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  1. Excellent condition, 8-32x56 Sr Pro reticle, parallaxes down to 10 yards. Comes with manual, lens cloth (unused), Allen keys but no box.Any questions send me a PM.£200 plus postage which will be around £8.
  2. Up for grabs as I'm upgrading rests. Comes with unused filled bean bag and mounting plate.£160. I can meet around the Warwick area.Any questions send me a PM.Thanks.
  3. Trigger73


    Just a thought regarding sales threads, other shooting forums that I have been on for a good while started to ask for a photo of the item with your username to try to stop any possible scammers, one even asks for a date along with the username as a few people had been caught out. As I was so used to that system for a number of years, I found it odd when joining UKV and SD. Some sales posts don't even have photos of the item!! I know it may be a pain in the arse for some folk but it could be one way of getting rid of any potential A holes??
  4. Trigger73


    Can't bloody believe it , these tards are also on a target shooting forum I'm a member of. I've had a message from a Michael112 claiming that a Lawrence in London has both of the scopes I'm looking for . The arsehole must not have much between the ears as when you look at his profile he only joined around the same time as my wanted ad went up.
  5. Trigger73


    If you don't opt for the 3.5% + 20p, you can get help from your bank that's associated with the PayPal account. I had a similar issue with no reply from the seller, phoned PayPal, they said that they couldn't help due to me not opting for the protection, however, they advised to contact my bank. I did this and the bank were very good, they asked for any proof of communications I had with the seller and any other relative info. Luckily before I sent it off, the seller responded and the item arrived a couple of days later. I'm guessing all the stress could have been avoided had I either took out the protection or the seller responded sooner than they did. Coincidentally I know that PayPal no longer cover payments associated with firearms or air rifles regardless if you have paid for protection or not.
  6. Not too sure if he does or not?, I know that he's currently in Hungary, not too sure how long he's going to be in the UK for as he's moving over there full time. Regarding Wedgenock, it is a great venue for me. I moved counties not long ago so to get over to my perms isn't as easy as once was, so to have Wedgenock literally a 3 minute drive away is fantastic, just a shame I can't shoot my larger calibres there. ps...I was warned about Pete in a friendly way as he can be a bit dry with his manner, when I first met I knew why some people could take him the wrong way, I liked him😄
  7. Yes 👍👍👍
  8. Trigger73


    I got my email on Wednesday @ 12.04pm.
  9. Trigger73

    Outdoor sports update covid 19

    My club is reopen on the 23rd May, can't wait..
  10. Trigger73


    I got this from Jasonxx....🙄 Silly c**ts think that people would fall for this shite.
  11. Just had an email to say that my local range is open from the 23rd May! Cabin fever will be beaten 👍👍👍😁😁😁😁
  12. My pleasure, and yes, the Walther looked a brute. I don't usually watch prime, but the good lady has a subscription so I had a look through to see what I could find, that came up so I thought I'd share 👍
  13. If this happens with me, I take a screenshot of the original photo, this reduces the size of the image and easily uploads 👍
  14. If you have Prime, search for a programme titled "Exploring Sniper Rifles", excellent look at sniper rifles through the ages.

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