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  1. MarinePMI

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    With respect, your examples are flawed. Anything hit with an FMJ, is likely going to need another FMJ to put it down. They just don't expand for crap. Sometimes they're dead and just don't know it yet... As for the VMax, the opposite happens with the same result; another round is needed. Varmint bullets like the VMax are designed for violent expansion, causing "bullet splashing" where the round comes apart before it can penetrate enough to do the deed. We see it all the time on coyotes and wolves here in the States A properly expanding bullet AND a penetrating shot to the vitals or CNS, is what reliably puts an animal down. One or the other is (largely) a false argument.
  2. The RRS kit is top notch. Their stuff is at the top of the heap, when it comes to fit, finish and quality. I can't recommend them enough.
  3. MarinePMI

    Sound Moderation

    I think it always boils down to the same basic criteria (albeit a different vernacular); Size, Weight and Power. With Mods I'd say efficiency would supplant "power" in that standard metric. But, that being said, I'd also consider materials (durability) as well as maintenance (how easy is it to clean and maintain). JMTCW...
  4. MarinePMI

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    Yes, I agree to a large extent. Here in the States, they are mostly baited (hog pipes), or shot as they move into pastures at night. As to the helo boar vids, I'd imagine a few get up and walk away, but not many. We have too many predators for them to last long, regardless. Honestly, I think the difference is in perspective. In UK/Europe they are a source of game/meat. And as such, are afforded the status that comes with all game; respect and fair chase. In many parts of the US however, they are a pest/vermin (and a destructive one at that), and so are treated the same as rodents, coyotes and foxes. Something to be thinned out, as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  5. MarinePMI

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    I hear what you are saying, and agree there are better options for pig/boar. But saying a 400lb boar has to be shot with a certain sized caliber because it is law is...flawwed. I lived in the UK, and can say fairly confidently that a most of the game there is (legally mandated to be) over gunned. Shot placement and a good bullet is, and has always, been key. Not some subjectively approved ft/lbs of energy chart...but I digress and am not trying to start an argument; merely a perspective. And yes, the feral pigs/boars are increasing in size here as they spread further north...
  6. MarinePMI

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    I have to chuckle. I've shot boar with .223 (light AP rounds), an put them down easily...
  7. Here in the US, most hunters go up 1-2 shot sizes (2 for steel, and at least 1 for heavy shot or similar). So ducks get #2's, and pheasant, dove and quail get #6's. Rabbits get #4's. Last time I hunted water fowl, I used Blackcloud and it was extremely effective (a mix of heavy shot and steel pellets). It's been a few years, so it may have changed some... YMMV...
  8. MarinePMI

    .223 brass

    If you can source it there, the NammoTech 5.56 brass is an easy way to get Lapua quality brass, on the cheap. Made in the same factory, same drilled flash hole and same consistency. Here in the US, 1000 pieces can be had for $169 or so, which is a damned sight cheaper than blue boxed Lapua. The distributor here orders it by the shipping container load, and has no issues selling it all in short order (nudge to my UK brethren in the trade). Just an FYI...
  9. MarinePMI

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    To be clear, I don't think it is the action that is different, it is the stock. Can you get a CTR stock? Or have your stock inlet for the slightly larger, deeper bottom metal? If you were in the states, I'd just send you a stock, as I have two hanging on the wall in the garage/workshop. FYI: The 5rd AI mags are perfect for hunting, as they sit near flush to most mag wells/bottom metal.
  10. MarinePMI

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    Did you ever source some CTR bottom metal?
  11. MarinePMI

    Bullet choice for PRS

    Might consider a 6x47Lapua. A lotta guys think it's the perfect marriage of caliber and case for the 6mm.
  12. MarinePMI

    Bullet choice for PRS

    I'd recommend the 260 for PRS. The recoil is manageable for the less stable positions, to see your bullet splash, and the bullets are cheaper than .30 caliber. IDK about the UK PRS, but in the US, you can easily expend well over a 1000 rounds a year, so lower cost in bullets, powder, etc adds up. I'd also be opting for 130-140 gr bullets as a decent compromise between BC and weight/velocity to be in the sweet spot for typical PRS engagement ranges (400-600yds), with the legs to reach out to those longer engagement stages (800-1200 yds) when needed. There's a reason 6.5mm and 6mm cartridges dominate PRS....
  13. MarinePMI

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    The footprint is exactly the same. That being said, the mag latch is part of the stock/ chassis. The CTR in 223 isn't available (yet) in the US, so am unsure if the CTR mag in 223 has the same location as the 308 CTR Mag. I would think they would be the same, purely from a manufacturing perspective. Is the bifrost stock intended for CTR mags, or AICS mags? To me that would be where I'd start first. BTW; I have two CTR's currently in my possession as well as a 223 Varmint. When using AICS pattern mags (all my chassis on all my Tikkas are set up for AICS mags), the stocks/chassis are completely interchangeable.
  14. Don't forget the "L" sized drill bit.
  15. Interesting. A 55gr Nosler BT is supersonic for me out to 700. And that's with a much crappier BC than .272...

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