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  1. Morning Ref the 6.5  Creed AI barrel you mentioned forsale what price would you be looking for and what's the size. 

  2. The forend tip is ebony and the stock was bedded quite some time ago now by me
  3. Yes - simply because they are not available in a cartridge I want If I could buy the AT action, an AT-X chassis and a comp trigger I would do That’s not an option
  4. I will have a unused new creedmore barrel for sale soon from an A T x if that’s any use to you (when the rifle arrives ) ,,,,
  5. Cheers David - probably as you say differing leade dimensions making one barrel more forgiving yo shoot a variety of bullets over another
  6. This is to Whixh I referred http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2012/02/evans-sets-uk-benchrest-records-with-accuracy-intl-tactical-rifle/
  7. Ok - thanks for clarifying Serial numbering of barrels usually refers to the part number for stock at manufacture 👍🏻
  8. So at present the demo ATX rifles being used in the states are prefix 20 (these use the standard AT action that is across the board now in all their weapons other than MC actions I've just rebarrelled two rifles prefix 14 and the other 12 - they shot superbly right up until the time their barrels were toast and needed replacing I had an 07 (2007) Prefix AW that went on to win the Benchrest small group (factory rifle) accolade - (not in my ownership) From what you’ve just posted about serial numbers you are saying that 03 (2003) built rifles shot better than 2005 (05) ? jus
  9. Can’t say I’ve noticed any AI (recent or old) with accuracy issues from either the older Walther barrels or the Sassen barrels - other than shot out tubes ready for rebarrelling Ive replaced (rebarrelled) several A I rifle barrels with Sassen, (which are the factory barrel on the newer rifles ) and not noticed any accuracy issues (from client feedback)
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