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  1. geek

    Chris Packham...again.

    A very interesting article.
  2. geek

    new watch

    I have purchased a number of watches (Rolex Sea Dweller, Heuer Carrera, 1942 Military Omega) from: Rolex Omega Patek Philippe Watches at The Old Watch Shop, UK Always helpful, but the price is as stated and it does depend on what is available, I am sure Mike Wood could get what you require.
  3. geek

    Scope help please

    ^^this, I had one of these on my RPR (6.5CM) for a while and my son regularly shot out to 1000yards. In my opinion, for the money unbeatable.
  4. geek

    6.5 creedmore Load data

    In my Ruger PR (24" barrel) - these worked in my rifle, don't know about anyone else's rifle. Hornady brass, large Federal primers, Hornady 140 AMax bullets, Superformance (43.7): 2591/2608/2583ft/s. Although, I don't believe that you can buy this powder now. Hornady brass, large Federal 210 primers , Viht N160, Lapua 139 bullets 40.5 - 2554ft/s 41.0 - 2574ft/s 41.5 - 2614ft/s 42.0 - 2587 / 2634 / 2636ft/s 42.5 - 2700 / 2683 / 2695 ft/s 43.0 - 2700 / 2683 / 2695 ft/s 43.5 - 2723 / 2712 / 2729 ft/s Currently using 41.5 and my son is shooting 600 yards not a problem (used in factory sporter benchrest). However, whilst operating the electronic targets at 1000 yards, would benefit from a greater velocity. The intention therefore is to increase the load from the current 41.5 (chose accuracy over velocity).The higher loads noted above didn't give the best accuracy, so going to have another go (when the ranges are open).
  5. geek

    9mm bolt action

    Thank you, I do like the look of that.
  6. geek

    9mm bolt action

    I would be interested to see a picture. I have always liked the look of Armalon, however, they do seem quite expensive (but I assume to pay for what you get).
  7. "Don’t tell and no one will ask…" Don't tell and no one will ask... | Firearms-UK
  8. geek

    Reloading data

    I am currently load developing my factory Savage 6BR at the moment (with the assistance of The Gum Pimp on here) for my son to use in factory benchrest and the results so far are as follows: Case: Lapua Primer: Federal 205 (although, these may need to be changed, a few primers were holed) Bullet: Berger 105 VDL Powder: Viht N150 29.0grs: at barrel: 2753ft/s (this looked like over pressure (stiff bolt), but was actually too little powder) 29.3grs: at barrel: 2776, 2777, 2777 = 2776.5ft/s 29.6grs: at barrel: 2791, 2795 = 2793ft/s 31.2grs: at barrel: 2902ft/s 31.4grs: at barrel: 2932, 2938, 2931 and at 600 yard target with Shot Marker, 1955, 1946, 1951, 1961, 1948ft/s 31.5grs: at barrel: 2921ft/s 31.7grs: at 600 yard target with Shot Marker, 1963, 1964, 1948, 1971, 1966ft/s 31.8grs: at barrel: 2943ft/s 32.0grs at 600yard target with Shot Marker, 2005ft/s) pressure signs 32.1grs: at barrel: 2971ft/s pressure signs Next test will be using: 31.2grs and 31.5grs (these didn't show pressure signs, produced the best group so now looking to optimise the group and will develop further around these loads). These tested in my rifles, don't know about yours!
  9. geek

    .224 Valkyrie

    I am achieving 2811ft/s with my Remington 700 .223 (20" barrel), using 69gr Sierra MatchKing bullets (shoot it out to 600 yards at Diggle). Agreed however, that it does suffer in the wind.
  10. geek

    Vortex Warranty Work - Who's needed it?

    I would guess McLaren from what I have read on the car forums (Pistonheads)?
  11. I would agree with a Sightron 8-32x56, whilst new around £1000, secondhand should be around £500/£600. Also, more than capable of shooting out to 1000yards. I am not convinced about a .223 for 600yards with factory ammunition (agree that ammunition would be plentiful and the least expensive option). I would still go .308 for the choice of factory ammunition (more expensive than .223), but 6.5 Creedmoor would be better, however, less choice and more expensive factory ammunition (could buy Hornady and save the cases to reload at a later time).
  12. Savage do indeed manufacture a target 6BR, I have just bought one secondhanded one, it's their Benchrest rifle (less than 200 rounds). It is exceptionally accurate and my son and I are still developing the load using Viht 150 and Berger105gr VLDs.
  13. The easiest due to the factory ammunition requirement in my opinion would be .308, however, a better calibre again in my opinion would be 6.5Creedmoor. I am sure that others will have a different opinion.
  14. Have you tried https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/

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