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  1. Hi, I'd be interested in the brass if you sell separately.
  2. uggg. I wish people would post on the thread.
  3. Also for sale elsewhere.
  4. SOLD. I have too many guns so I've decided to sell this stunning Marlin 1894 in 357 Magnum. It's around 18 months old and is in lovely condition. It's probably fired about 250 rounds in total, so hasn't done much work at all. It has a 20 inch barrel.I've finished the stock properly with Napier stock oil, and it has a single piece stainless steel firing pin along with a rimfire magic sear and spring reducing marlin trigger flap. This significantly improves the weight and crispness of the trigger.I've also got a picatinny scope rail for the top if you wanted to fit a scope.This was £1,100 when new, so looking for £700. Potentially could meet halfway if that helps collection. I am based in Warrington Cheshire.
  5. happyshooting

    F Class Tikka

    Many thanks for your reply @saddler.you are clearly an enthusiast.
  6. happyshooting

    F Class Tikka

    I have to admit to my wife being from Finland and have consequently visited many times. In fact my father in law was a artillery weapons system designer before he retired. The level of shop floor education and knowledge in manufacturing there is very high. Workers there tend to take great care with the products they make and the base level of training and qualification is extremely high. That coupled with the threat of Russia for 100+ years makes them experts at the design and manufacture of military products. Namely Vihtavouri, ace utra, lapua, tikka etc. Etc.
  7. happyshooting

    Yet another T3

    This is a hansom rifle for sure. Mmm. I'd like that in my collection.
  8. happyshooting

    F Class Tikka

    Being from a family of engineers and enjoying doing mechanical work myself, I like the design of the Tikka's. I can really only compare it to the Remington 700, and the tikka is a far better design in my opinion. The quality of the base factory build seems very high as well. Of course the tikka is a newer design, so it may not be a fair comparison, but my factory 223 shoots like a laser beam too. I am sure there are other great donor actions, but I'm sticking with what I know.
  9. happyshooting

    F Class Tikka

    I have to own up to this being my rifle. It's the second one I have asked Andy to make for me, and I thought the first one was good (7mm08). This one is just off the scale good. Andy's work is always so careful and precise, and he's a great guy too! I actually didn't expect to get the results I have had with it so quickly. This was the 2nd round of load testing, and I can basically put every shot through the same hole now at 100 yards. For those interested in the unusual bi-pod extension, I got the idea from an American product called bipod-ext. It moves the pivot point further forward and makes it much more easy to stay on target. It really does make a difference. Anyway, completely delighted with my rifle Andy!!
  10. happyshooting

    Sako A11 Restoration

    Great to see an older traditional rifle getting some TLC.
  11. Yes please. I'll have it
  12. Very nice. I wish it was for a tikka and I would have had it. ?

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