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  1. snakeman

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    Guys Anyone know who else manufactures a single-stage press with priming executed on press?..as like Lee press with safety primer tray/lever 'click' arm
  2. snakeman

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    Used a bog-standard Lee Challenger for years and never had accuracy issues which could be deemed as caused by ineffectiveness of that press - it served me well for years and is now delivering fine, accurate loads for a friend... It's nearly 3.00pm and still no sign of pops...Most likely still doing the 'Do-Wop-Dee-Wop-Dee-Wop' around that press and he's probably gone Comfortably Numb 😡...Come in, earth to pops, do you read us? πŸ€”...(or, he's gone to church) πŸ˜ƒ
  3. snakeman

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    Ahh that's your problem, pops...First, something a bit more upbeat on the boombox, then gently grip brass between fingers of preferred hand while boppin' full circumference around your press πŸ€” .....(let us know how you get on, pops πŸ˜‰)
  4. snakeman

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    Try rotating it the other way, pops πŸ˜„
  5. wrong sec

    1. Popsbengo


      Simples - the scales out of calibration. Β Adjust the pan weight

    2. snakeman


      wrong sec


  6. snakeman


    Indeed, I get all that....BUT My perplexity is with Doris and her geraniums ...
  7. snakeman


    I've just tried to make some sort of sense of this......needless to say to no avail πŸ™ƒ
  8. snakeman

    223 load Vihtavuori N135 or n130

    ukhornet How accurate is 50g Vmax out of a 1:12?......regardless of powder choice and, if that Vmax prints inconsistently, you'll probably have better results with the 50g Spire Point (Hornady) ..it's a shorter pill than the Vmax, which will most likely be more stable for the 1:12 https://www.hornady.com/bullets/rifle/22-cal-224-50-gr-sp#!/ atb
  9. snakeman

    223 load Vihtavuori N135 or n130

    ukhornet 22.7g of N130 sitting under 55g blitzking shooting out of a 1:9 twist .223 ...(2.235 coal) ...my fox load, and works every time. atb
  10. snakeman

    Round count books.

    Ahhhh I got you... the firearm would probably sell quicker if all the info was written in calligraphy - genius! πŸ˜€
  11. snakeman

    Round count books.

    Need this to be under a fiver if they're trying sell a ruler & pencil with a pad which already has the lines - a stitch-up πŸ˜• B&M Bargains do Jumbo pad for a quid! 😁
  12. maxtich Is there cross-wires here somewhere?....meaning; when he replied "sold" to you...rimmie was meaning the rail was sold to you - that's the way I would have read it - (unless I'm barking totally up the wrong tree) I'm sure this could easily be resolved Good luck
  13. snakeman

    .22 rimfire match / training rifle scope finally sorted

    Now that's more what I'm used to reading on UKV ...Good to see some honesty ↑ ... I do smile at the rest of this thread
  14. snakeman

    Reloading for .308 - powders

    This πŸ‘† - every time
  15. snakeman

    Load date n140 223 , 55g

    Or even N130 works for me. ...22.7g under a 55g Blitzking .....(raise the pill to 69g for N140 and 24.5g)

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