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  1. Many use tuners in F Class - they have their uses but don’t replace decent load development which at your level should be at the upper end of good (and is - looking at your results )
  2. I’ve posted the link above to the discussion thread Like Dave has posted many of us have used tuners in competition for several years to varying degrees of success The new player in the tuner game is the addition of a brake and now moderator Personally I'm reserving judgment on a tuner added to a mod given the extra weight though it may be of benefit in light barrelled or static applications and as alluded to heat will be a factor ,,, In the states one may use a brake in F class competition and I believe Benchrest - I’m not sure if the same applies in the uk (benchrest) they are not permitted in F class so the use of tuner brake is then limited in application The other thread is quite informative - I’d take time to read that and go from there
  3. Ronin

    200 Grain Hornady ELD-X - 300WSM

    Just use the bullet your using Ben know the dope and use that for follow up if needed (which is unlikely given your ability and rifle)
  4. Yup that may be but there are unwitting people who will buy anything because its cheap or has a name, Never assume anything - TNF
  5. Apparently there are some moderators being sold on Deer related forums that are purported to have been made by Liquid Steel Design These moderators are sold as firearms rated and are basically a cheap carbon fibre tube with end caps and 3D printed internals They are NOT manufactured by Liquid Steel Design and are not safe to use with firearms The owner of Liquid Steel Design who is not a member here has asked that this me made known in the event you should come across a Carbon Fibre Moderator advertised as being made by them LSD do not make firearms rated moderators Don’t Buy If offered and please report the advertiser to the moderators of whatever forum of social media page it’s seen Many thanks
  6. Interesting discussion along the lines of load development on stalking directory forum which has been contributed to by Geoffrey Kolbe (Borbal) whose provenance is exemplary worth a read alongside this discussion here https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/satterlee-load-development-thoughts-on-results.204775/page-5#post-1985779
  7. Ronin

    6.5 Weatherby RPM.

    Wise words Greg
  8. Nice work Dave , have you a Deckel pantograph engraver - re the tuner / moderator I guess the moderator and adaptor will only work with a specific mod that is capable of accepting rear threaded in bushings and adaptor to accept the adjustment section and will add weight to an already heavy moderator design That’s a great deal if work given no intention to sell Whats the weight of your adaptor / adjuster
  9. Thinking aloud what about using the stick on wheel weights for balancing as a temporary and conveniently quick way to see if barrel harmonics can be affected with a larger diameter mod Not the most elegant solution but it would give an indication of what may or may not work
  10. Ronin

    Ckye-pod gen2

    Buy it direct from MDT
  11. Tikka 695 will fit the Sako 691 inlet I can and you image of the one I have here Tikka to compare to your own of uou wish
  12. The Sako 691 is the same as the Tikka 690/695 action I have a Tikka 690 here I can measure action hole spacing from but the bottom metal is totally different if I were you, I’d source a stock to suit - they are readily available
  13. Could you advise if this is illuminated Ret

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