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  1. ds1

    224 Valkyrie

    Let’s just call it “fugly”
  2. Catch, I would certainly say that you are not the only person who doesn’t feel much love for the AW thumb hole stocks. Personally I‘ve never had a problem with mine - but then I have little girly hands. I did find it more comfortable to change the AXMC grip over to to one of Alan’s ( GTac) adapters to use AR 15 grips though. The AW I keep as it was the first rifle that I lusted after when they were the latest thing on the block many years ago. Nowadays they look bare bones basic which has a strong appeal to me - not refined cnc but welded box section chassis with no thills or stupid
  3. ds1

    224 Valkyrie

    Dave, Which mags would you recommend please? Barrel 1:7” twist 22” long. Group was only at 50m ( just barrel break in) but we shot about 4 or 5 groups which were all similar ( impressive really- shot 1, clean it, 2 shots clean it and they all went in the same hole). Looking forward to stretching it out to 800m next month. I had to eat my words a bit because the barrel has a cooler / barrel fins - JP call it a thermal dissipator. I call it a chocolate fire guard and would have binned it from the start but doesn’t seem to have done any harm. https://jprifles.com/1.4.5_hs
  4. ds1

    224 Valkyrie

    6.5 mags - Alexander Arms ( didn’t work) 6.8 - RRA I think
  5. ds1

    224 Valkyrie

    Break in day today for a mates JP 224 Valkyrie. Top tier kit, JP AR 15 (semi auto)..... they are the best AR 15s period, Nightforce 7-35 ATACR, Spuhr cantilever mount. Still waiting for the Cyke bipod but the Harris does well. Even for about £10k is not a perfect set up, the 6.8 SPC mags worked fine but the 6.5 Grendel mags made it like shooting a U.K. single shot - constant failures to pick rounds up from the mags. Today was just about barrel break in. One thing was really impressive- the eliminator break, hardly any recoil with the system at all. Also I liked t
  6. It was a required part of the planning process for my range ( Czech). It’s a good feeling to have that paper in your pocket. The other foreseeable issue really comes from land bio designation- area of special scientific interest or protected species habitat ( flora and fauna). If there is nothing like that it makes life much easier.
  7. I still don’t get the 45 degrees key slots. Stuff comes loose when you don’t want it to and gravity lends a hand, stuff falls off. Would not have been an Eisenstein moment to reverse the key slots - release hole at the top so loose stuff doesn’t fall off when it becomes loose. Perhaps I am missing something as AI usually don’t do daft stuff.
  8. Decent range review video of it by x-ring.
  9. ds1


    Interesting video on powder humidity vs velocity. Made a lot of sense.
  10. Ive had / have multiple pm2’s and a K624i. Excellent scopes - choose the feature set you like best - or best deal and be happy. Both as good as each other.
  11. M16/M4/ Ar15 (9mm). Example Czech V-AR. Early 1980s saw Colt (now CZ owned) step into the 9mm game, initially with a castrated (no gas system) m 16 / m4 Frankengun, first models used an Uzi like grip safety, fired from an open bolt and Uzi mag. They soon changed to a closed direct blowback bolt system. It’s been a process of little refinement since - the last ten years has however seen a big push from the civilian AR 15 gamer USPSA / IPSC market, match 16” barrels, match triggers, hydraulic and magnetic buffers but only over the last few years have different operating systems
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