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  1. I have some ELD 52g for .223. What powder would you team it up with, and how much. I will have different used brass, or am I better off using a specific brass?
  2. Long range target shooting, maybe prs, and very rare maybe once go deer stalking.
  3. Here’s my custom hunting knife. I have literally just received it, so no use or anything so can’t give first hand experience, however it has everything I wanted on a knife
  4. By the end of the summer I hope to purchase a 6.5 creedmoor. I want something that’s deadly accurate and reliable. I like the tactical look, and I’m approaching it with “buy once cry once” I’m hoping that people could point me in the right direction. I really like the AT-X from accuracy international, and to be honest this is the rifle that I’m swaying towards. However there’s also the daniel defense, or maybe something like a custom made Howa or similar. By such great gun smiths like Valkyrie or Kershaw just too name a few. what would your money be going towards? Which would produce the be
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