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  1. These work well and don’t cost the earth! https://www.dragonflyordnance.com/Adjustable-zoom-ring-throw-lever-p/pcladzr.htm
  2. Thanks for the review. Not sure I can justify that much on a bipod though! Tempted to get some upgraded feet for my Harris - anyone got any experience with any Harris spiked feet?
  3. Lovely work! Shame you’re the wrong end of the country - we could do with that sort of work when we move!
  4. Watch this space regarding the moderators…! Problem is, as with anything, you need to compromise to achieve both long lasting and quality. For both of those you’ll probably have a relatively high (£5-600+) RRP. Mods, like barrels, are consumables. The quality (ie, efficacy/greatest sound attenuation) is what I’ve been working on with a couple of RFDs up in Yorkshire recently.
  5. Thanks, good to know! I’m trying to get some 69 TMKs as well; none seem available even in the US!
  6. Tried to send a PM but it says you can’t receive messages!
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