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  1. Latest info on the 73 grain hornady ELD. Shot at fox 74 yards and hit square on through the bib = no exit . Hit side on at 123 yards and a small entry hole and about 1-1/2” exit hole . Both went down instantly . Also very good on hares . Very little wind drift at 150 yards even with 10plus mph crosswind . Basically aim dead on and jobs done . Hope to try some RS 52 or n540 and get some more speed but very happy with the performance. Cheers
  2. 52 grain Amax don’t exit on foxy and are quite devastating on rabbits .
  3. Hi all Any info on good bullets for foxing in 223 . Have a 1:8” tikka . Currently using 60 grain Berger varmint and also 52 grain Amax which are very good but not always available. How do 53 grain v- max work. Cheers Rich
  4. Hi all Anyone got a .223 sako 85 varmint laminate stainless with 20” barrel . I’m wanting to know the length of barrel in front of the stock regarding how big a wildcat moderator can be fitted . Otherwise it’s go for a 24” barrelled tikka tac or super varmint with KRG or MDT chassis ?? . Thanks in advance .
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