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  1. I have a Leupold MK4 for sale, in superb condition M1 turrets 1/4 moa with mildot reticle, 30 mil tube, box and papers no marks on this will upload pics later, Also comes with Alumina flip up covers objective and on the eye piece I’m on the look out fir Swarovski Z6 if someone’s interested in a swap with money from me. I’m after £600 with RMSD
  2. Leupold vx3 4.5-14x50, varmint gunters reticle excellent condition with box and papers, 30mm tube comes with Leupold branded butler creeks £350 including RMSD
  3. This is my Bushnell Elite 6500, 2.5-16x50 side focus, this is superb with the add on Archer as it focuses down to 10 yards. And it’s a good scope full stop 30mm tube, plex reticle no box I’m afraid but in very good condition, one tiny mark to the bell housing, smallest of marks but it’s there. £350 including RMSD
  4. 150 once fired RP Brass £50 including postage
  5. Staffordshire Synthetic stock for sale for factory sporter Tikka 595, pretty sure this will fit a 590 also, Plenty of stock there if someone wanted to put a varmint barrel in this with some sanding in the barrel channel Basically the same as a Macmillian HTGAdjustable cheek piece on a thumb wheel, in a Camo gel coat finish fully pillar bedded, This is every bit as good as a Macmillian and the stippling is far better than the traditional checkering, on the Macmillian stocks cost in excess of £800 with the bedding and cheek piece etc. I’m after £425 posted will upload some pics later
  6. Redding FL die set with bushing type s sizing die with 2x steel bushings and one competition seater with micrometer adjuster, sized a handful of cases also have 150 once fired Winchester brass I’ll throw in £110 posted
  7. Tuck

    Courier for shipping rifle stock

    Pretty sure Parcelforce will ship firearms, not that it is. Take to the post office make sure you get the extra insurance of the value I had one go missing with them once. Turned about 2 weeks later
  8. Tuck

    1/2” unf Mod

    Still looking
  9. Tuck

    1/2” unf Mod

    Yeah that’s the one I had previous on my fireball, the other I’m interested in is the dpt with the 20cal baffles
  10. Tuck

    1/2” unf Mod

    Thanks Woodlander not a fan of the SL5 so no thanks rob
  11. Tuck

    1/2” unf Mod

    That’s the one Steve but just a bit worried the 17 Remington will be a bit to much for it?
  12. Tuck

    1/2” unf Mod

    Looking at Richard uttings video on you tube, he says upto a fireball?

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