jma
  5. jma

    FAC renewal

    Hi Nick, Firearms Certificates, valid for five years Grant of firearm certificate: £88 Renewal of firearm certificate: £62 Co-term FAC & SGC Grant: £90 Co-term FAC grant & SGC Renewal: £90 Co-term FAC renewal & SGC grant: £90 Co-term FAC & SGC renewal: £65 Variation of a firearm certificate to increase the number of firearms held on the certificate (other than at renewal): £20 Replacement of a firearm certificate: £4 Shotgun certificates, valid for five years Grant of a shot gun certificate: £79.50 Renewal of a shot gun certificate: £49 Replacement of a shot gun certificate: £4 cheers John
  6. jma

    Left handed

    Lee, Best way, let him find whats comfortable for him. When my wife first shot a rifle she had it in a right handed position, but she tried to get her left eye looking down the sights. She was attempting to use the dominant left eye, quite difficult when holding the rifle right handed. A friend of mine suggested she try shooting left handed, which she did very well. As i said she is a very good shot, and found it natural pretty quickly. You could probably do with an ambidextrous rifle to let him get used to it (if thats what it is) Good luck. cheers John
  7. jma

    Left handed

    Hi Lee, I am a left handed in everyday life, I shoot left handed, am a right handed golfer ambidextrous pistol shooter and combinations of both at other things. I have always shot right handed rifles with no problem, as a left handed person you just have to get on with it. Is he left handed at anything else or just shooting? If so he it is more likely his eye dominance, probably left in his case. My wife is right handed in everything except shooting, she is left eye dominant and also rather a good shot. I would not try and force him to shoot right handed, imagine if someone made you shoot left handed, you would struggle. Have a look here https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/shooting/instruction/issues-with-eye-dominance-15475 its more shotgun but gives relevant information. regards John
  8. Has the Lyman 1200 Pro case tumbler sold??? Regards John
  9. Just out of interest, what height are those vortex mounts? Cheers John
  10. Great Choice, Earlier this week i took delivery of a Vortex Diamondback 6-24 X 50 FFP which is destined for my rimfire( probably an anshutz too) when i get my ticket. I got it early as an offer was on that was too good to turn down. I am intending to get the viper for my main longer range rifle when the time comes, i am liking the idea of having the same ret on both rifles. It looks great on your Anshutz, and is obviously performing great. cheers John
  11. Look forward to that. cheers John
  12. A lovely looking rifle.. I wish they did left handed in that model. Have fun with it.. cheers John
  13. Iv installed True flight to my Fenix 3. However it appears not to work, its visible in apps but click on it and nothing happens. I guess my watch does not support it, its no big deal as i use Strelok anyway. Thanks for sharing though. cheers John

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