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  1. No.1 Mk 3 I suspect......
  2. Although I’m not one for airing dirty laundry publicly, I must admit, the decision making that has resulted in this exercise in self destruction is terribly sad. It was once a lovely little club with so much promise, I hope it does rise again but I sadly doubt it will.
  3. SMLE

    Odd Thoughts

    Government minions?
  4. SMLE

    Dame Vera Lynn

    A real loss. My old Uncle Joe met her once in North Africa during the war and said she was simply lovely. He always called her horse face Vera though! A little bit of England gone forever, god bless her.
  5. Hi watch lovers, Toying with the idea of buying a Bertucci A2T watch for everyday wear, just wondering if anyone has any experience of this brand or the model? I like field watches for non formal wear and this American brand seems to offer a lot of watch for the money.
  6. Was a member there for several years, nice place for .22, pistol calibres and muzzle loaders. Does Peter Starley still have something to do with it? I remember popping round his place was always an exercise in adult banter 😁
  7. SMLE

    Outdoor sports update covid 19

    I recommend a read of the Cabinet Office strategy document on the .gov.uk web site. I doubt many people will bother including media pundits and tv hosts with opinion. It seems a logical and well formulated approach to me given the circumstances. I think what Joe Public want, and possibly those like Piers Morgan want, is a very descriptive set of rules, where you don’t have to worry about such troubling and disturbing things as effing thinking it through yourself and making an effing decision!
  8. SMLE

    NRA have suspended shooting update

    Target shooting on pause was the key message I took from the NRA’s message the other day, I didn’t read September into that. All depends on the lockdown in reality though. Hoping that once the travel restrictions lift, regardless of Landmarc and NRA positions, we can at least get back onto places like Thorpe and Eskdalemuir.
  9. SMLE

    NRA have suspended shooting update

    Nah, not really! Just got a good zero and had booked a stickledown session to really test it - that won’t happen now! Ah we’ll there’s always next year!
  10. SMLE

    NRA have suspended shooting update

    Half way though some load development too for my 223 I’ll have forgotten my grand plan if I have to wait until then! Perhaps I’d better write it down 😁
  11. SMLE

    NRA have suspended shooting update

    September! Crikey! Not had anything from the NRA, have you received an email?
  12. SMLE

    Broken Sunshade on Cadwell Chrono

    Might be worth having a fiddle with a car body fibreglass repair kit. This should provide a degree of flex and hold under tension/compression at the repair joint. Only a few quid and you can find them on eBay etc as I would imagine places like Halfords are closed at the mo. You’ve certainly got plenty of time to fine tune your repair technique at the moment too 😊
  13. SMLE

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

    Don’t you go and wear that ultrasonic out before I pick it up..... 😁
  14. Pops, you have a pm on WhatsApp

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