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  1. I’ll take these please Tony
  2. TC

    General Reflextion

    That sums up the whole sorry story. Boris is clearly an arsehole, we all understand and recognise it, he’s just less of an arsehole than the other arseholes .... Onwards!
  3. TC

    rws 308 brass

    I’ve got a few hundred once fired, cover the post and you can have them. PM me your details 👍
  4. I’d be interested in the Boonie Packer and M&P mags if you are splitting. Tony
  5. He competes with 6mm Creed now or at least did last season. From memory using 105’s .Having seen him shoot he could beat me with a .22lr ..... I think the Swedemore stuff was a while ago. I did chat with him about 6.5’s and he had been playing with .260 seated long to get the boat tail above the shoulder to get capacity and remove any concern on donuts. Sound familiar ? Tony
  6. Good used condition. RRS no longer ship these internationally. £65 posted. https://www.reallyrightstuff.com/BSRS-A1-Desert-Tech-Forearm-Mount
  7. Worth taking a look here. A bullet chucked in the drill and some autosol sorted it for me . https://sierrabulletsblog.com/2016/04/20/seating-concerns-with-sierra-tipped-matchking-tmk-bullets/amp/
  8. TC

    308 sub sonic

    Can you share your load details please? Powder weight, brass spec and primer. cheers
  9. From memory the difference front to back on a typical 20moa rail is less than 2mm? Don't sweat it 😏 If you have time on your hands and want to convince yourself have a play with your calculator plus/minus 2mm and you will see the difference in output is miniscule especially as you are likely dialling in 0.1 Mil or 0.25 MOA increments.
  10. TC

    Parker Hale 1200tx

    If you haven’t already, give Norman Clark Gunsmiths a call, they purchased all of the Parker Hale spares inventory. Tony

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