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  1. Aggy

    .22 lr Ar

    Will do Dave
  2. Aggy

    .22 lr Ar

    Hi guys what’s the .22lr AR to have ,not looking for a plastic fantastic ,real lower to drop on a .233 upper at some point . mick
  3. Send me some payment details,I will have a hundred please .
  4. As title anyone want to swap a just about as new condition Aim 60 dragbag in green for a Ebelestock pack ,due to size and the fact it won’t fold to post I would rather a f2f deal. Photos on request cheers mick
  5. Aggy

    Digital scale recommendation

    Out of. Budget , not doubting the gempro n8ess butbI would like to buy new , looking on the Net the Hornady and Lyman look to be a good budget option.
  6. Aggy

    Digital scale recommendation

    Kinda expensive though
  7. I was originally looking at either the Rpr or the Tikka ,I bought the Tikka and I must say I am very pleased with it .
  8. Aggy

    Case Lube

    I ordered some from Amazon yesterday just waiting for the Alcohol to turn up now .
  9. Looking for recommendations for a sensible priced digital scale ,my elcheapo ones are utter pooh .

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