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  1. Regardless of barrel design if it fires a bullet then it’s a rile ,shot +shot gun
  2. Aggy

    Fac airgun barrels

    I’ve shot one too feels strange you cock it twice and it makes the noise like it should recoil but is just still .
  3. Aggy

    Fac airgun barrels

    Hello guys question for the barrel gurus amongst us . I have on ticket a fx impact that is currently throwing pellets out over 1100 FPS and slugs at 1053 in .22 the gun is a fx impact and it uses a smooth twist x liner sat inside an outer tube . As the gun is capable of rimfire speeds wouldn’t it not be a better option to fit a match grade rimfire barrel . I have a slot for a .30 barrel too but something 700 mm long that would stabilise lead slugs might be a challenge whats your thought
  4. Aggy

    Night vision

    I had a pulsar n355 you can have multiple profiles for different cal and rifles ,very good with the right ir
  5. Aggy

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

    Got a 6-24 Vulcan I do like it but they are a heavy lump
  6. Ior 6-24x 56 34mm tube on a 20 moa American defence rail fits but not a huge gap to the rail
  7. Aggy

    casting / swaging airgun slugs

    Just received an email. Back from Dave Corbin the uk and Canada are two of the few people he is still exporting too ,and he isn’t recommending using any other presses with his dies as they have too much slop to be repeatedly accurate, tolerance of .001 and a swage pressure of 20.000 psi within the die ,will try and work out what the kit will cost . just going to the lead to use I have about 200 lb of lead pipe ,diving weights lead shot ect I intended to melt it into ingots first to get most of the muck off and then cast into small cylinders ,holes drilled into a steel bar , to feed the press would this be any good ,it will no doubt have tin or something mixed with it
  8. In the field laying on the truck bed liner and a lovely day for it too
  9. Everything shot should be part of the group good or bad ,
  10. Had dabble with my .22lr AR today the gun is a double star lower with a god awful trigger that breaks at something ridiculous, scope is a 1-6 x28;vortex strike eagle the upper is a tactical solutions and the rounds used were Winchester hollow point subs RWS match Eley match distance was 64 yard wind was fairly light and stable I took out a couple of sub 12 fx impacts but the pellets were being pushed all over the place best I could manage was about 2.5 “ with the .22 and 2” with the .20 really becoming a fan of the .20 .
  11. Aggy

    casting / swaging airgun slugs

    You sure he shot you by accident Dave 🤔with some of the daft stuff that happened as a kid I’m surprised we made it to adulthood
  12. Aggy

    casting / swaging airgun slugs

    The corbin set up looks like it has been perfected over the years and is producing some very good results. I have a variation in at the moment as soon as it lands I can start some testing
  13. Aggy

    casting / swaging airgun slugs

    What does the finished round lock like
  14. Aggy

    casting / swaging airgun slugs

    That’s what I was thinking nice kit just expensive to get set up

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