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  1. The SAUM was being used by a few when I was serious F Class competitor a few years ago, its advantage over the WSM was it had less propensity to suffer from elevation (Verticals) than the larger cased WSM and hold a less pronounced "waterline" than the WSM at 1000 yds (1/4 MOA vertical spread or less is what you want at 1000) Similar in characteristics to the Improved 284 Winchester (284 Shehane, 284 KMR etc etc) - but little or no VO gain over this cartridge - both capable of 2850-2950 with 180 Bergers Hybrid which were the benchmark The WSM allows one to gain higher VO and advantages in the wind are subtely improved over the SAUM (and Improved 284) - so long as the user is capable. The WSM suffers from Carbon ring build up which shouldnt be overlooked in a competition gun - im not sure about the SAUM - which appears on paper to be slightly more efficient than the WSm to a point. The WSM is easy to load for - dont know about SAUM At the end of the day, they are all excellent cartridges for the end application - long range target or killing effectively Hopefully back to F Class in 2021 with a non magnum (for now)
  2. Cheaper to replace the action with another than source a replacement bolt for a Remington anyway and unless you find a long action Rem with 223 bolt face which will be a factory one off the conversion of magnum face to 223 would involve brazing a bushing in and re machining the pocket for standard extractor Again cost prohibitive when you factor in the value of the donor action
  3. Then Iโ€™d suggest 7/300 wsm (270 or 300 wsm brass necked appropriately to take the 7mm case do ine utilised the longer neck of the 270/300 wsm brass This is something thatโ€™s been used extensively in F class and BR shooting so proven accuracy (as is 300 WSM) You could also look at 7mm a blaser magnum (not to be mistaken with the rimmed case) Possibly 6.5 or 300 PRC whixh I think a bit of s passing fad
  4. Any of the magnum bolt face cartridges would suit your rifle. Perhaps consider 7/300 WSM (if you like reloading and forming brass) or go straight 7WSM or 300 WSM for more efficent approach to the long belted magnums Though 7mm Rem Mag is still a favourite with me, I believe more accuracy may be obtained from the WSM case - if the rifle is for target and not killing
  5. Ronin

    Leupold Mk5/6

    Ah ok wasnt sure if that was what Topscotts wanted hence why I posted
  6. Ronin

    Leupold Mk5/6

    The Meopta are in stock at Macleod s now Optika6 model
  7. Really good starter for a barrelled action for steel plate competition
  8. Ronin

    Incompetent RFD

  9. Go to load 123 scenar - 38.5 g varget or N140 in 6.5/47 in almost every rifle Iโ€™ve buikt in this cartridge
  10. Ronin

    338lm bullet and powder recommendations

    Have you considered solids David ? Not sure on availability in CZ but were I looking at 338 and larger (and I may in the near future) Iโ€™d steer towards high BC monoliths
  11. Ronin

    AI Steel Magazines - take down method?

    Very easy to strip to maintain using that method or soft wood block and tap baseplate (in direction of travel)
  12. These indicators are fitted to many of the targets at Eskdalemuir
  13. The distances arnt known till the competitors get the course of fire on booking in - there could be UKD, where you have to range the target prior to shooting using scope (no LRF) Level playing field - with no advantages for anyone Last time we shot out to 700 mtr, but could in theory go out way beyond that - all depends how difficult the "Match Director" wants it to be Guerantee it will be fun though,
  14. Looking forwards to it

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