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  1. furrybean

    GBFCA 2020 Season Cancelled

    Tough call, but the correct one. There is always next year!
  2. Ive not got that email, maybe because Im F Class on my NRA membership
  3. Did it give any potential dates?
  4. Price on the 21st century expanded please
  5. furrybean

    Best Precision Production Rifle

    Customs do loose a crazy amount of value but once they’ve dropped they also retain more value than a factory rifle. Get a custom this has been put together by a good smith, with the action you want, correct stock and a calibre you can live with. Price in a new barrel and any barrel life you have left in that barrel is a bonus. Use it to get used to the setup
  6. furrybean

    RWS Reloading Components

    Ive used the LRP brass in 308 for stalking and it was excellent
  7. furrybean


    I’ve had an email from this user as I’m looking for a Spuhr mount. He knows someone selling one, and sent an email to buy it. I’m a trusting sort within reason but a quick google of the email he sent pulls up this thread. https://forum.stirton.com/index.php?/topic/9128-fraud-alert-please-read/&tab=comments#comment-65544 be warned of this user
  8. furrybean

    Barrrel life

    If I can get to 2-2500 out of my .308 Id be happy
  9. furrybean

    Covid 19 Virus

    Ha ha Brilliant!
  10. What twist is it?
  11. furrybean

    Covid 19 Virus

    I thought after a lockdown we will be released to reinfect and then back to lockdown until things stabilise
  12. I bet he wastes it on the rolly polly stuff too lol
  13. furrybean

    1967spud World Headquarters is go go go

    Are you a Buxtonian?

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