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  1. New makers are loctite branded as “multicore “ . Farnell have various types of sizes solder diameter that is . cheers
  2. Never seen stainless braid , sure it’s not silver plated copper?? . We use fluxrite for every solder job here at an ex ICI plant but can sometimes struggle to get enough heat into the wires when using welding cables . Might have to use crimps on the braid then solder the copper to the gold bits . Solder with 5 core flux built in works well think it used to be called ERSIN
  3. This stuff from wildcat moderator s helps to keep the threads from seizing up
  4. Tactical brake to go with AI MODERATOR Hope this clears up any confusion??
  5. Hi mate don’t know how to do this but remember that there’s extra calls to down load from the sd card in the instructions when I first bought my caller . I’ve been out the last 3 week s trying the vixen in heat and had no luck at all . Went out last night and just kept quiet on a known track and caught foxy with a 60 grain Berger. Foxes are still after food so keep trying the normal calls . Cheers
  6. Photo shows an ADI angle degree indicator . The cosine version starts at 99 in the middle position. Cheers
  7. Thanks for that info popsbengo . I’ve added it to my album of reloading info . Very useful. cheers
  8. Lovely Rosie playing with bullets
  9. Moved to Berger and found them very consistent . So all my bullets were bergers from a 1:12” 27” barrel . Not ideal twist for the 175 lrbt or the 185 juggernaut s but seems to work well . Tangent shaped bullets are easy to tune and are jump tolerant hence bergers as listed work well . Still have some 155 Amax but keep these for best at club comps ( 300 yards ) only . Sierras are mostly tangent shape so have a poor ish bc but are very stable in the air , the 155 TMKS I tried were good at 100 y but not so good past 400 y but are more secant pointy shaped . Find a bullet that works then t
  10. Glad to help mate , just been through my notes and found info for eskdalemuir shooting where we trued up StrelokPro drops to real amount needed to get hits and found easy hits to 700 y but hard at 1000 y if you don’t get the atmospheric pressure blob on . This was with 155.5 Berger bullets
  11. I’m still learning seven or more years on , especially with the 223 regarding neck wear on well used brass , had to go one size smaller on the neck bush lately so think the brass might be wearing thin also primer pocket is getting easier to squeeze new primers into so might be new brass time soon . berger and hornady manual s have good info regarding reloading and Laurie did a video reloading with Rosie which was fun . 155s with 46 grain of n140 or 42.5 grains of n135 175 and 185s with 44.5 grain of n150 loaded to 2.234 “ cbto case base to ogive or round about the 2.85”
  12. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best . try this thread I started in 2017
  13. 2017 The outstanding bullets in this bracket are Berger's two 185s, the Long-Range BT Juggernaut and the newer Hybrid. The latter may be too long though for your throat / and magazine operation. Both models are very expensive now and usually difficult to find in stock. Their RRPs are £68.75 and £71.98 / 100 respectively. The 175gn Berger LR BT is a very sound design, but the new Sierra TMK has a virtually identical BC and is somewhat cheaper. I've been very impressed by TMK quality and results in the 7mm 160, so if
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