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  1. I am an AI AT owner and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. I have 308 and 6.5CM barrels and they are easy to swop. I use it in a variety of different competitions (out to a 1000 yards), which is one of the main reasons I bought it. Although, as mentioned above you may wish to consider the new AI AT-X. For reference my son shoots an RPR (6.5CM) with a 24 inch barrel to 1000 yards, which is the same barrel length as the new AI AT-X. What benefit do you consider the AI AX gives over the AT, obviously other than the ability to change to .338 (or similar). Is this something you really need?
  2. MDT LSS - 22 (Ruger American) Do any of you know the thread of the screws on the underside of an MDT LSS – 22 (gen 1) chassis? I would like to fit a front rest rider. I asked the the company (UK based) where I purchased it and they advised 10-32" UNF, however, after purchasing the screws (via Amazon), they don’t fit! Therefore, anyone know the answer? Any assistance much appreciated. Thank you
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  4. For sale SEB (original ) Rest, very good condition. £450 + Buyer pays postage/carriage This one Products | SEB Rests
  5. I started such a tread a while ago, however it disapeared for some unknown reason, so following my previous post on the subject of a (number of ) picture threads heres the first one - Accuracy International Please show a picure of your AI, maybe a few words on specification, any changes / modifications and why you purchased an AI (I apologise in advanced for being a bit of an AI fan boy). Here is mine - AI AT, 308, 26" barrel, AI muzzle brake, Schmidt and Bender PM II 12-50x56 (second focal plane with P4 fine reticle), AI bipod, Next step is a thumbhole stock conversion. I purchased an
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