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  1. Thanks for the replies folks. I don't do much night shooting, more plate bashing than anything else. So I've settled on an LRF that's a little bit more money. I've gone for the Hawke Endurance 700 OLED Laser Rangefinder. Cheers. Chaz.
  2. I got the joke, and it was funny. But I've had 2 replies that have given me no input or advice about the range finders at all. I'm just a tad frustrated. Cheers Chaz
  3. Literally or figuratively?😣 Thanks for the constructive imput...................
  4. What was the brand name and is it any good, and accurate?? Cheers.
  5. As above folks, I'm looking for a cheapish rangefinder around the £130 mark. I had a Hawke LRF 400 and that was great, but that was years ago. And I don't know if they are still any good? I'd like to be able to laze out to a minimum of 600 yards. So could I have some constructive advice folks? Cheers. Chaz.
  6. Same here..... Can't find any 69 grain TMK anywhere!!
  7. Very nice gun indeed. If I was in a position to get a .223 I'd definitely be very interested. Good luck with the sale!
  8. I have had very good results from my 26" barrel Tikka 6.5 CM, and Viht N150 powder. both with Sierra 130 TMK and 139 OTP Scenar bullets. The 130 grain Sierra TMK produced around 2870 fps with 40.1 grains of Viht N150. The best group that day was .238" @ 100 yards. And with the same distance, using 139 Scenars and 39.5 grains of N150 gave a group with a .548" @ 100 yards. I don't recall the weather, bar it not being cold.
  9. Tikka T3 1 in 8 twist. Hornady 55 grain V-Max, Lapua brass, Federal gold match primer, Vhit N135 powder, 25.1 grains. Don't recall base to Ogive, but a few thou jump to the lands. 3200 fps. Sub moa most of the time.
  10. Sold to Dustyman. He's a top man to do business with. Cheers. Chaz
  11. Hi Popsbengo. The X4 M5 fixing bolts are actually threaded grub screws of the same width from top to bottom, and do not screw into the rifle's action rail at all. The Apex rail has to slide over and under the actions picatinny rail. Then by tightening the grub screws up on the Apex riser rail, they then can either be screwed down onto the top or bottom of the actions o/e rail system. This then forces the Apex rail to pull up tighter underneath the more you screw down. If that makes sense? And embarrassingly I didn't look on the Tikka site, just the Apex UK site today.... I suppose as
  12. Hi folks, I am in the process of swapping scopes about. And for various reasons I ended up having an APEX UK steel picatinny Riser on my Tikka TAC1 . I've have the rifle a few years but I've not used it that much. Anyway, this morning I had to remove the riser and put it back on, but I can't recall what the torque force should be. Could anyone enlighten me with the torque? I was thinking around 35 - 40 LBS. ??? Any constructive advice appreciated. Just to add, I've made several calls to Apex UK with no reply.... Cheers. Chaz.
  13. Last price drop before it goes on Ebay. £110 cash on collection.
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