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  1. I’m using RS 76 with 285 Eldm’s in an AXMC but with Krieger custom 20” barrel. Load is 92.0 grain RS 76 with CCI magnum primers, 95.5mm COAL. Lapua Brass: H2O capacity 100 grains. Caution with the Eldm’s, my Krieger barrel loves them but a friend’s AXMC when he had a U.K. factory barrel on it was shooting gatherings rather than groups. A Bartlein AI USA barrel fixed that. His 27” U.K. AI barrel and my 25” U.K. AI barrel ( Jordan contract- yes they did make a 25” barrel for a specific Jordan contract) both shoot Lapua 250 and 300 grain pills just fine so I. suspect a difference in throating reamers.
  2. Besides the Timney in the MPX I have just got a Hyperfire PDI in a Davinci DG9 9mm which is excellent in that system- 9mm blowback breaks triggers and the hammer weight is heavier than other triggers which is a big plus with a 9mm blowback also as it helps keep the bolt closed a fraction longer ( as well as helping with heavy primers). It has a 2lb break but is still a 1/2lb more than the Trigger Tech……I would like to go lower weight if I could. The Trigger Tech Diamond (2 stage) would be a disaster in the 9mm pcc with a slow and light reset but both the Trigger Tech and Hyperfire ( which has a fast and positive reset if not as short as the Timney) would work in the JP.
  3. I have a S&B 5-45x56 PM2 on my AXMC 338. It does for the distances I shoot mainly 1km. If I needed more elevation I would look at an Ivey adjustable mount or other options. I don’t need the elevation though. I have a 7-35 NF ATACR on another rifle which has more elevation but I prefer the S&B on the AI just for the aesthetic. If I was doing it again I would also look at a ZCO 8-40x56. I arranged a couple of ZCO optics for some English friends. They seem very happy with them preferring them to their S&B PM2 scopes.
  4. If you do it I would Vapor blast (aka wet blasting) as it leaves a higher quality surface than sand or bead blasting. I have only had DLC (which is hard) Vapor blasted from stainless surfaces.
  5. I can only really speak about the bigger Dillons and to a point Mk7s. I have a Dillon 1050 Super. There are 3 presses in this series - RL 1050 ( no longer made), 1050 Super, RL 1100. Basically it comes down to case size. The RL 1050 will load pistol caliber and 223 size rifle. This is due to the cam design. The RL 1100 lets you load up to 308w length rounds - using a needle bearing cam as per the RL 1050. The RL 1050 Super lets you load up to 30-06 length rounds but replaces the cam with a C linkage to do this. So a good place to start is with the maximum round length you want to reload. If only loading 9mm with no intent of anything else the original RL 1050 would be my first pick as it has less ram and handle travel. Powder drop accuracy, using RS12 (3.7grains) for 9mm I am getting +/- 1 tenth grain repeatability. The powder type helps a lot - I would not expect this with larger stick powders. To make the system worthwhile ( efficient) over other presses you really need at some point the Double Alpha Mr. Bullet feeder and Dillon auto primer filler. This adds about £1k to the cost. I have these but have not auto driven the press. Once set up I have no desire to change calibres. For precision rifle low volume reloading I use a couple of Forster Co-Ax presses. It’s a different type of reloading starting with annealing and neck trimming etc. If you really want to go down a more precision route with a progressive press Dillon offer a CP 2000 ( case prep centre). I think there are better ways for my purposes but then again I’m not reloading rifle volumes for something like CSR where a progressive may work well. Dillon vs Mk7, I have a friend with two Mk7 presses and a Dillon 1100. The Mk7 looks a lot nicer made and offer 10 stations but they both have had primer feed problems, in the end he went with an off-press automatic primer system.
  6. Personally I use a Gitzo Traveler and medium Gitzo ball head. It fits into my rucksack. If size and weight is not a concern Craig (CTP) went with this. You can find his detailed review on our fb site Link to the tripod: https://www.amazon.co.uk/stores/INNORELTechnologiesCoLtd/INNORELTechnologiesCoLtd/page/81CBDA13-CF4F-495C-A501-5DA085E913E0?channel=Store I also was in fotoskoda in Prague the other week and saw this: a gimbal head is worth considering as it puts the CofG over the pivot point. It’s over £1k though.
  7. Ok , in fairness to ruger 7717 I’ve removed all non relevant post before this deteriorated into a hot mess. Ruger is being no a gentleman and not gouging. Let’s give him some respect. Laurie what you said it excellent information as usual. It’s only removed as it’s a for sales post. I’ve copied your post into the hand loading section to start a new topic.
  8. ds1

    RS52 shortage

    Thank you for the detailed reply Laurie. Years ago having half a dozen powders on the shelf was ok and I probably used more calibers back then and was more willing to experiment. I also hate getting stuck with half a lb of powder on the shelf that never gets used when I’ve given up testing it These days I tend to buy in 10kg tubs and having just 2 or 3 powders is more economical.
  9. ds1

    RS52 shortage

    Interesting observation, I’ve just ordered 10kg of N140 as it does very nicely in 308, 6BR and 224V. Looks like Rs52 and N140 are both very versatile powders within small / medium capacity cases. I am surprised at the versatility really. I cannot speak for Rs52 ( no experience and in no way suggest equivalence) but powders that can go from 20g to +40g and give excellent performance seem to be the ‘thinking blokes choice’.
  10. To the OP, You can add elevation into the mix, lower magnification scopes tend to offer more available elevation, there are however work a rounds such as Ivey adjustable mounts or Charlie Tarac prism systems. Scopes with more magnification tend to be longer and heavier but not always such as Nightforce Competition series. There is a trend to push the magnification multiplier- eg, March 10x (5-50) and S&B 9x (5-45). But not inexpensive. Personally I feel my S&B 5-45 scopes are better than my previous S&B 5-25 scopes in terms of optical quality- no lens baffle cutting FOV for a start which makes the S&B 5-25 effectively a 7 or 8 to 25. In the end it’s a trade off, weight, elevation, price, usable magnification for application- prs shooters tend not to use over 25x where spotting misses is crucial.
  11. Slightly off topic but just picked up a Longshot / Target Vision system. This is the one mile version. If it does what it says on the can - multiple shooters, different colours for each shooter, shot sequence and group size I will be a happy camper.
  12. I went with a TriggerTech Diamond - flat trigger shoe. Thoughts: Easy install and easy to set to minimum weight. First stage is very light and short (no weight) up to a clean and defined wall. Break is clean and repeatable. The trigger based on 1 range session is very repeatable in terms of break and reset. Dislikes - weight, 1.5 lbs is too heavy for me in terms of a match trigger, however this is I think is an AR system limitation. I have not found a significantly lighter trigger thus far. Reset - it’s fine for a precision rifle but I can easily outrun the reset - trigger pressure to the reset is very light ( result of a light trigger). I shoot a lot of PCC in 9mm with a heavier single stage Timney trigger - no where near as light but it defines what a short positive reset should be. All in all 👍
  13. Lee, I’m getting very good and consistent results with 22 cal 90 grain ATips in 224 Valkyrie with a 1:7 twist at around 800m/s. Obviously 22PRC is going to give much more capacity and velocity but maybe still worth considering 90+ grain 22s with a 1:7 twist (I haven’t blown any 88grain or 90 grain Amax / ATips yet).
  14. as per tittle, by best I mean lightest with cleanest break. Single or double stage I can live with both. Basically I have it down to the Timney Calvin Elite or TriggerTech Diamond……..anyone experience of both please? Purpose is for a long range precision build in an AR15 platform. Current trigger is a JP industries which is not bad at all but I want better.
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