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  1. Ronin

    MME bullets

    Yes I’d like to return to more competitive shooting - simply haven’t had the time to do this for the last few years.
  2. Ronin

    Recent Projects

  3. Ronin

    MME bullets

    Cheers - something to consider when f class opens up again
  4. Ronin

    MME bullets

    Tipped 7mm available in 180 range ,,,,?
  5. Ronin

    Murom primers required Derby

    It’s possible that the harder materiel is not malleable enough to form a true gas seal ? I used Muron quite a bit in the F class rifles and isn’t have issues with gas cutting - but my brass was good and loose pockets were ditched as soon as noticed il bet the gas cutting could be caused by people reloading loose pocketed brass - though that’s only a theory The Cci standard primers work very well in my 47 Scotch perhaps give them a try (or get a small pin bolt head fitted ,,,)
  6. Ronin

    7 saum in AW Mag

    AICS Mags will run 7MM WSm Cartridges - Ive built several custom rifles in this cartridge wiung Short Action Magnum bolt face The reamer is however specifically throated a little short, but still allows 168-180 class bullets to be used If one removed the strengthener plate and re welds you have another .080" - .095" to play with to "follow" throat erosion....(should you wish to)
  7. Ronin

    King of 2 Miles

    Yes it’s very good new after months of doom Several are booked for the Comp already 👍🏻
  8. Ronin

    Defiance in Creedmoor.

    Nice job Dave👍🏻 Despite the cartridge 😂
  9. Ronin

    Measuring Case Volume

    I used it for two cartridges that I load one was an established load using 550, the other a load I was developing I found it repeatable if you inserted the blunt needle into the primer flash hole with no air in the syringe and (important) fill the case to overfill allowing spillage which encourages air bubbles to vent out the primer flash hole once clear water was flowing I drew back a tiny amount to the base of the primer pocket wipe over with paper towel and weigh on scale pretty repeatable to less than a grain in my “cases” and I then used an average for final calculation / entry into P-max
  10. Ronin

    Measuring Case Volume

    Upturned case - seated bullet - primer removed weigh fill with water through primer hole using syringe weigh again have upturned case supported in plasticine or similar perfect and accurate case available space volume
  11. Ronin

    Bullet choice for PRS

    Possibly have the wrong calibre - unless it’s a “creed” it won’t be any use ...... apparently 😃 If you can handle the Winnie recoil and remain on target then use that 260 is suitable , as is the 308 Id choose whichever you are most comfortable with and shoot best with and enter some comps enjoy
  12. Ronin

    6.5x47 and 130gr ELDM's

    The 130 AR Bergers work well on mine - haven’t tried eldm (Varget works fine - circa 37.5 g in my rifle produces just shy of 2900 and adequate accuracy.
  13. Something for me to consider then should I do an ELR build May as well jump on the bandwagon
  14. My take would be if you are looking at shooting to a mile - you will most likely be tempted to go further and kick yourself for not speccing a rifle accordingly (I am assuming you may wish to shoot competitively in ELR at some stage during my thought process) If I am wrong revert to my first post If not I’d lol at 338 and larger calibre (375-416) for example in a suitable stock (McMillan ELR or Manners perhaps) with Barnard P / Bat single shot action (Borden don’t go larger than standard magnum case otherwise I’d recommend them too) suitable long barrel then take a deep deep breath and save for a scope and mount capable of hovering you the elevation to get that far accurately if you have really deep pockets you could look at the March Genesis optic Lathe turned solids, gain twist barrel and some spotting optics too Not much change out of 15k for something that would be competitive ,,,,
  15. 7mm magnums will get to that distance easily I have shot and built several permutations of 7RM, 7WSM , 7mm/300 Wsm etc and been reasonably competitive I would look at single shot action in chassis - you don’t need a repeater as most of you time will be spent settling before release of the shot Barnard P would be my choice of action or a Borden Rimrock in a alloy or carbon chassis (there are numerous ) or in a suitable conventional stock Bartlein or Benchmark / Brux / Krieger/ International / barrel Go from there

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