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    Bryan litz

  2. John MH

    2k scope

    If you intend to dial elevation the the P4FL should be ok, I use a S&B 5-45X56 PMII High Power LP with P4FL-MOA ret for ELR.
  3. Good point, take a look through someone else FFP scope before switching. For wind holds a SPF scope is usually ok if holding left or right hand edge and you can usually see a splash for referencing your left or right hold. Problem only really occurs for elevation holds when shooting multiple targets at different ranges when you don't want to or don't have time to dial in. You might get away with holding top, centre or bottom of target if they are reasonably close together say (250, 300, 350) but that depends on how big the target is and how flat your bullet shoots. If shooting two targets at say 200 & 400 yards with no time to dial then a SFP scope may cause problems but they do usually have a zoom setting where they are mil for mil or moa for moa, that may be in the scope literature (manual) or you may have to do a test/trial to figure it out for yourself.
  4. My advice if worried about being able to see the ret on a FFP scope at low mag would be to get one with an illuminated ret where only the centre + is illuminated. For PRS type shooting using low mag is often a better option if in an unstable position.
  5. Postage would be £8.80 RMSD Insured to full value or £4.74 insured to £100, I'd recommend RMSD, total would be £183.80.
  6. I used it for load development, you download a software app onto your phone or tablet. I'm in Plymouth as per my profile.
  7. https://www.brownells.co.uk/17-SLIM-HAWKEYE-BORESCOPE-KIT-17-Slim-Borescope-Kit-GRADIENT-LENS-338115017 This one is in a box not a case, retail from Brownells seems high at £1265.25 USA Retail is $745 as shown here https://www.hawkeyeblue.com/catalog/item/6188551/10360967.htm Excellent condition, got to go at £350 plus postage.
  8. Longshot HAWK Smart Scope - Spotting Scope Camera https://www.scottcountry.co.uk/Day-Optics/scope-mounts-rails-accessories/longshot-hawk-spotting-scope-camera/ As new £299 retail in UK, £175 plus postage.
  9. Er, no would be my guess.
  10. Extract from Bisley Range Rules What does "Rifles chambered for .338” may not be fired on the Bisley Ranges" its too vague, .338 is a bore diameter and not a specific chambering. It's likely that they meant anything similar to .338 Lapua Magnum when they wrote it but things change over time and new chamberings are developed and introduced i.e. 33XC. I recall it was a knee jerk reaction based on Air Danger Height at the time. The military changed their regulations and required specific training for 8.6mm ammunition (.338 Lapua). From DSA 03.OME Part 3 Volume 2 (V1.0) 23. Air Danger Height. The Air Danger Height (ADH) is the maximum height above ground level (AGL) which a hazard may exist (see Notes 1 and 2). Table 1 below gives ADH for SA ammunition . Notes: Table 1 - SA Ammunition ADH 1. The ADH is either the highest point of an aimed shot measured from the firing position or its maximum ricochet height. 2. An ADH is measured in feet (ft) AGL. Altitude is measured in ft Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL). 3. For High Elevation Fire (HEF) (QE 150 - 1250 mils, Fig 15 - 3) the ADH provided should be applied when the Cone of Fire is not captured by the ground. 4. 7.62mm ball may be fired with an ADH of 500ft providing an air sentry is provided and the air sentry has clear vision of the air space over the range. The minimum Duties of Air Sentries are given in Pamphlet 21. 5. 8.6mm ammunition may be fired with an ADH of 500ft on LFMT ranges provided that the sniper progression of training and authorised sniper practices are adhered to. Bisley shares the same Danger Area as MoD Pirbright Ranges so same/similar rules apply, civilians cannot comply with Note 5 above as they have not completed the 'sniper progression of training', another additional complication is that British Army Snipers do train on Bisley Ranges. Note 5 above applies to all LFMT MoD Ranges so is nationwide, however, its all about 8.6mm Ball Ammunition and the NRA have tried generalised it. Here ends the lesson for today.
  11. John MH

    Send it Series 2020

    Looks good, is there an outdoor firing point.

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