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  1. MOA version In excellent unmarked, as new condition, comes with box sunshade etc, only selling as needing a higher mag scope for my benchrest rig.£750 no offers.Located in Warwickshire but happy to post securely at your expense or meet within a reasonable distance.
  2. I have the above scope, as new condition , boxed. Wanting to trade for a high mag scope for one of my bench rest rigs, NO Sightron S3 8-32 as already have one. I'm located in Warwickshire, photos on request. Thanks.
  3. I have the MTR it's OK but I've swapped the stock for a MDT XRS, much better now.
  4. I have the same rifle, I opted for a one off benchrest stock for it. Which stock does it have?
  5. The X50 is the only Falcon scope that is made in Japan, all the others are made in China. I've had the M18s, M25s, T50 and the X50, all great scopes but the X50 really is a wolf in sheeps clothing.
  6. Falcon X50.. £700 for basically a rebadged, brand new, Japanese made sightron S3, 10-50x60 and faultless clarity at full mag, excellent dialling etc, bit big but for target and bench shooting pure quality.
  7. I had a bit of a saga with Sportsman Gun Centre as I ordered a LRP stock for my 457 MTR, after 3 months of waiting I phoned them back to find out they sold it to someone else 😡 rather than waiting for another I opted for a MDT XRS, I'm glad I did, don't get me wrong the LRP is a great looking stock but I'm glad I've gone down the chassis route and there was only a £80 difference price wise.
  8. What year is the 80, looking at the stock it looks to be a mk1?
  9. I bit the bullet and ended up going with the Elite Essentials bag... 👍
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