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  1. Latest club info infers that landmark at catterick are wanting to limit us to factory ammo only ??
  2. 0.2 for the LRR ret should be really good. Grid2 is also very nice but won’t be changing from my p4 fine . Cheers
  3. Could be trying to pinch our load data to sell on the black market???
  4. Had to give our hand load info to Marc at the old eskdalemuir range ie bullet , brass , powder type and how much powder . So why not everywhere ?? .
  5. Using eley subs my mod gets clagged up with powder residue ( ASE ) which usually collects at the mod output end and can affect accuracy. So it needs a tap every now and then and often a full strip down and ultrasonic clean . Sak mods are strippable too . Keep everything clean . Centrefire rifles don’t seem to make as much mess at all . Rimfire powder is not like centrefire powder . Cheers
  6. Info for above from accurate shooter . Com . A good article to read and some info from Laurie too .
  7. Try to keep rifle parallel to the ground and adjust butt pad to keep all recoil in a straight back movement rather than an angle that makes the flip . Had my AI AT for 7 years or so and I’m still finding things out that help . Groups are much better too and a good solid grip keeps everything tight so I can see the impacts . I do notice more barrel twang now though. I have found a butt spike by bt industries useful but they’re not everyone s cup of tea . Adjusting this to get on target and take the shot then finding your point of aim for next shot is way off shows that your natural poi has chan
  8. Very therapeutic turning big lumps of metal into smaller pieces . Nice gear there mate . Beautiful looking threads . Cheers
  9. Blooming nightmare regarding ammo , primers and bullets . Buy in bulk if you can . Is there a shortage because of the looming lead ban ???? who knows . I bought a thousand 77 grain lapua in 223 lately just so I didn’t have to touch my favourite loads of Berger and hornady which I’ll keep for best . Good luck finding stock . Some webs show coming soon but that was from last October. 185/190 should be good for win mag about 3000 fps any make available buy it Cheers
  10. Try reset system?? bottom of page 7 in the manual . And a brand new battery, mine played silly buggers even though battery was ok for other gadgets. Could use 2x cr123s to check if it’s battery problem . 9v batt should be an alkaline one. Main menu then battery menu/ state , needs to be very close to a full 9volt . Good luck
  11. Not many suppliers with actual stock. Also looks to be a primer shortage too . Thanks for the info though. Going to try some target bullets on foxy and see how they fare . Cheers
  12. N135 around the 25 g mark , 2.26 case overall length . Tikka varmint with 1:7” twist . Very good on foxy no exit at 112 yards . Good accuracy and should be very stable ,1.68 stability factor so well above the 1.5 ideal number and 3144 fps from 20” barrel . Cheers
  13. Defo go s&b then . I prefer the locking turrets with the tactile clicks in clockwise for up . Models with the alloy zoom control feel more sturdy too . MSR2 or the new longrange reticle would be top choices . Or try the horus type if you don’t want to dial every distance. Worth the wait . I’ve got one hi power and two ultra short 5-20 x50’s . Love em . Would have tried the kahles 3-18x50 as a viable option but stuck with the Schmidt.
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