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  1. Yep that’s the website . Not cheap but very well made . They fit perfectly and allow a longer coal . I’ve got both the 6 and 10 sizes and they are what they claim and work perfect. The standard tikka five rounds mag work best with 4 rounds . T hi e WR MAGS work great with the specified 10 or 6 rounds. Spot on
  2. Excellent in your safety mate . I’ve often nearly loaded another round on one already in the breech - hate to think what might ignite. I usually remove the round in the chamber after taking the mag out then test fire into a safe place . Stay safe and shoot straight. Cheers
  3. Good job I’ve got some WR mags . Standard tikka on the left .
  4. Thanks very much . Great results there well done . Hope I can be as good with my reload s . Noticed at 22 grains there still a fair bit of room for more powder. The loaded rounds do look good tho , looking forward to next week s testing hope weather stays ok . Thanks for sharing your info
  5. Hi there one on top of two . just starting reloading the 73 g eldms , coal to lands is 2.344” so going to start ten thou shorter , with 22 grains of n135 . How’s this compare to your load if you don’t mind?? cheers
  6. Mostly the commonly wanted bullets at the major reloading websites are out of stock till October glad I found some . Sometimes when you load a bullet it just looks right and you know it’ll be a good un . Have loaded the 52 g Amax to what looks like similar length to the pictures from hornady factory ammo . thanks all
  7. Got the last 2 boxes of 73 grain ELDM from Dauntsey guns . Looking forward to a play . cheers boys have a beer
  8. Thanks for the replies. Just need a supplier with actual stock, lots are due in estimated October. cheers
  9. Cheers I’ll be putting my order in at local shop . Elds it is . Always had good results with the Amax in 308 at factory length 2.81” . enjoy the heat and keep hydrated, beer helps
  10. Thanks mate I’ll put them on the shopping list . Cheers
  11. Hi all Any info on good bullets for foxing in 223 . Have a 1:8” tikka . Currently using 60 grain Berger varmint and also 52 grain Amax which are very good but not always available. How do 53 grain v- max work. Cheers Rich
  12. It’s been a while . 52 g Amax good with 24.5 grain n135 dents my 5mm plate without passing through so a good dump of energy . 60 grain Berger varmint are very good on animals but a bit hot with 25 grains same powder. Moved to 24.5 and all ok . 22.5 grain of same with 73 grains bergers very accurate but not tested on fur yet . 70 grain Berger vld s with 23 grains n135 very good accuracy but need to be close to the lands 10 thou was ok 5 thou jump even better . cheers
  13. Super cal looks very nicely made should be good with options of the ski feet to get a good slide when recoiling .
  14. Just remembered GRS do a very nice version with flip over smooth or grippy feet , pricey but top class all available at spuds web
  15. Used to like my Harris then moved up to the accuracy international bipod this was great and lockable / tension adjustable. Finally settled on the fortmeir or Phoenix bipod - my accuracy increased possibly due to it sliding rather than pivot and rising and falling . Less wobbly bits will help . Good luck with your choice. Cheers
  16. 110 yards with wobbly trigger sticks . Had to do the last of five shots to the left just to make sure I was hitting the plate as didn’t hear a ping just a whoosh into the backstop . Got a hardox plate from Tom’s targets now so hopefully no more holes lol . Next shoot at catterick July 3 so might get a bit further and take the chrono too . 15 mm group for 4 shots
  17. Have a look at this for 223 info . Hope I’ve got this right for the link etc . Best yet groups are 73 g Berger with 22.5 of n135 Vihtavuori.
  18. As per catch 22 , with StrelokPro and a 2500 kestrel with the tripod and wind vane kit should do the job . Also in StrelokPro settings click add vertical deflection of crosswind to the calcs. This helped to solve a few bad wind/ direction misses . If wind is at 90’ the deflection from left or right is quite a bit different in your up elevation calls , bullet can be pushed down or it climbs up the crosswind . Upto .3 mills at 200 y with the 223 . I’ve been adjusting week by week for no reason. Now leave turret set for zero wind and 100y zero and just try to understand my aim offs with Strelo
  19. AI AT owner here have shot both rifles and in hindsight I prefer the sako grip . Changed my AT to the thumbhole stock and am happy with that but it’s very squared ish and works best when using gloves . Needed to get length of pull near 15” to feel comfy . There is a trg with folding adjustable stock which looks very good . Really need to try them to see how your hand fits . Steyr ssg ?? Not sure if they do your calibre . Cheers
  20. Sorry there , no it’s not RS 40 . I’ll stop posting where I’m not following the requirements of the thread . cheer s
  21. Probably need to load a batch up of 3-5 of your preferred speed and then tune for best group. Copper bullets do need to be pushed hard to get best expansion . Field sports Britain did a good video of copper bullet reviews, it’ll be on you tube . There’s pictures on t web of expansion versus speed too . Good speed AND accuracy is what your after to get the correct expansion that matches the factory results . good luck
  22. Was told by aSF mate that double tap is a load of crap . Basically fill them full of lead , ie dump a full mag into the threat,switch to spare firearm while reloading first gun , when safe to do so . I was shocked at the violence used but fully understand that they’re not playing around here .
  23. All nice rifles , sure you’ll enjoy them . Have a look at .223 loads info for 1:8” twists. cheers Rich
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