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  1. You should see the sailing version - about £80k for fat blokes on boats. Point is the tech is there now so it’s going to get cheaper and better. Honestly I think I would have bought one had it given wind readings out to 1km……..price is in the same ball-park (cheaper by about £700) than ‘normal’ Vectronix 25c lasers. Given the ‘gaming’ in sports like PRS etc anything that reads the wind for you down range at multiple points is going to give an advantage and will be afforded by the ‘sportsmen’ one way or another.
  2. To the OP, StrelokPro supports the Weatherflow in the app. For a cheap option it’s a no brainier to me. Richard Uttings take on it: https://youtu.be/k9HnZPRsqr0 Kestrel is excellent but I am not sure how much longer the tech is going to be relevant, so I would not personally invest in the Elite models especially with the likes of Trijicon Ventus already here. https://youtu.be/0dgdZSDg_YA
  3. Buckshot, another way of doing it is to use an optical collimator. I have a USO one which I think is good. It just really gives you a grid square…….. an argument could then be made how precise is the grid square in the collimator.
  4. An easy way to check in a shop etc if the reticle is centred - if it is ffp and the reticle side bars extend to the edge of the tube) is to see if the side bars or whatever other suubtensions there are on the horizontal of the reticle appear / disappear at the same time if you zoom in and out, or if a particular marking is the same distance in from the tube on either side of the reticle. I’ve noticed slight differences many times. Tried to keep my head centred behind the scope. There are differences in how well reticle are centred. In ffp scopes I don’t think it makes any practical perfo
  5. Two of the top end 9mm PCC ( pistol caliber carbines) are Sig MPX and Davinci. In fairness the JP gmr15 also belong in that mix. Base price is about £2k for the Sig and £2.7k for the Davinci, plus stock upgrades and red dots etc. They are basically IPSC and Steel Challenge game guns. We can have semi-auto anything in Czech but the U.K. I guess you are looking at a Marlin under lever or 22lr. Sig MPX: Davinci 9mm PCC sounds a good idea - cheap ammunition and steel target friendly however most 9mm carbines are still direct blowback and hamstrung by heavy bolts ( cmmg
  6. Helps to buy in bulk. Powder multiple 20kg pots, bullets 30+k lots and primers - as many as you can. Purchase is from the factory or distributor. Money is not the issue with these people (usually successful business owners). The issue is time, with a commitment to train 4 or 5 times a week, but the same can be said of going to the gym to train, it’s a commitment.
  7. Pops, A Dillon 1050 was not good enough so he bought a pair of Mark 7 Evolution presses - one dedicated to 9mm minor and PCC and the other for 9mm Major. It’s still very expensive. The only thing that has stopped him or me from getting through obscene amounts of 9mm in PCC with Sig mpx carbines is replacing hammer and recoil springs every 15k rounds, which nobody has in stock except in the US. The Sig mpx is a real addiction for me though. Not sure how much top shooters get sponsored but I don’t think that much. Certainly my mate shooting 50k gets nothing. Equipment cost is frighteni
  8. TSG, I had a group of 3 females and one male last week ( slicing the pie and attacking the crack) and a security company, agreed females are very good at following step by step building blocks for basic skill drills and manipulation (biggest issues are usually with pistols not carbines). This tends to hold true over different ‘bandwidths’. I don’t (cannot) instruct state police but I do instruct what you would call county / sheriffs police which are in general lower bandwidth and security companies and sport shooters which I think are higher bandwidth in general. Once you are past the bas
  9. Matt, it would be an up hill battle to arm the U.K. police. Management would see any Bobby with a firearm as a potential career threat. God forbid a ‘bad shooting’ with a woke media. Many police officers would see it also as career threatening- physical test, psychological test, re-fresh and qualification courses. H&S would require more advanced first aid , ballistic not just stab vest. Probably not so appealing and stressful to many officers. I also think percentage hit rates would be going down not up by a considerable margin - at least now you select the best candidates to become Firear
  10. This was today in Greenwich. I don’t know what the answer is to that other than several bullets if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not that you can in the U.K. but what a depressing society, full respect to anyone having to deal with nut jobs like that.
  11. Platforms: U.K. no one universal system but most popular : shorts: Glock g17, (g19 for vip) fly in the ointment is that it is the only pistol specified with a minimum trigger weight ( I think 12 lbs- it’s the US ‘lawyer proof’ weight anyway). You have now ham strung it. Other similar striker fired options S&W m&p 2.0. Cz p10F etc no such restrictions. Longs: police are HK fanboys- 9mm mp5 ( absolutely dated but the roller locking makes it easy and accurate to shoot) 223 - HK G36c, HK 416. PDW 6mm HK MP7. MP7 is quite CT specialised- negligible recoil, 6mm projo’s that defea
  12. Chris, I think the two position safety is AR style and 3 position on the bolt ( traditional AI). I don’t want to be an early adopter of a non-bonded action ( can argue until the cows come home about the perceived advantages / disadvantages of that) but bedding and glue-ins have been the way forward for benchrest. If you don’t want M-Lock, you may be better served with an Arca alloy forend ( ones here are made from 7075 alloy - fit AX also) and AR 15 grip module on an AXMC for less cash. I did this but then again I already had an AXMC.
  13. Pat, the S&B pm2 FFP 5-45x56 with LRR reticle is going to give you the closet to what you describe for a varminting scope ( illumination, turret adjustments etc) the LRR is very usable for a fine subtending reticle ( 0.16cm / 100m centre dot) and has daylight visible illumination settings. OP, sorry for off-topic reply.
  14. For anyone experimenting with brake designs I am really liking the JP Eliminator design. It’s only on a JP Ar15 224 Valkyrie but recoil is negligible.
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