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  1. Zeiss Divari 6-24x56 in great condition lenses perfect, all box and original papers tuurets show some tiny sera marks from general use asv windage/elevation 0.5cm clicks illuminated 40 reticle £1200 posted
  2. Kesteral 5700 elite ballistics. In a sportsman body as new condition, has the latest software update (payed upgrade) c/W carry case all paperwork and vein and cradle with Link. and has the dongle. £510 posted RMSD Now SOld
  3. Yeah they missed the point a bit with the v8, tactical versions of the V6 have been well thought about and the turrets and clicks on the tactical version are great. Only available in 1/4 MOA clicks, The 3-18x50 has masses of elevation over a 100 MOA I think and the bigger 5-30x50 has over 60 MOA both have the same glass as the V8 on a 30mm tube. Very overlooked scopes
  4. For full specs please see attached https://www.suppliesforfarmers.co.uk/kestrel-4500-pocket-weather-tracker-with-direction-p-12161.html
  5. I have up graded my kesteral so my old one is now surplus. it does not have the ballistics features, but it has aided me well over the past few years when using with a ballistic app on a phone. has a backlight and tells you everything you will need to know for inputting data, avg wind speed etc, direction, comes with the mini tripod and the vane kit, I managed to lose the original black vane plastic piece which has been replaced with a plastic straw, which can be seen in the photos, and it works just the same, comes in kesteral protective case. £150 po
  6. Richie have you tried speaking to tier one? Customer service is really good might be worth an ask. Be surprised if they can do something for you
  7. The clear out continues and I have a stoney creek jacket in real tree max5. Size is a medium but would say it’s more a large. 23” approximately from pit to pit. Like new 100% waterproof. £125 posted
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