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  1. Richiew

    Berger 175 lent or OTM

    Hi there much nicer to have a 1:10 twist than my 1:12 . I now have lots of bergers to play with and some Amax’s in 155 grain for the shorter range stuff these go very well with 42.5 to 43 grains of N135 at @ 2.234 cbto for the club 300m shoots . Stuck at home but the gardens looking great . Stay safe
  2. Here’s photo of over the top type , although it only get s used under the rifle . Allen key is to set the friction required. Spigot to fit front of AI AT 308 . cheers
  3. Richiew

    Berger 175 lent or OTM

    Hi Panda unfortunately already had my order in place when I saw tha juggs on here . Ho hum . Lots of bullets to load up when the virus passes . The 175 Berger LRBT were good at 700 yards on the milk jug at eskdalemuir and ok to 1000 when running at 2638 FPS . 600 yard max at club shoots . So it’s short range stuff ha ha . Hope Gardner’s get the new range sorted . Cheers and stay safe
  4. Richiew

    Berger 175 lent or OTM

    Have fun playing with bullets , had a nosler loading manual but gave it away to a mate think it covered the rdfs .just waiting for my order of new jugs to come through the post from CDSG . 500 in a box should keep me going when the virus clears up .Also got a Dandy products trickler that’s working great so should have some very well measured out powder . Stay safe cheers
  5. After reading the Brian litz books gyroscopic stability seems to be a big factor at transonic speeds so a high sg Above 1.5 means very stable . high bc doesn’t always go with stability so you need to choose a bullet that fits your barrel twist and speed . For a 1/12 “ twist lapua 155s don’t do too good but older shaped bullets such as 175/155 MatchKings do very well . So it’s a balance of bc and stability and speed along with suitable twist rate . The lapua s work great with one in ten or eleven twist so not so good in my accuracy international 308 but good in a mates Sako trg . Hybrids or secant shaped bullets look like they are happier with faster twists and the tangent type like a slower twist . Have look at the books Ballistic performance of rifle bullets you’ll be amazed at how bad and good some bullets are and be able to pick bullets that might fit your rifle without too much heartache . Cheers Rich
  6. Richiew

    Berger 175 lent or OTM

    Hi all finally got some Berger 175 OTM bullets , they are about 80 thou shorter than the juggernaut s so the COAL of the round will be closer to 2.82 . Closer in shape to sierra MatchKings with a long boat tail so very transonic stable . Will report back when the ranges reopen. Stay safe . Cheers Rich
  7. Richiew

    Berger Bullets - passe?

    Might be like myself . Stockpile up when there’s some available and only use them for best/ comps . Cheaper lapua for practice and upto 300 m then get the 175/185,s for the longer range days . They are very very good though .
  8. Richiew

    308 hunting loads

    Hi there only bullets I know of the ones I’ve tried that are good for hunting are the hornady Amax 155 grain , which work well with 42.5 to 43 grains of N135 at 2.8” case overall length . Cheers
  9. Richiew

    IR help needed

    Have a look at YouTube russ Douglass 222 , them lasers burning plastic are a bit scary . LEDs much safer but some animals notice the red glow after a while then they’ll run . Foxes and rabbits can see ir so be careful using it too much on full power/ tight beam . A flood beam doesn’t spook them as much . Cheers
  10. Richiew

    IR help needed

    Hi there don’t know of the lights your looking at but I have always stuck with Nightmaster torches . Got IR ones for night vision on the drone pro , good out to 200m for foxes etc also got a white one for finding quarry and a red for scanning for eye shine . Over 7 years old now but still looking like new . Cheers Rich
  11. Richiew

    Berger 175 lent or OTM

    Cheers for info I’ll check sizes of tube at work an see how it fits onto the 308 neck . Seen some by 21st century that look quite good . Was also thinking of loading a tray up of cases then putting it on top of the tumbler for a few minutes . Thanks Rich
  12. Richiew

    Berger 175 lent or OTM

    Hi Panda thanks for the info , 5 shot group there and we were getting blown about in the fox holes a lot . No pressure signs and primers ok - federal 210 normals and fiocchi , I’ll look into a longer drop tube any recommendations?? . Tried a load at 45 and 46 grains but those were very crunchy so only made a couple and the bullet pushed out a bit over time . Cheers
  13. Hi there I had a closed license so rang North Yorkshire Feo to check some new land and was asked which force I came under ie Cleveland . Was told to get in touch with my local force to get them to contact him then send info back to me . Bit of a faff on !! But whilst on the phone he said I’ll just check on the computer the farm names and owners only one was cleared for any firearms . His advice was ring up your local force and put a variation form in with a note saying you’d like the open clause adding and also permission forms and a map of the land and boundaries . No cost for this 3 days later I’ve got a new cert with open condition . Very good lads at Northallerton and Cleveland . The risk is all mine now . cheers
  14. Richiew

    Berger 175 lent or OTM

    Hi all A very windy day at Whitfell 6K wind coming from left and behind at 7 o’clock ish but the 185 juggernaut s performed great . 44.5 grains. N150 , coal 2.9” , cbto 2.236 “ . Ever so slightly compressed load ie sometimes a little crunch when at the top of the stroke on the press but if the case was tapped a few times to settle the powder all was good with no crunch . Will chrono them next time . Thanks to all the replies especially Panda . We now have another favourite load five shots in the photo could have done much better if we weren’t getting blown about so much . Cheers
  15. Eskdalemuir gongs every 100 yards to 1000 then another at 1014 all ok with the 308 . Big one a t a mile , and more for the elr gang . Basic facilities so bring your own choc biscuits and sarnies . Weather has been great last 3 times . Photo was end of November cold but no wind . Try to go with an existing member as a guest or book it for yourselves with a few mates . 2.5 hour drive for us from Teesside but wort it . Cheers Rich

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