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  1. Set worked better than when I tried with a Tall Rabbit Ears Sand Filled Bag, Fortis Rest was a little more difficult to adjust out in the cold and wind as compared to my test adjustments indoors. Shots were way easier to spot at 1 Mile and the furthest distance of 1809 yards as the gun remained on target after the heavy recoil of a 285 grain bullet moving at 3205 fps.
  2. Will report back tomorrow evening on how my set up performed after shooting out to 1 Mile+. Tubb Non-Symmetrical Bipod, AccuTac Extender and Fortis Micro Adjustable Rear Rest.
  3. Anyone use one of these? https://www.alacritasinnovations.com/thumb-rest-trainer/fortis-micro-adjustable-rear-rest?fbclid=IwAR0W9sczUGILvEM4Vz0BSzfEQXVXPWfGYY92nypnhUFE4o8gXwchIYr0Xyw Thoughts?
  4. I'll take the Area 419 Die Ring Multi-Packs-419-zero-7/8ring please.
  5. Selling as I have a Garmin Xero. Magnetospeed V3 in Soft Case with MK Machine Attachment that allows 'off barrel' attachment to rifle with or without Sound Moderator or Muzzle Brake. The Display Unit is attached to a Clamp that allows it to be attached to a Picatinny Rail if required. The Carbon Fibre Rod is too long to be posted but can be delivered to Bisley. £200 plus postage.
  6. John MH


    Should be as bout 3100 FPS
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