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  1. Thanks for reply , just looking at some reviews of both . Got a night master 800 ir so would like something compatible to put on a 17 hmr or .223 . Got the drone on the hmr but a bit reluctant to swap it about too much and keep rezeroing . Wednesday nights foxing and Tuesday/ Thursday rabbit nights . Pard for hmr and drone on 223 might be the solution . happy new year to all
  2. Night-Vision-Riflescopes/pulsar-digisight-ultra-lrf-n450-night-vision-rifle/ Hi all anyone got one of these , if so some real info on picture quality and ease of use would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Richard
  3. https://www.scottcountry.co.uk/tactical-equipment/shooting-tripod-systems/shadowtech-pig-rifle-tripod-system-ball-mount-and-/ very happy with this as I prefer alloy to carbon fibre .Holds an accuracy international at 308 easily . Pig saddle is all steel and I have one on both the shadowtech and a primos tripod . Steels heavier but very robust . Both tripods used regular for night shooting as can leave the rifle set up while scanning with a thermal . Have a great day cheers
  4. Richiew

    Caselife annealing machine

    oh yes . Can’t anneal as don’t have an annealer . Looking at the results I would be happy with sub 10 sd
  5. Richiew

    Caselife annealing machine

    Hi all was reading the Brian litz books regarding cases and accuracy and it seems not much difference after the first couple of firings for 308 etc . Regularily get upto 20 reloads in 308 then ditch the lot and buy new cases . You could get lots of new sets of cases for the price of an AMP . Only my take on things / opinion . Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all
  6. Richiew

    .22LR 17hmr 17hornet 223

    Cost wise it’s 2041 rabbits shot in the last year and a half so £600 for 17 hmr against just over £200 if using the 22lr . That’s just one permission too . Still plenty to shoot .
  7. Trying this for the moment- very comfy . Cheapo 15mm pipe lagging
  8. Richiew

    .22LR 17hmr 17hornet 223

    Main reason for daytime .22 is it’s usually near to a local village so trying to keep things low key and it’s mostly ambush tactics on known warrens . I have plenty of time to laser range find and adjust for the shot . 17 hmr night shooting up on the dales so no problem with noise on skittish rabbits they also don’t know where the shots come from so they will stay out in the fields but soon get wary to the fact that numbers drop when bangs happen so next time they’re very wary of bangs . So can mix it up a bit with the 22 to take some rabbits but numbers still reduced without them running for cover after a bang . As stated this works for me and my situation . cheers
  9. Richiew

    .22LR 17hmr 17hornet 223

    Hi all ideal setup for me is daylight bunnies upto 100 yds = 22lr anything over that and night gear is the 17 hmr to 140 yds and the odd close fox . Longer range fox will be a 223 eventually . 22lr in daylight doesn’t make too much noise to spook the bunnies but you do need to know the drops in the scope . Night time with the flat shooting hmr just need to get used to how big the bunny looks in the scope at effective ranges and adjust for a bit of wind . cheers
  10. Richiew

    Fitting cabinet

    Hi all big Fischer rawl plugs 125mm long and 14mm wide into breeze block with 10mm coach bolts worked for me , 10 rifle Britton sound cabinet . Used metal wedges to keep it flat against the wall - Very solid ... considered drilling right through to outside and using threaded bar with square metal spreaders but not needed in the end . Think someone used Velcro ie totally cover rear of cabinet and wall area with the sides of industrial Velcro - you won’t get it off if you don’t get it spot on first time . Used the glue systems at work and these are very strong indeed . cheers
  11. Richiew

    Thermal scope

    Thanks for info . Currently using drone pro 10 and am looking for something with similar image quality but in thermal version. Got an xq38 spotter and although great for spotting it’s no where near good enough to see the difference between a rabbit or a hare or a farm cat v foxy . Was hoping the better resolution of 640 x? Would make the difference . Seen the videos and still think the thermal s have a lot to be desired. Aiming at a hot blob isn’t the right thing to do , still need to know what it is . The depth / distance perception seems very flat too . Cheers
  12. Richiew

    Thermal scope

    Hi all Anyone using a T-Ceptor 75-3 or 75-6 . Videos on t web look ok but would like honest real use info . Rather pricey but much better picture quality than my thermal spotter . Cheers Rich
  13. Richiew

    Rps bipod?

    Thanks for info . Love the ultra short non illuminated- very good p4 fine ret and my big 3-27x56 . Might consider the 3-20 for the next rifle (223) . Enjoy and stay safe cheers
  14. Richiew

    Rps bipod?

    Thanks for sorting my confusion out . Didn’t know of rps just though it might be a typo. Anyway lots of nice stuff to look at on Tweb . Lovely set up there . What range is the scope pls . Cheers Rich
  15. Richiew

    2k scope

    Sorry but bubble is too close for my old eyes . Also shooting left handed so can use the indicator to show up in my periferal vision and when it’s green let it go Boom

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