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  1. ruger7717

    Which moderator?

    👍 yep I was leaning towards the ASE SL7i Theres a MAE/PES compact ( bushless) for sale just down the road from me but think they are only rated to .300WM not that there’s much difference in the two calibres.
  2. ruger7717

    Which moderator?

    Ah cool, glad you got sorted😉
  3. ruger7717

    Which moderator?

    Haven’t got a budget, weight won’t be a issue as it’s a prone only rifle. I’ll be using it occasionally to cull Fallow bucks. It’s mostly going to be used for ELR with the brake. Just to be unsociable 😬
  4. ruger7717

    Which moderator?

    😂😂😂 did you manage to source some bullets in the end?
  5. I’m in the market for a sound moderator for my .300NM, I’ve only ever shot it with a brake. But as it’s conditioned for ALQ it maybe prudent to use a mod. Question is which one? thanks in advance for your views.
  6. £37.50 sold to me?😬😬😬Price may help buddy😉
  7. Well there’s a surprise! I didn’t think it would be long before ‘Hellandback’ retracted his spectacularly wrong statement. Make of it what you will.
  8. This is half price from what you would pay retail😉
  9. 750GR A-MAX £200 per 100 +p&p All SOLD Advertised elsewhere
  10. Open to sensible offers 😉

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