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  1. Agreed, good film, although my favourite James Bond film with Daniel Craig is still Casino Royale.
  2. Agreed, if is it then I won't be watching it.
  3. Do I subscribe to the current topic of "climate emergency" - no, especially when we have the liberal elite (i.e. Bono, Harry and Megan, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc.) telling people what they should be doing whilst flying around the world in private jets! I am of the opinion that we should all use less resources, recycle as much as possible, etc. Although, I do not support the eco mentalist nor can I abide groups such as: Extinction Rebellion, Green Party Insulate Britain (I cannot understand why these people are not being arrested and imprisoned), etc.
  4. Have you tried Country Sports Insurance | Public Liability, Legal Advice & Personal Accident Injury Solicitors | UK (ccc3.co.uk) I am only a target shooter and I have taken out insurance with these for quite a while , but probably worth a look and not too expensive.
  5. A very valid question. I have shot my factory Remington .223 (MDT stock and TrigrerTech 1.5lb trigger) to 600yards (off a bipod) and I wouldn't have thought that a .223 with a 24" barrel would be accurate enough at 1000yards (I achieved 133mm for a five shot group at 600 yards - I am sure that others would achieve a better result). I use 69gr Sierra MatchKing and I am getting 2881 ft/second which equated to 1430ft/second at 600yards (on the electronic targets). Although I have been advised that Laurie Holland had a .223 for 1000 yards but it had a long barrel and he used heavy bullets.
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