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  1. Ritchie - Impact actions are available from Dane Precision (Paddy Dane ) I’ve just used one for a buikd for a client (creedmoor) in an MPA chassis The action is really nice and it shoots very well Most rifle builders in the UK could build you a rifle with multiple barrels but I’d suggest that 284 isn’t the best choice as it’s primarily a long action cartridge though can be run with lighter bullets seated deeply though at the expense of powder space which would reduce the advantage of using the case in the first place 284 better served as long action
  2. Bsa scorpions are circa 200 second hand Good pistol for dispatch of greys so long as you use a trap comb Not used the crossman - was that sold as the “rat buster” years ago ? Webley hurricane another decent little air pistol
  3. Thank you - waiting to hear how it shoots
  4. Client passed me a very tired Tikka 595 barrelled action in 243 for re barrel, rework and general overhaul. The rifle was stripped, cleaned and assessed, then a 8 TW Sassen Cut Rifled Stainless standard Tikka Hunter profile barrel was fitted and chambered in 6.5x47 Finished at 24" and threaded M14x1mm with a protective cap Once proofed, the barrelled action was sent to Liquid Steel Design for coating in Ceracoat (Tungsten Mix) The Finished barrelled action was then set in the standard stock with replacement custom recoil lug and pillar bedding us
  5. Glad to see UKV - the premier accuracy forum in the UK were invited to the launch Thanks for posting Tel Look forward to having one in my mitts
  6. Thought it may be nice to see what users of 22LR achieved from their outfit at 50 and 100 yds Pic of groups at 50/100 and information on ; Rifle, Scope, Ammunition , any modifications carried out May be interesting to see what brand is dependable accuracy
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