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  1. Our 9mm Sig mpx started life off as a 16” barrelled PCC ‘ IPSC gamer gun’ ( 16” barrel and 14” hand guard are at the top of the picture). One of the great features of the Sig system is its modularity. It took less than a minute to replace the barrel and hand guard with a 6.5” barrel and 8” hand guard. It may seem odd that the barrel is shorter than the hand guard but the explanation is in the picture in the form of a 9mm GIS suppressor. We are also keen to try an A-Tec 9mm SMG suppressor if we can sort the 13.5x1 LH thread of the Sig barrel out with an adapter.
  2. PCC ( Pistol Calibre Carbine) is a growing part of IPSC. As a training facility we have a number of carbines, HK mp5, uzi’s, Stribog, ar 15/9mm. They are traditional blowback designs (HK roller locking) although excellent for shooting steel offer little advantage against an AR 15 in 223 in terms of recoil reduction. However top of the food chain is the Sig mpx pcc it offers something even JP rifles cannot- a gas system delay. Result is one sight picture at 50m for fast double taps. Downside is cost, about £2k for the bare rifle and it’s going to be over £3k with an Eotech, ar15 stock, divinci
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