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  1. gazzarM1

    Incompetent RFD

    Some folk need to go out more not necessarily shooting
  2. gazzarM1

    9mm straight pull options?

    Interested in the answers to this myself....
  3. Pretty certain Brownells do a Benelli fit picatinny rail for the M2....I had one on my M1 SBE .....thinking it was around £40
  4. gazzarM1

    DIO Close Ranges again

    Many are not as fortunate though .Personally a member of a couple of clubs that have ranges independent of the Mod but they are a hike.My closest range is 15 minutes away....but Mod and closed after today.
  5. gazzarM1

    DIO Close Ranges again

    Any excuse to bump the civvies from range...It would be a relatively easy exercise to accommodate the latest rules....a disgrace.
  6. gazzarM1

    Introduction to- Active Self Protection

    Never does anybody Any harm to be aware and maybe practice some self defence discipline.However first principles apply here ....meaning avoidance should be your initial approach.....descalation not often a viable option....example how do you tell a drunken lout to stop hitting you for no reason?Tell him to stop hitting you again? To get yourself out of a situation sometimes all that is needed is to do just enough to escape. An earlier poster stated that when it comes it comes fast and in that kind of situation you will do well to get out unscathed. We live in an age where society is getting more and more lawless daily ....to believe differently is folly.
  7. No I never had to split the action from the stock. It was supplied with screws not bolts so was just a matter of lining it up accurately drilling a pilot hole and screwing it up . Yes I have shot mine ,not only impressed with the accuracy to date,it is a 300 win mag and I have it shooting Into .5 moa .The quality is also very good too. Buy one and enjoy!
  8. PS the picatinny screw holes don’t line up with the ones in the stock
  9. Just bought one a few weeks ago and they will sell you a short piece of picatinny rail that just screws on.You can bed it if you wish and then go for an adapter for a bipod stud .Alternatively use an Atlas bipod with the QR picatinny fitting.
  10. gazzarM1

    Sabatti Evo Tactical 300wm

  11. The barrel on this rifle comes threaded....measures 15.75 mm can somebody enlighten me as to the thread? Also who makes brakes to suit? Would be looking at a satin stainless finish. I picked this rifle up last week and had my first session at Minsterley on Friday. Utilising data from a previous 300wm load I was using 210 Bergers with 68g N160 after scoping in she was banging 3 shots into sub half inch......sometimes you get lucky? Then I saw the price of them currently at £70 plus .....they put a very strong case for using 210 smk’s at just over half the price
  12. Any pics please? What kind of condition ,boxed etc?
  13. gazzarM1

    Long Range Rigs

    With the popularity of longe range and extreme long range shooting now gaining a good following I am curious to see what rigs are doing the business....personally my mile kit consists of a Barrett 338 98b topped with a Khales 624i with a MSR ret. I have just got hold of a Sabatti Evo tactical in 300wm to try my hand with. This is topped with a Steiner MX7i with the MSR2 ret. Between the two it should keep me busy in the winter months reloading. What you got gents?
  14. gazzarM1

    Send it Series 2020

    Absolutely stunning place....went a few weeks ago and bloody glad it is up North too...Helpful hint ,drop off at Penrith on the way up And about a half mile off the M6 on the left on the way into town there is a country food store/cafe called Cranston’s ...pies sausage rolls bacon and sausage barns /sandwiches and breakfasts all top notch grub at non motorway prices.

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