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  1. I’m certain it will shoot adequately and await the owners results eagerly, though understand current restrictions may delay that
  2. Ronin

    Steyr SSG Magazine Housing

    Brain ticking - do they do 695 metal ,,,,
  3. Ronin

    Steyr SSG Magazine Housing

    That’s the fellas
  4. Ronin

    Steyr SSG Magazine Housing

    There was a rifle Smith in the south who was making alloy copies can’t recall who though they also did tikka 595 bottom metal
  5. Ronin

    April 1st

    Super service available http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/
  6. Yep, agree the organisors should be congratulated for the hard effort they put in Especially those that have done it for charity (like yourself John) - for the Royal Britsh Legion. Guys like Vince Bottomley deserve accolade for what they have done for shooting (RIFLE) sports in the UK - for little monetary gain and have turned around the appeal to many many people Id disagree that steel plate shooting and this type of competition is not good practise for killing deer where multiple cycles can be had at differing distances and from differing positions - I carry out quite a bit of culling each year - commercially and its ideal practice for that work, (obviously to a degree with the limiting point being distance) One of my collegues in this line of work also shoot precision rifle competition and agrees this point Extreme Long Range - not many places you can shoot beyond 1200 mtrs (beyond which is what id call extreme long range) limiting factors being wind reading ability of shooter / spotter, repeatability of shot and target hit spotting. Think a separate disipline entirley really given the kit required and easily spoiled by the weather if visibilty reduced I can see that appeal of being sponsored - shiny new kit, team shirts etc, but wouldnt is be better if the events rather than teams were sponsored. The sponsor could show their wares off at the event. Weather - suggest each competitor has to have a RF in the event of fog or low cloud, with suitable tagetry placed at shoter distances - the RF course used in event of poor visibilty ? Prizes - trophy excellent idea - no cash prizes. Raffle for charity with donated sponsor prize?
  7. Used sticks at the first Precision Rifle competition at Eskdalemuir didn’t hinder me , some used tripod and didn’t hit the targets all There was also a recumbent stage (off ones back) Amazingly steady position with some practise
  8. Good suggestions Tel Bin tripod - shoot from sticks Bin the bags - learn to shoot Plus one from me
  9. I dont think anyone is running any of the competitions down. I recall the F Class events also sell out very quickly - 80 plus competitors accommodated for. This is a discussion with constructive ideas - very little negativity and the cost to compete is an issue to many people - your quite correct, we can just not go if we cant afford to ..... another display of humanity at its best
  10. Ronin

    CV-19 Lessons

    And you were absolutely on the Ball Matt.. Something id never thought id say😂
  11. There is always the Send It Series Same degree of competition, steel targetry and only £65 to enter Worth considering when we’re free of this damn virus I recall we (UK Varminting) had a team outing to WMS in wales to shoot steel plates Probably ten years ago, if not longer, the course of fire was devised by Brown Dog and WmS and a very good day we all had Nothing dissimilar to precision rifle shooting that is today For £75 quid Food for thought
  12. Viking Rifle Series 1200 NOK to enter 100 gbp equivalent Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge 1200 NOK to enter 120 gbp Makes you think
  13. Double the entries halve the cost of entry Make stages short or have efficient turn round of those stages Have to compare to F class which I’ve been heavily involved with over the years where entry at worst was 120 for two days shooting, accommodation at worst 50 a night in hotel and or B and B plus cost of ammo A Comp could be entered and travelled to and from for about 350 -500 depending on where on the country it was I’ve also spent a lot of time shooting military comps in Czech Republic - entry 100 euro for three days with included food and accommodation You just had to get there The guys spending 1200 per Comp - I REALLY feel for you
  14. Sensible priced alternative competitions are available - agree on the pricing structure comment it does seem a little high and has precluded many from entering Once CV-19 has passed of course ,,,
  15. Ronin

    Going shooting during Covid-19

    The simple advice is stay at home If you live on a farm or estate and carry out rifle work on a paid basis you should be ok continuing to regulate vermin and deer numbers I wouldn’t test the boundaries any further than that I agree the childish behaviour on other web forums is not good Neither was the constant whinging that “I can’t get out, what if this, what if that”,,,,, Follow the rules Stay at home unless you fall into the exceptions bracket Lovely little song to remind us what to do

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