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  1. I agree completely with Ralpharama JM is a thoroughly genuine guy
  2. Been a devotee of Dillon for nigh on 30 years..not long bought another 550 primarily to load for my PCC’s no real complaints but can knock out 350 rounds an hour with ease also have a RCBS single station for bigger stuff.For my needs motorisation would not be necessary…however can imagine it would be fun on a 1050
  3. Couple of good vids on topic…Ryan Cleckner ex US Ranger sniper instructor does a good job of getting it across
  4. Having a sort out and have the above for sale in the following calibres 7.62 x 39,25-06,243 win….all in excellent condition and all £12 each posted to your door. Also 6.5 x 55
  5. gazzarM1

    Pistol Porn

    Dave will surely pay you a visit or two lol and appreciate the info on the wellness centre…however will be in a wheel chair for 6 weeks …no flying for that period.
  6. gazzarM1

    Pistol Porn

    Dillons were my friends
  7. gazzarM1

    Pistol Porn

    Would give up 90% of my long guns to be at it again with pistols 300 + rounds per week for 20+ years …. Mammoth part of my shooting life
  8. gazzarM1

    Pistol Porn

    Have every intention of going. Just need to get back mobile after imminent surgery..
  9. gazzarM1

    Pistol Porn

    Insanely jealous ….thank you HM government
  10. This 3-12x44 scope is brand new and unused it is a replacement scope from Edgar brothers with box and appropriate paper work. 30 mm tube diameter FFP £450 for quick sale
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