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  1. https://newlonprecision.com/products/sizing-dies
  2. Tried Murom LR Magnum Primers and got several hang fires (delay between primer and powder ignition) so would not recommend them (could just be a 'batch' issue).
  3. Federal LR Magnum.
  4. There are still places left on this Charity Match, contact the RMPRA for details.
  5. So still no idea where the alleged World Championships are taking place.
  6. Leave it powered up but not 'on' all the time.
  7. The 26 June date has been cancelled but Friday 25 June 21 is still going ahead.
  8. If you send me one piece of your fired brass and one piece of your resized brass I can check the dimensions against my Whidden 6XC gauge and compare it to my 6XC.
  9. I'll PM you the email of the guy who makes the in the USA.
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