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  1. If they are Shotmarker Targets then no.
  2. John MH

    Canine companions

    Lost our Lola today 😞
  3. John MH

    300m Electronic @ Bisley

    Become a member then as you'll get all the email updates.
  4. John MH

    Small base resizing dies

    Yeap, not always but sometimes after multiple firings cases need a once through.
  5. Relatively easy by hand as well if you take your time.
  6. From another website: The NRA is planning a Mini Imperial TR Meeting on 12-19 September inclusive, subject to restrictions being lifted enough to allow it. They are conducting a survey to gauge likely participation. Not sure that F-Class is on the menu.
  7. John MH

    NRA Planning Imperial CSR in Sep 20

    Yes and only if your membership profile lists CSR as a discipline.
  8. NRA have sent out by email a SurveyMonkey survey to see if there is sufficient interest to hold a CSR Imperial Competition in between Thursday 3 and Sunday 6 Sep 20. Usual CSR format for the Imperial with the exception that the Practical Rifle Match usually held on the Wednesday will be dropped, this match did not count towards the Individual CSR Championships anyway. The Team matches consisting of Falling Plates would take place on the Saturday late afternoon and the Methuen on the Sunday. This potentially clashes with RRC PRL match which may take place over the same weekend.

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