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  1. YouTube link: Reloading with Rosie - Episode 3 | Primed and Ready - YouTube
  2. Over 400,000 and rising have had their say, however, I agree it will accomplish nothing other than to to let them know that the masses are pissed off that the scumbag Blair has been knighted.
  3. Just shows how out of touch politicians are with the views of the electorate by giving any award to Blair (who should be tried for war crimes and he is a traitor to the UK)! There are numerous petitions on that site with the same subject, that petition is currently at 434,238 signatures and rising!
  4. I would remove your e-mail address from the advert and let them PM you, which would mean that they have to have registered and be a member of the forum at the very least.
  5. It is actually a fishing coaster, just search for them on Amazon, although the links above is a good price for two. My son and I use these on our S&B PM II
  6. I know Daryl (excellent shooter [he also shoots for Accuracy Internal in the .50 cal competition in the USA]), he is (now) in the heavy gun class for benchrest (now shoots a 6BRA). In fact, I am now using the front sled in that picture on my AT. Daryl's 6BRA managed a sub one inch group at 600yards which earned the Screamer patch at Diggle.
  7. Interested in how an AI can complete in factory benchrest (since until the new AT-X, they didn't make their own barrels). I shoot at Diggle and all AIs are in either light gun or heavy gun, the only AI which will be allowed to compete in the factory class if the new AT-X.
  8. AT isn't available from the factory with a 6.5CM barrel, although I am sure that someone like Sporting Services (Accuracy International - Rifles – Sporting Services) or Valkyrie Rifles (Valkyrie | Performance Rifles Home (valkyrierifles.net)), would provide one with a non factory 6.5CM barrel. AT308 (accuracyinternational.com) However, the new AT-X is available from the factory with a 6.5CM barrel.
  9. Agreed does seem quite expensive (especially compared to the TriggerTech in my Remington 700), although is it easy to fit at home? However, by the time I have travelled and paid someone to adjust my trigger, it may be easier to fit the AT trigger.
  10. Is this more a local force making up its own rules?
  11. I have a 2014 AT and am considering having my trigger lightened. What is the pull on the new AI Competition Trigger? Thank you.
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