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  1. Not sure about laser etching but I did see something a while back about marking the head with a stamp/punch and hammer. Far too much effort for me though!
  2. If it helps you justify the cost to your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/cat/dog, I’d be happy to take payments in instalments over three-four months!
  3. Back up. Rifle with a 5rd magazine, Picatinny rail and replacement bottom metal bow £600.
  4. The lefty SA80A1 caused me to do a double take when I saw it!
  5. Funny to see how reluctant they are to finish the belt; don’t blame them! Wonder whether they were able to remove the broken bits from the barrel - probably welded fairly tightly!
  6. Evening all, As I doubt this will sell as a package, prices for individual pieces are below: Rifle, 10rd magazine, replacement bottom metal and Picatinny rail: £750 Rusan 30mm SSG 69 rings: £80 posted
  7. Afternoon all,I’ve got an Accushot BT12QK (Picatinny mount) rear monopod for sale. It’s in used but good condition. See here for the full spec - BT12-QK - Standard Height PRM (Precision Rail Monopod) with QK01 Quick KnobI’d like £60 posted for it please.Pics: SOLD! Also advertised elsewhere. Cheers,Dr. S
  8. Good afternoon,I’m selling a used but good condition Steyr SSG 69 P2/P1 in .308Win. It’s a P2 barrel and trigger (slightly beefier than a P1 trigger) but with a P1 stock and bolt handle. You still get the classic SSG 69 look; the only difference is a lack of iron sights!.I’ll be honest - I don’t know what the round count is. That being said, the bore is in very good condition and the rifling is strong.It’s threaded 5/8x24 and has a 25.5” barrel. There’s also a low profile Picatinny rail installed onto the receiver. The rifle has a Tango Lima Industries CNC machined aluminium bottom metal insta
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