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  1. For sale SEB (original ) Rest, very good condition. £450 + Buyer pays postage/carriage This one Products | SEB Rests
  2. Fully agree, spoke his mind, pity more don't. RIP
  3. I have a second focal plane S&B 12-50x56 PM II with P4 fine reticule on my AI AT and I can JUST make the light gun weight for benchrest. It is a heavy scope, but I do like it, very clear. However, at high magnification you may obscure the V bull since it is FFP, may be best if you could try it first. I shoot at Diggle range and I don't recall (not saying that means no one is using them) seeing any F class shooters using S&B scopes or first focal plane scopes.
  4. Better pictures attached and price drop to £375, including scope rings.
  5. Rifle reloading data | Handloading | Rifle calibers | Centerfire Rifle bullets | Reload your own ammo - Vihtavuori I have a Ruger Precision Rifle (6.5CM), which my son shoots. I am using N160 (41.5grs), with 139gr Lapua bullets, Hornady brass and Federal 210 primers. This equates to: (2616/2612/2616ft/s) = 2614.4 ft/s average. This has proven the most accurate load. However, we have tried the following loads with 139gr Lapua bullets, Hornady brass and Federal 210 primers: 40.1grs: (2543, 2531, 2538) = 2537 ft/s 40.2grs: (2554m 2515, 2528) = 2532 ft/s 40.3grs: (2544, 2556, 2
  6. I have a Remington 700 (.223) in an MDT LLS gen 2 stock and haven't had any problems. I agree with the post above about the triggers, I too couldn't get on with the standard trigger so installed a Trigger Tech trigger and I would recommend them.
  7. I have a standard Remington 700 (.223) which is a 20" barrel, 1:9, in an MDT chassis with aftermarket trigger and I shoot out to 600 yards (factory benchrest) using 69gr Sierra Match King, 25grs of Vihtavuori N140, the velocity is 2811ft/s (this works in my rifle, don't know about others). If I didn't need the rifle to be factory class, when a new barrel was required, I would be looking at 24" - 26". For a factory rifle, with a 20" barrel in my opinion it shoots very well. The images are 600 yards benchrest competition (5 shots) and when I was developing my load for a 100 yard zero (3 sh
  8. I sold my Steyr Aug last year, prior to that as BamBam advised above contact Low Mill Ranges, they did my modifications (barrel release button, trigger tamer, modified charging handle) - see image.
  9. I have purchased a number of watches (Rolex Sea Dweller, Heuer Carrera, 1942 Military Omega) from: Rolex Omega Patek Philippe Watches at The Old Watch Shop, UK Always helpful, but the price is as stated and it does depend on what is available, I am sure Mike Wood could get what you require.
  10. ^^this, I had one of these on my RPR (6.5CM) for a while and my son regularly shot out to 1000yards. In my opinion, for the money unbeatable.
  11. In my Ruger PR (24" barrel) - these worked in my rifle, don't know about anyone else's rifle. Hornady brass, large Federal primers, Hornady 140 AMax bullets, Superformance (43.7): 2591/2608/2583ft/s. Although, I don't believe that you can buy this powder now. Hornady brass, large Federal 210 primers , Viht N160, Lapua 139 bullets 40.5 - 2554ft/s 41.0 - 2574ft/s 41.5 - 2614ft/s 42.0 - 2587 / 2634 / 2636ft/s 42.5 - 2700 / 2683 / 2695 ft/s 43.0 - 2700 / 2683 / 2695 ft/s 43.5 - 2723 / 2712 / 2729 ft/s Currently using 41.5 and my son is shooting 60
  12. Thank you, I do like the look of that.
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