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  1. Adamdavi3s


    I’ll take the bipod please, let me know how to pay
  2. Adamdavi3s

    S1 shotgun: barrel change = reproof?

    Thanks chaps, just wasn’t sure if the S1 nature had any impact.
  3. Adamdavi3s

    S1 shotgun: barrel change = reproof?

    Sorry yes that is a bit ambiguous, a straight swap of factory barrels
  4. Hi All, I have a S1 hatsan and would like to drop the barrel from a 28 to 24” which is technically a very simple change. However would this mean it needed to be re-proofed? I’m not clued up on such matters many thanks Adam
  5. Adamdavi3s

    Does anyone still build 6mmAR?

    I will be in touch, thank you for validating my choice as well
  6. Adamdavi3s

    Does anyone still build 6mmAR?

    Without getting into a debate about why I’ve chosen this over others etc, although yes I am miffed the 6mm ARC looks to be a new incoming sammi 6mm AR round, do any of the current AR builders on here still build them?
  7. Yeah I probably will do, they seem to be every other weekend at the moment!
  8. 6th please. FFS.. the one day I don't check the forum at lunch
  9. I’ve been toying with doing this myself with my Savage 12LRP in 6.5CM but sucked it up and went for a 300wm to do it instead! However for the creed I found a good but hot load, running 147eld M over 43.6gr of Hunter. In Hornady brass it was OK but in lap brass it’s piercing the small primers (at 2degrees C). But it was pushing them 2712 with a 4.5sd Given the pending 300wm (if the yanks actually export any) I’m going back to a lower node for the 6.5 for up to 1000 but thought this might be useful, always good to have options!
  10. Payment recieved and collection booked thank you
  11. Adamdavi3s

    Target ticket on your own land?

    I am starting to think that just getting the vermin condition will be the right option!
  12. Adamdavi3s

    Target ticket on your own land?

    Ah thank you! I’m purely target ticket at the moment and I’m unlikely to “need” to get a condition for the land, unless we get major hassle with vermin but it’s unlikely.

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