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  1. ds1

    King of 2 Miles

    There’s ‘longshot’ competition in Poland. Max distance seems to be1500m though. Not shot it but a link below. The classes for modern and historic seems interesting. https://www.longshot.pl/1en/rules.html
  2. ds1

    Zero Compromise Optics

    Got to play a bit with the 527 ZCO today. Initial impressions are on par with a S&B pm2. Very nice tactile turrets, clicks, more modern for want of a better description than the S&B. I much prefer the LRR reticle on the S&B though. I should get a side by side out to 800m at the end of May. Price is S&B territory at €3740 for the 527.
  3. Well when I was younger I put my money where my mouth was and moved to CZ - best thing I ever did. A large part of that was due to U.K. restrictions on firearms. The worst thing that I did not do was moving to the USA when I had the opportunity (before moving to CZ). Point is find a place in the world where you are happy as you will never change the system in your lifetime. I got it a bit wrong with CZ as I did not foresee it becoming part of the EU at the time. At least in the USA it is so diverse that you can find a place that is more likely to meet your lifestyle / values / beliefs and freedoms so that you do not feel that you are forced to comply with draconian values that you do not believe in.
  4. ds1

    King of 2 Miles

    My 2p, I had an AW 50 bmg and have an AXMC 338. The 50bmg was a complete PIA, too heavy to cart around, ammunition too heavy and a pain to reload - dedicated reloading kit. Expensive to feed unless you use crappy mil surplus to which there is no point. The must have related kit for ELR is also very expensive- Vectronix laser, top grade spotting scope and tripod. Ivy mounts....the list goes on. OTOH the 338 can be used very nicely out to 1500m and you can carry it, shoot it as any other normal rifle including ( kneeling, standing, sitting). It is suitable for everything from tactical to LR / ELR with readily available quality reloading components from Berger and Lapua It is just much more versatile and much easier to live with.
  5. ds1

    Best Precision Production Rifle

    Best production - Accuracy International- choose your flavour to suit your wallet. Best value for money - Tikka Tac Best ( for me ) Gucci - Kelbly NYX Hint - I have an Accuracy International AW and AXMC. If I was buying new now I would buy a Kelbly NYX in 6.5 creed or 6.5x47. link added:
  6. seaMonkey, thanks for the info. The TruFlite ballistic app is a big plus for the F6. After the lockdown is over I will be having a look at the f6 solar - see if my eyes can see the screen or not.
  7. I am thinking of a new watch. I want ABC and GPS but without all the fitness and social media crap. Solar charging is a must. The Casio GPR -B 1000 would seem perfect but does not have maps - just basic gps point to point tracking and track back so is somewhat dependent on the mobile app to upload routes or input cords. Does anyone have a Casio GPR-B 1000 that they can share their thoughts on please. https://youtu.be/hiGE0O9Ft3c The other option would be a Garmin Fenix 6 Pro solar but this gives me more of what don’t want in order to have off-line maps. Not even sure with aging eyesight how useful the maps would be on a 1.4” screen as i just about cope with my old hand held Garmin e-maps gps. Thoughts appreciated.
  8. Delboy, SLR manufactured by FN ( original). Best way to improve a Sa80......buy a HK 416 :)
  9. TopScots, Cz seems to be doing well, not many cv 19 cases and the range has been open since last Tuesday. Shops should open during May. I am not sure that this is not premature though. There seems a glut of SLR ( L1A1’s) here -refurbished 308 semi autos for +/- £600 retail. I don’t think them prices make it an attractive proposition for anyone to re- manufacture as a straight pull or .22 semi though.
  10. The Sa80 was the gift that kept on giving for HK in terms of upgrade packages. Now must be about end of life cycle.
  11. There is a bit of history to .22LR Gatling guns - one of the most impressive things gun wise that I have seen is a couple of full size original Gatling guns with accompanying 1/6 scale models of them in .22 LR all fully functional. The thing was back in the day of US railroads and salesmen it was a bit difficult to lug a full size Gatling gun around so salesmen had 1/6 models in .22LR as demo pieces. Superb craftsmanship.
  12. ds1

    Barrrel life

    Andy, I have a belt-fed cz 59 semi in 7.62x54. After 4k rounds of mil surp best China crap ammunition ( corrosive primers) the first 2” of rifling is missing. Usually use a 50 round belt with it after which the barrel will remove your fingerprints if you touch it. Barrel is hard chromed lined or was (so are cz 58s). Replacement barrels are cheap. Hard Chrome seems the cheapest way to extend barrel life or nitride maybe. Accuracy becomes an issue though keeping chrome consistent- if memory serves at one point Tanner ( Swiss) once offered chrome lined match barrels for their rifles.
  13. ds1

    Barrrel life

    Practical competition / long range use: 338 LM: +/- 1200 rounds if you don’t go mad with pressure/ velocity. VV N 170 / 165 single based powders. I don’t believe manufacturers blurb with double based “cool burning” powders, eg n570, n565 - yes a little less pressure spike but for much longer burn time. No free lunch. 308: +/- 5000 rounds More cryptic barrel life is about 2 seconds.

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