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  1. The V4 gives you the option to adjust the Transition Weight to a minimum of 1.0 grains.
  2. Have you played with the calibration function and custom speed settings?
  3. Yes The App will detect whether connected to a V3 or a V4, you can only connect to one at a time.
  4. Anyone else get thiers, what do you think of it?
  5. My V4 arrived on Monday and today was the first time I've had a chance to play with it. My first thoughts are that it is definitely an improvement over the V3 Throw and Trickler. It has a smaller footprint as now the slow trickler is combined and sits atop of the FZi. The adjustment of flow rates is easy with the App, the calibration feature sets the optimal flow rates for the large and small tubes and these can be further refined. The App tells you what the flow rate is and you can adjust for either greater speed or accuracy; the set point will be a compromise. You can also adjust the t
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