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  1. Last time I got into a debate about proof I upset someone when I referred to them as a small song bird, they took real umbrage and had quite a hissy fit.
  2. Lets not have a debate about proofing again, the last one ended in tears 😂
  3. John MH

    AMP DIY Alternatives - Induction Annealing

    I'll stick with what I've got.
  4. John MH


    Had a US Spec Labradar but now use a V3 Magnetospeed and MK Mount.
  5. John MH

    Neck sizing vs full sizing question.

    Well if you want to be really specific its best to try several sized cases as each will probably be slightly different (more or less spring back even if annealed) and opt for the average but we are probably talking less than 0.001" here and the ability to consitently and accurately measure that difference starts to get difficult.
  6. John MH

    Neck sizing vs full sizing question.

    This is very true.
  7. It’s not about what you are worried about, it’s whether it is wise or not.
  8. Question you need to ask yourself is, is it wise to dos so? I personally don't think it is 'wise', think of all the unexpected things that could happen that could bring you into contact with someone in a Tier 4 area who could unintentionally infect you with Covid-19 and that you then take that infection back home with you. Not the actions of a 'wise' man.
  9. John MH

    Reducing ES

    Neck tension.
  10. John MH

    IWA 2021 Cancelled

  11. 3rd Party sales are against the Sales Section Rules.
  12. John MH

    Schmidt & bender

    If it's for the turrets they are 2mm.
  13. I use Murom standard primers for .223 with no issues.

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