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  1. To quote James Fenimore Cooper: “they are a breed apart and make no sense“....... 😀
  2. I shoot my No5 pretty regularly and really, anything beyond 100 yards unless it’s big, just doesn’t work with my ageing eyes. So, I limit my time with this fabulous little rifle to 100 yards or less apart from the occasional 300 yard session at Kingsbury where I feel great if the holes appear in the black bit 😀 For 100 yards or less I find the typical shoot n see targets visible for most situations and a quick squint through some bino’s if I’m struggling always works for me.
  3. I have a Howa in 223 in the Aussie Precision stock with 1:8 24” barrel. I’ve shot alongside the lone gunman with this set up at 1000 yards and have had limited success. Popsbengo is correct, witchcraft is at play with his Tikka 😈 Dont overlook the Howa’s. They are very capable rifles with the right load. Mine will group just under 1 moa with 69g Sierra matchkings or TMK’s at 600 yards if I play my part and consistently sub moa at 500 yards and less. You’ll get better build quality with Tikka but for what you’re after, I’d go for Howa all day long, some of the package deals are hard to ign
  4. Almost forgot...... the a Jaguar Rifle Club in Coventry shoot at Kingsbury too...
  5. If you want to shoot close to Warwick, then Kingsbury is probably the most local decent range to you. A number of clubs shoot there when/if they get the chance. Offa’s is the obvious choice but not one I’d recommend if you want a cheerful experience 😀 You could try others such as Warwickshire Armourers, Cannock or Solihull clubs, a quick google will reveal details or go via the NRA website links where you might get others that shoot there. Failing that, join the NRA and make the slog down to Bisley, always worth the trip in my opinion and you’re close to the M40 anyway.
  6. I’ve used 139 scenars in my creedmoor for ages now and have a great and accurate load. However, I’ve been offered 400 Hornady 140g eld’s by a friend at what can only be described as a great price and not wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth, I’m very tempted. I really can’t be bothered with load development again just for this batch of bullets and just wondered if others have seen any significant difference between the two designs (other than dimensions of course) for the same powder and charge. I suspect the change will be small, faster probably and the mutt behind the butt will be
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