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  1. I made a mistake and thought this was the as new one. It isn't and I've cut the foam Its 51x10x5" So £70 collected
  2. Never used but a bit dusty as it’s been in the loft since buying £100 collected
  3. furrybean

    LEM case cleaner

    Yep, cleaning over 500 cases at a time its worth while by the looks of it
  4. furrybean

    Shot marker wanted

    PM sent
  5. furrybean

    LEM case cleaner

    Ha ha, not with the number of cases I need to clean at once
  6. furrybean

    LEM case cleaner

    Has anyone got one they don’t use?
  7. furrybean

    Shot marker wanted

    Does anyone have the Shotmarker for sale. Cash or swap for a Swarovski scope
  8. furrybean

    VFG Paste Users - Effective Carbon Remover ?

    As Elwood say, what are you using the carbon cleaner on? Are you using a bronze brush?
  9. I know quite a few of the Dorset guys and there is some very experienced good shots amongst them so good idea
  10. Id go with this, there are some really good clubs to join at Bisley such as the North London and London and Middlesex. If you have an FAC, Id role up to one of the F Class training courses that either the NLRC or GBFCA run to get a flavour of long range shooting
  11. furrybean

    Sassen cut rifled barrel

    I’ve not used the button barrels but I recommend the cut barrels. Adam and the guys are doing all the work themselves and don’t outsource the rifling or honing. I don’t think there are many of them so if they have a large order there may be a slightly longer wait while they finish that run. Better that than them cutting corners, they take pride in what they produce and the results show! We are lucky to have a barrel manufacturer such as Sassen based in the UK edit I think you are correct that when Border split, the cut machine was in Scotland and the button in Birmingham then Sassen added cut rifling to there products later
  12. furrybean

    Reloading for .308 - powders

    I’ve found Viht to give lower ES and SD than RS powders. I’d say either N150 or 140

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