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  1. As per catch 22 , with StrelokPro and a 2500 kestrel with the tripod and wind vane kit should do the job . Also in StrelokPro settings click add vertical deflection of crosswind to the calcs. This helped to solve a few bad wind/ direction misses . If wind is at 90’ the deflection from left or right is quite a bit different in your up elevation calls , bullet can be pushed down or it climbs up the crosswind . Upto .3 mills at 200 y with the 223 . I’ve been adjusting week by week for no reason. Now leave turret set for zero wind and 100y zero and just try to understand my aim offs with Strelo
  2. AI AT owner here have shot both rifles and in hindsight I prefer the sako grip . Changed my AT to the thumbhole stock and am happy with that but it’s very squared ish and works best when using gloves . Needed to get length of pull near 15” to feel comfy . There is a trg with folding adjustable stock which looks very good . Really need to try them to see how your hand fits . Steyr ssg ?? Not sure if they do your calibre . Cheers
  3. Sorry there , no it’s not RS 40 . I’ll stop posting where I’m not following the requirements of the thread . cheer s
  4. Probably need to load a batch up of 3-5 of your preferred speed and then tune for best group. Copper bullets do need to be pushed hard to get best expansion . Field sports Britain did a good video of copper bullet reviews, it’ll be on you tube . There’s pictures on t web of expansion versus speed too . Good speed AND accuracy is what your after to get the correct expansion that matches the factory results . good luck
  5. Was told by aSF mate that double tap is a load of crap . Basically fill them full of lead , ie dump a full mag into the threat,switch to spare firearm while reloading first gun , when safe to do so . I was shocked at the violence used but fully understand that they’re not playing around here .
  6. All nice rifles , sure you’ll enjoy them . Have a look at .223 loads info for 1:8” twists. cheers Rich
  7. I find mine work well as I leave them on standby/ plugged in all the time . Occasionally use a test weight but usually just put the rcbs pan on and if it reads 126.94 grains like it always has then it’s tare the scales and good to go . cheers
  8. Just check that the 24” barrel is threaded as think it’s the t3x varmint in 20” is the only one threaded 18x1. Very happy with mine but would of preferred the adj cheek piece super varmint. Silly waiting times for them . Check all the dealers for actual in stock rifles . good luck
  9. Well done hope you get good results . For 1000 yards I had some good success with 155 Sierra Tmk and bergers . Tmk needed about .2 mil less drop than the Berger . Best we’re 175 LRBT or 185 juggernaut bergers . These need 10.4 to 11 mil of up adjust with a 100 y zero . Shot at eskdalemuir with StrelokPro and shot the gongs from 300 to 1k and trued up the drops in StrelokPro to real time figures , known FPS so just tweak the bc a bit . Wrong temp and millibar pressures make a big difference at 1000 y . 4 pint milk jug at 700 was easy but gong at 1014 was hard work . You’ll get addicted- have
  10. 45 grains of N550 gave me 2611 FPS with a 168 Amax and a 26” barrel . Looking at the lapua website I’m over 2 grains above max on some loads with no signs of any damage . Keep going in .5 steps till you find another sweet spot then fine tune again . With Sierra 168s lapua site says 47.? Of n550 for 2729 FPS from 24” barrel. Slow and heavy bullets really do better than fast and light . Laurie commented on my post years ago saying the boat tail didn’t help on the 168 amax and that it’s not too good over 600 yards. Cheers
  11. Latest test tonight 22.5 grain of n135 with 73 g Berger . Five shot group with 4 through the big hole . Moved a bit over for the last shot so I was still hitting steel . Need to use the hardox target as this 3mm plate isn’t strong enough at 100 metres
  12. StrelokPro was a tenner I think . And the free lapua ballistic calc works well too . You’ll need bullet speed from a chrony to get the best results . StrelokPro has lots of info tables and reticle pictures and target pictures to superimpose on your reticle also wind and drop tables . Also tuneable for speed and actual bc of bullets . Applied ballistic s version is very good too . Have fun playing . StrelokPro needs trueing up with your actual drop data , we did this at eskdalemuir from 300 to 1000 yards now it’s very accurate if correct weather is put into the system .
  13. N135 for 155 s in 308 I use 42.5 grains giving less than thumb size groups at 100m 5 shot groups. and for 223 in 52 to 60 grain Berger s I use 25grains of n135 . Although N150 is best for 308 heavies ie 175/185 , 44.5 grains ish . Cheers
  14. Cheers Mat Are they the quiet type of material or a bit crunchy to start with before they bed in a bit . Cureently using digicam harkila but foxy seems to know there’s something there , don’t get the same result with the plain green nomad gear I use for winter and it seems less bright in low light or at night whereas the harkila glows like a lighthouse. If I can see me so can all the animals .
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