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  1. Ronin


    Nice, but butter smooth equals tight tolerances and may not be ideal in “field” conditions Weight may also put Bob off 😃 Bets it ace to rock up at the angle and shoot that range of calibre off one platform though - remincient of Tubb ATR
  2. Ronin


    Suggestion custom build on long action mausingfield or Bighorn TL3, Pse etac stock, couple of barrels but you would have to use a long action magazine - one adapted to 473” case diameter - one magnum case head I honestly don’t know if the mag would work with short action cartridge and not tipple forwards But it’s worth considering Or Use short action bolt action (as above brands) and magazine and a select Wsm cartridge which can be made to feed in short action aics (I’ve done this with 7mmwsm) Both TL3 and Mausingfield have removable bolt head and can swap to magnum and standard case head easily Im sure there are other actions that you could do this with too (Ultimatum Deadline is one ) Err, of course there is a Blaser R8 option ,,,,, I know of several professional cullers who use them and are happy with performance - they do have a propensity to aquire brown deposits if not cleaned or oiled often though ,,,,
  3. Ronin


    I’d look towards the US forums and ask their view too there are many users of the MC platform there Weight would be a major negative for me if your intended use is cull work
  4. I wonder how the area of forestry behind the 1000 yd targetry is to be removed / protected as that is immediately behind the targets and within the danger area template and, as has been posted before, it appears not to be within the area of permission for the people using the firing point ? The post lifted from the FCSA creates more questions than answers not sure I would be happy using the range without full resolution of the situation of the area beyond 1000 yds I value my FAC too much for that
  5. Ronin


    This needs picking up by CTB, you could be looking at simple robbery set up (meet in isolated environment and have money removed under duress) or forced to return home and have cabinet emptied either way the person has gone to great lengths to entice firearms holder to meet , they have also forged Driving Licence, it’s pinging numerous radars on my spectrum What response have you had from reporting this ?
  6. Ronin

    AI-AX / SSG08

    Understood 😄 There are others available in the UK several places are advertising them and second hand is better value Barrels to be had from Sykerlinken (spelling) in Norway or use extension and fit custom (as I have done) Also thinking outside the box - consider PGW Coyote - three position safety that locks the bolt and interrupts firing mech mechanically very safe - not common here but they do come up Set in a PSE E tac the action is also perfect for cull work (that’s my other working rifle ) some available in Mac A5 whixh is lighter than their alloy chassis
  7. Ronin

    AI-AX / SSG08

    Haven’t used SSG08 but have Ai Ax for cull work which I carry out in a regular basis - that work is busy within target rich environments (I’m not expanding further but sure you get the gist) The Ax was 2013 model (old butt assembly) it never failed in all weathers Just damn heavy, even when working from a Gator or Polaris side by side atv You May want to consider an alternative less spendy rifke in the form of SSG 3000 They are reliable , offer locked bolt with safe applied and also just plain work Less weight than the Ai or Ssg08 As accurate from my experience Mag is single stack (no great shakes there) rifle designed to work in all weathers that Scandinavia will throw at you
  8. Ronin

    Tac a1 stock replacement

    PSE E Tac or E Lite perfect replacements that work for the T3
  9. The Kahles is really good Left ajust too - this has the MSR2 ret Not quite as robust as S&B but very close Glass is perfect
  10. I have more barrel extensions and will machine a lighter profile tube for day long stalking / culling ventures or just use the coyote which is slightly lighter I could always spin up a 7 twist 6xc barrel to compliment the 260 Ackley Not entirely sure Dave, yes it is unique here in the UK, but commonly used in this guise in Skandinavia (maybe not in 260 ) Ive really just followed a rested route that’s been followed over there that works Been fun making it though 😃
  11. It does tick the boxes David Shoots very well - similar to The 205 Panther used many years ago at Strenla range by one of the competitors - think that was chambered 6mmBR
  12. I wonder what liabilities are incurred for people conducting such underhand activities if the above post information is true ,,
  13. I’m sure there is let’s hope the facts come out with clarity and swiftness
  14. If what has been posted in the last couple of updates it’s true , it beggars belief
  15. Believe there are members of the “other club” who are on this site Have to agree with previous posts it would be extremely disappointing to lose the facility especially as the team at Gardners worked so hard to set it up in the first place

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