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  1. The first powder I ever bought for reloading was for my .223, and it was Viht N135. This was to load brass for 55 grain V-Max. And I soon found a nice node with 25.1 grains, which gave me around 3200 fps. And very good groups! (If I do my bit). No idea what it's like in my 6.5CM as I've never tried making a load up for it. I've always used Viht N150 for my 6.5 CM. And I've had good results with the Lapua Scena 139. and the 130 TMK. Hope that helps....... Chaz
  2. I just thought I'd say, I have one and and they're superb scopes! Good look with the sale. Chaz.
  3. A bit late maybe? 🤣 , but I still use now what I did back then for my Tikka T3, 1 in 8 twist .223. Lapua and PPU brass. Fed Gold primers, 55 grain Hornady V-Max. 25.1 grains of Viht N135, giving me 3200 FPS give or take 24 FPS. Constant sub moa. No idea if it's any good for the .308??
  4. Cheers Bruce. 👍 A quick question folks, I presume annealing comes prior to any other case prep? Or do I remove the primer and size first? Cheers Chaz.
  5. Thanks for all the replies folks, very informative. Phoenix, after I've done some more annealing, and tried them over my chronograph I would like to take you up on the offer of sending you some annealed and annealed and fired brass if that's ok? Again, many thanks for the replies, it's much appreciated. Chaz.
  6. Totally agree with what you say Triffid, as regards doing small batches at slightly longer/shorter times in the flame to try lowering my ES. I used 750 degree Tempilaq and the ones seen in the photo, were dropped out the drum before the Tempilaq started to change colour. I will either speed up or slow down the drum until I'm happy the brass is right without totally burning of the 750 Tipilaq. I used propane gas, with the inner blue flame around a 1/4 to a 1/3 of an inch from the brass. Pointing the tip of the inner blue flame at the junction of the neck and shoulder. I've watched d
  7. Hi Folks, After buying the items required months ago, I finally got around to building my home made electronic (basic) Annealer. It's mostly based on instructions given by a YouTube user known by the name of "Elfster's", with some changes. I've annealed around 20 pieces of old brass to get the speed of the drum right, the distance of the inner blue flame from the shoulder and neck joint of the brass, and just to the point where my Temilaq started changing colour. Hopefully there should be a picture attached showing 8 pieces of brass, which I believe are "properly" annealed.
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