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  1. There's always a bad apple or 2 in any group of people, regardless of the subject or sport. But also you don't know whats going on in peoples privates lives, and families. Don't get me wrong, he may just be an A-Hole. But who knows. Who knows??? Chaz.
  2. chaz

    223 load Vihtavuori N135 or n130

    I've been using N135 for my Tikka T3 1 in 8 for numerous years. I haven't got the COAL, but the bullet was only a few thou from the lands. The load was N135 at 25.1 grains, Fed Gold primer, Lapua brass, and a 55 grain Hornady V-Max. And got 3250 fps. Suits me, may not suit others. Good luck! Chaz.
  3. chaz

    Defiant Deviant 6.5 CM

    Very nice. What make and model is the stock? Cheers.
  4. I also have a Tik Tac1, in 6.5CM. A cracking rifle alround. 👍
  5. chaz

    replicating the 22 hornet with .223

    Me too.... What sort of realistic range and speed are we looking at. It's been a while....
  6. chaz

    Merry Christmas!

    Happy Xmas folks!
  7. chaz

    Latest purchase

    Very nice indeed! 👍
  8. chaz

    Load data / Powder? 6.5 Creedmoor

    I have a Tikka TAC 1 in 6.5CM, 1 in 8 twist. I've had great success with Viht N150 with Sierra 130 TMK and Lapua 139 OTM Scenar I've also had good results with Hornady 143 ELD-X. The Sierra 130 TMK, and 139 Scenar were easy to work up a good accuracy node. The 143 ELD-X was a right pain in the arse, but eventualy i found an accuracy node. All were around 2800 fps. I want to get decent barrel life..... I hope that helps a little...... Cheers Chaz
  9. chaz

    Yet another T3

    British Engineering at its best!
  10. I was advised by the shop armorer to buy the Bergara, but bought the 6.5 Creedmoor. And i'm very happy with my choice in spades as they say....
  11. Hi, Steve, I've not received your pm? Cheers Jamie

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