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  1. Much appreciated and very kind of you but you're a fair ol distance from me , that said a very nice part of our isle 👍
  2. I'm looking for a good, solid picatinny rail for a MTR stock. I have a Caldwell but it's not the best as I'm not too sure if it's because the underside of the MTR stock is flat as opposed to curved?? Either way, has anyone got any advice or opinions on what could be a better fit?
  3. Hi there, yes it was the 100, and I was using SK Match. I thought I'd switch to the RWS as they are a little more consistent but I found that they were not much better so I swapped back to the SK. I'm really impressed with the SK and allegedly they are made using Lapua machinery once Lapua think that the high tolerances that they demand start dropping off slightly, how true this is I'm not sure , either way for what it costs for a thousand I'm more than happy.
  4. it is a nice bit of kit, and was the price £600? What was the wait time?
  5. Cheers Ewen, if its the same as the above photo then I must say it's a cracking looking piece of kit. I take it, it's fully adjustable? Any chance you can upload some photos of your rig? Cheers
  6. How much did you pay for the chassis? Pm me if you don't want to say on here.
  7. I bet its a small fortune too.. No disrespect to Mik as he does quality gear but it'll be more than I'm wanting to spend, coincidentally I did look at his rigs before I posted this thread but didn't dare send him a message enquiring 😁
  8. I can't believe it's been over a year since I last posted on this thread. It's been eye opening to say the least, some excellent shooting and great photos of some excellent groups. I was at the range for the first time in 14 months earlier this week and shot my 457 MTR at the 100 using SK Match mainly and then switching to RWS Special Match. I just took delivery of a S3 6-24x50 FFP as they were half price at OW so had to zero that first before getting to grips with the rifle again after such a long lay off. Not too bad a day weather wise, no flags up so just aim, point squir
  9. Thanks I hope so too. Regarding length of pull, I think the LRP stock is a bit longer than my current MTR which will be a welcome addition as currently when I'm shooting off the bench the gun/scope combo is that bit too close and that's with scope mounted as far forward as I can get it safely.
  10. Looks well that, I've ordered the 457 LRP stock from sportsman, fingers crossed the wait won't be too long?
  11. Does anyone use one of these? If so do you know if there is a quick release fitting available for the bipod as I've only just started to use mine after it been sitting idle for over a year and when mounting and unmounting it's a pfaff in itself. I was hoping that there maybe a fitting available that allows just the legs to be released and leaving the rest in situe?
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