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  1. SMLE

    Possible trouble with FEO

    Now come along Pops...... what were we taught on the RCO course......? 😀 The difference between firearm and weapon in my opinion is intent.....
  2. Same here Pete. Zero contact and a smooth operation. Easily quantified within the NRA’s risk assessments as an employer, low risk concern so long as the mitigation measures remain. Information, instruction and supervision. Can’t comment on their application of these principles but as for all this Tier nonsense, turn off the TV and radio, don’t read the papers and would you know a pandemic was even there?
  3. SMLE

    Caselife annealing machine

    I have one that works ok. I seem to get consistent results but the speed control with nylon wheels is a little coarse. Ultimately you get what you pay for and I’d describe the case life as the Ford Escort of annealing machines, it does what it says on the tin but not with much style. I have a friend who has designed and built his own version with better quality components, I can put you in touch with him via pm as he’d happily make another I’m sure which would still be a Ford, but more like a Granada rather than an Escort....
  4. SMLE

    Little bit of lockdown fun....

    The Noel Coward suggestion made me laugh out loud!
  5. SMLE

    Little bit of lockdown fun....

    What a calibre! What a character! Wonder what he’d make of today’s world? Anyway, may I offer .38 Special - James Cagney
  6. SMLE

    Little bit of lockdown fun....

    Had to think about that.......😀
  7. SMLE

    Little bit of lockdown fun....

    Whoops! John Laurie even more appropriate 😀
  8. SMLE

    Little bit of lockdown fun....

    Also, as daft as it seems I’d never considered Hugh Laurie and Alan Rickman as calibres before but do you know........ I think they work 😀
  9. SMLE

    Little bit of lockdown fun....

    Some good nonsense coming to the surface here! I’d forgotten about dear old Rutger..... good choice RoyW
  10. A bunch of my shooting buddy’s and I have been considering if calibers were “actors” what actor would they be? So far we have reached general consensus that: 338 is Ray Winston 6.5 Creedmoor is Lionel Blair 303 is Henry Cooper 308 is Michael Caine 223 is Larry Grayson 455 Webley is Errol Flynn 44/40 is John Wayne 9mm parabellum is Hardy Kruger At the risk of being politically incorrect..... 22 short is Jimmy Clitheroe......! 45/70 is Lee Marvin The question is are we a) mad, and b) is there consensus on our ramblings?
  11. I’ll laugh if it’s painted Trump 2020...... 😈
  12. Definitely not mate! I live in hope that Boris doesn’t flinch at the last minute!
  13. Kinda knew that would get a reaction 😁 Yes cue Professor Gluv..... Seriously though, that is very welcome news, let’s hope it translates into opportunity for us poor shooters!

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