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  1. I’ve been toying with doing this myself with my Savage 12LRP in 6.5CM but sucked it up and went for a 300wm to do it instead! However for the creed I found a good but hot load, running 147eld M over 43.6gr of Hunter. In Hornady brass it was OK but in lap brass it’s piercing the small primers (at 2degrees C). But it was pushing them 2712 with a 4.5sd Given the pending 300wm (if the yanks actually export any) I’m going back to a lower node for the 6.5 for up to 1000 but thought this might be useful, always good to have options!
  2. Payment recieved and collection booked thank you
  3. Adamdavi3s

    Target ticket on your own land?

    I am starting to think that just getting the vermin condition will be the right option!
  4. Adamdavi3s

    Target ticket on your own land?

    Ah thank you! I’m purely target ticket at the moment and I’m unlikely to “need” to get a condition for the land, unless we get major hassle with vermin but it’s unlikely.
  5. All, Hypothetical at the moment but we’re potentially buying somewhere where I can safely squeeze 100yards in My ticket is for target “at ranges suitable for the Calibre and with adequate financial cover” or something along those lines. Nothing about home office approved ranges etc as I think there used to be? Ideally I’d like to not trouble with adding vermin etc to the ticket, so I’m talking purely target here Does that mean with my BASC liability cover, I can shoot on my own land? ignoring all other factors like noise for neighbours etc as I’d likely only be shooting 22sub anyway, possibly with the odd load dev on the .223/6.5/300wm Obviously I’ll be talking to the FEO (I’m just renewing before the move) but wondered what experience other people had?
  6. Up, open to offers if the price isn’t correct? £130 posted seems like it would be fair (it would be opened and rolled up to post)
  7. Google answered my question *facepalm*
  8. I'll take that safety block please
  9. AIM 55 drag bag in black I would describe it as lightly used, it has a few minor marks / scuffs but they are minor only. Selling as I rarely shoot more than 10’ from the vehicle so it’s overkill it seems to be 60” externally and 55” internally from what I can measure which I think makes it the 55? £140 collected from devon or will post at cost if I can! I do regularly travel from devon to Sheffield so meeting on the motorway may be a possibility
  10. Adamdavi3s

    Protektor rear bag

    As above, looking for a hard based bag, I think something like a 14b?
  11. Given the thread is 18 months old and the user hasn’t been online for 12 months I think you may be out of luck
  12. Hi All, I’ve had this on and off my GSG 1911 for a few years (which I use very infrequently anyway) and have finally decided that my astigmatism just won’t let me use it properly so I am going back to iron sights 4MOA dot includes what is photographed! £180 posted

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