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  1. geek

    Am new here

    Hello and welcome.
  2. geek

    new member

    Hello and welcome.
  3. Vortex Viper PST gen 1 2.5-10x32 FFP ERR-1 (MRAD) illuminated rifle scope. It is the gen 1 version of this: https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/vortex-viper-pst-gen-ii-2-10x32-ffp-illuminated-30mm-riflescope-mrad Asking £450+PP (OVNO)
  4. I have a Magnetospeed Sporter Barrel Mounted Ballistic Chronograph and would recommend it, although it does cause vertical stringing. Therefore, usually shoot three rounds for speed (take the average) with the Chronograph fitted, then take it off when shooting to test grouping.
  5. geek

    I don't even know what to say...

    I think in time (if not already) he will realise that he has made a huge mistake in getting married to Meghan - he had lots of choice!
  6. geek

    Case trimming?

    Me too.
  7. geek

    Why we do this

    Agreed, same reasons for me.
  8. I would be looking at a second hand Sightron 8-32x56, something like this (but 2nd hand), which should leave enough for a decent bipod: https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/sightron-siii-8-32x56-long-range-target-riflescope-lrmoa-long-range-moa-1-4-moa-tactical-turrets
  9. I have two rifles in MDT chassis (Ruger American [.22LR]) and Remington 700 [.223]) and they are excellent quality and I would have no hesitation in purchasing another (just wish that they would make a chassis for the 10/22).
  10. I am using Vihtavuori N140 (25grs [works fine in my rifle, don't know about yours]), Lapua brass and Sierra bullets 69gr in a Remington 700 in an MDT chassis and the image is of a 3 shoot group at 100 yards (the rifle has shot 26 rounds so far, so may improve).
  11. My choice would be Sightron SIII 8-32x56 LRMOA - Long Range MOA (1/4 MOA Tactical Turrets) Target Riflescope (£993.95) + you would need scope rings. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/sightron-siii-8-32x56-long-range-target-riflescope-lrmoa-long-range-moa-1-4-moa-tactical-turrets My son has been using one of these on a 6.5CM Ruger PR out to 1000 yards. Even better if you can find a good second hand one of these.
  12. geek

    CV-19 Lessons

    I couldn't agree more, especially the second point!
  13. geek

    223 load Vihtavuori N135 or n130

    I am using Vihtavuori N140 (25grs) in my Remington 700 (.223) with Lapua bullets (69gr), this equates to 2811 ft/s. It seems a very accurate load. Load works fine in my rifle, unsure about others. https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/rifle-reloading/?cartridge=7
  14. geek

    Server down?

    Me too, couldn't connect, but fine tonight.

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