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  1. Think the issue I have with this device is that is just shows the seating force required to seat “that bullet” Whilst this may be indicative of tight brass or a cartridge that may not be as consistent as the others within “the graph line” - its of little relevance unless you pull that case and do something about it Also - at what point does it become relevant The press does no more that the K&M seating dial gauge that was produced twenty years ago Expensive mousetrap that does not replace sound reloading process and technique
  2. Chamber depth controlled by Wilson hand lathe and chamfer tool
  3. Personally I’ve found the key to consistent ammunition is the following ; wet tumbled cases trimmed to same length chamfered in and outside neck flash hole deburred annealed polished in media full length sized to .002-3” tension light lube in case neck absolute consistency in powder charge bullets sorted to weight batches all of the above - not necessarily in that order matter a great deal the AmP press is in my view an expensive gimmick
  4. Ronin

    Pistol Porn

    Oh how I miss shooting pistols
  5. If you order via the online area if te Newlon site make sure you select the correct length for for your cartridge Newlon are very good to deal with and their blanks machine superbly to make very nice finished dies
  6. The Williams bottom metal alone was worth £300 and no longer available in the UK Good luck with sale
  7. That would suit Thabk uou please advise when it’s available and price
  8. Of this hasn’t gone I’ll take it or take second dibs
  9. Looks like a challenging event (weather and stages) Well done to all concerned
  10. Thanks for that Dan - interesting to hear with regards the longer term use you have on the gun Seems to me that A I are on to a winner for steel plate comps with this as either a complete rifle or chassis Especially if it’s available as a “kit” with the bonding material and washers to swap to existing AI rifles for those that shoot primarily comps but want to utilise a new chassis over replacement rifle For those starting out or looking to buy in to a turn key system this could be the answer - though high end, it may be worth saving for - for those on a budget
  11. Wasn't aware of this Tel Good call to make as multitude of designs available One step closer to a chassis then
  12. The forend is definitely lower (base to C/L of barrel) than previous AI Models, that is the design point I believe Certainly interested in a AICS comp chassis for a BAT RS I have that i'm not sure would or would not fit (multi facet action but Rem 700 spacing) Im glad the designers have decided to retain the three position saftey over the AR15 style saftey that early design models showed on US based sites. I do wonder if the pistol grip is the best choice though, the straight designs (MDT) are far more comfortable for my pinkies
  13. Could anyone advise if these are standard with Small Diameter firing pin asking for a friend like 😂😂
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