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  1. Thanks for all the replies. All sorted here .
  2. Should have bought a cheap rifle just to put it on Lol Or put it on the mantelpiece just to drool over it . Beautiful bit of gear
  3. Anarchy outdoors do a copy . Do they ship to uk ??
  4. Hi there Thank s for the info, yep seen it at brownells but not in stock. Prefer to buy when there’s actual stock. I like the AI bolt and my anschutz that are also a similar contour and thought I’ll get one to match . Maybe not !! cheers
  5. Anyone know where to get one of these in the uk https://www.eurooptic.com/Sterk-Shooting-Tikka-T3-Swept-Ball-Handle-Black-SAU-T3B.aspx Does euro optic deliver to uk without any import problems? Info much appreciated
  6. Just for information. Residue might come off with a loctite specific product. We used to have this at work and think it was acetone based ie nail polish remover might work. I have mounted a pic rail on my 223 varmint and used the tikka recommended green loctite which sticks like you know what . A bit of heat from a hairdryer might help. As said it won’t affect the rifle if you’re using a dovetail mount.
  7. Richiew

    Primers ?

    Ps I’m still using up the murom lrp from two years back that were £48 for a thousand. Federal gmm are the next to get used . Have a good ring around then have a day out getting supplies . cheers
  8. Richiew

    Primers ?

    Plenty primers over in Durham area if you’d like to travel. BH Firearms chap was very helpful regarding viht powders and primers. RWS large rifle and federal small rifle were in stock, also n140/150 so got a lot to keep me going. it’s worth checking the local rfds rather than just relying solely on the big shops. Had a long trip to Forrest lodge guns last year to get primers from Teesside area but if need s must that’s what has to be done. good luck
  9. It’s going to depend on how easy it is for you to get powders. If you’re happy with Vihtavuori I’d try the 560 or 565 load info . Going off the web app try a 175 Berger if you’re after a bit more speed . Hope you find what you’re looking for.
  10. Easier option is probably fit a rail and go with picatinny mount with a few more options of moa and height .
  11. On the spuhr website. Click menu then mounts , filters , trg/ t3x .
  12. Sporting services have the BT 15 or 17 long pic adapters. These can be fitted over your two stud holes and then you can use the flush mount for a quick removal sling stud. Most other converters are curved so won’t fit a flat stock surface.
  13. I’ve put a Schmidt and bender scope on my rimfire 22 and hmr with medium mounts and used up between 9 and 11 mils of its range to set the zero. 10 mils to play with in your original post would get you to 975 yards in 308cal . Most people recommend a 6 mil or 20 moa rail as a starting point anyway. Make sure there’s enough clearance between barrel and scope so might need higher mounts ie 38mm .
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