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  1. gazzarM1

    Ruger no1 picatinny rail

    May be able to help....have a pair of Ruger bases that convert to a picatinny mount...an integral piece of rail on each
  2. gazzarM1

    Going shooting during Covid-19

    Well said....the bun fight on SD was not nice to witness...
  3. gazzarM1

    22 rifle

    Looking to buy a new rim fire primarily for target shooting in the near future....needs to have a medium varmint barrel and preferably left handed a Dbm would be nice .What suggestions would you gents offer?
  4. Would it not be somewhat foolhardy to be sceptical about a matter where, and I am pretty certain that there is some,maybe a lot of influence by a third party who doesn’t really care about what we think and whose primary concern is themselves?
  5. Playing devils advocate momentarily, it would seem that in the absence of an explanation of circumstances at this time by the FCSA people seem to have made up their minds as to what has gone on . As stated recently it would be a wise course of action to wait for the entire story to be made public before talking of ill will etc .
  6. Given that FCSA have been around for some time and have close ties with a lot of the powers that be. I wouldn’t,think for a minute that they would even consider “winging it”
  7. gazzarM1

    Dillon stockist UK?

    Terry Been reloading on a Dillon 550 for 25 years still the machines to beat ...however if you are only reloading straight walled pistol type calibres the Square deal could well prove to be the cheaper option.
  8. As above MDT 10 round polymer 308 /260/6.5 Creedmoor mag in as new condition .Fits AICS and Tikka T 3x £25 posted
  9. gazzarM1


    Amazing and a shedful of fun too
  10. What Is the difference between medium and high measurement
  11. Would much rather collate the facts of the situation and see what drops out than speculate . I have seen many threads deteriorate into a non sensical slanging match based on hearsay . Obviously keen to see a shooter friendly outcome as we have precious little by way of these type of facilities in this country .Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
  12. gazzarM1



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