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  1. Lee, biggest question for me - is it available with the LRR reticle. I’ve got the 5-45x56 pm2 which is superb with this reticle (as per your recommendation). However if I compare it to my Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56, with Mil C reticle - for me it’s honestly just the LRR reticle and double turn turret that makes the S&B better. This scopes looks to be a more compact form factor but the illumination dial looks odd - sticks out a long way. The world has moved on - push button illumination is industry standard on everything else. Glad they have the double turn elevation turret on it.
  2. We have a stand booked for the BSS at the NEC. Fingers crossed that goes ahead as accommodation and other expenses are not going to be refundable. IWA - like edi, we keep getting a lot of online info - if it happens I will go for a look around. I still have the tickets from the last cancellation so hopefully they will still be valid.
  3. This: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0pvA6XoXh6QZBJbERwJFhZR6oN8SEaN12s3agGgxWJe47NSFhn5NgRibw9MNq3gZ9l&id=1734153130190879&m_entstream_source=timeline&__tn__=*s*s-R The link to the Reloader case annealer is on the fb page or plenty of threads about it on here. I like mine - not yet felt any need to upgrade. For about £200 it gets the value for money thumbs up from me.
  4. I put on a small Christmas shoot at my range for the locals. Some arrived in style (A Black Rifle Coffee custom Ram with lift kit is also in the works)……but I like the Spitfire My son with a Glock 17 and my suppressed Sig MPX. We made COFa up as we went along, a modified El Prez ( without dumping mags in the snow) and some movement skills and drills. Range food Wishing everyone a nice time at their range also.
  5. Rhudson, I own a shooting range as a commercial business, be it a small 50m one in CZ . This would be my suggestions. 1. Listen to Dave T, he knows of what he speaks. 2. Do not form a club - , keep it strictly commercial. I cannot stress this enough. 3. Look for stable and multiple income streams - Police bookings being an excellent one - ask what they want, - vehicle access, 90 or 180 degree arc of fire if possible? This is one of my stable income streams. 4. Try to get away from fixed firing point / prone position only - this opens the way to PRS style competitio
  6. We (Czech Tactical) have used many bipod over three decades of shooting. The humble Harris has always been good but tech moves on…… so does the price. A BRMS Harris will set you back £100 or so, a OEM AI AXMC bipod about £250. So I was expecting something exceptional with the MDT HD Ckye Pod at about £800. First impressions were that compared to the the AI bipod it’s big, heavy and the legs are looser than a Holbeck girls on Saturday night. So what’s all the hype about? Really I would say versatility. Fancy pan and and tilt functions are nice as is the plate ad
  7. Andy, very much conjecture but I would would hazard a guess at different reamers and throats……..the AXMC ( still the same one I got all them years back) has the factory 25” tube, Krieger 20” tube (and a new factory 20” tube that I have not shot). The 25” factory and 20” Krieger will shoot Lapua, Bergers and Hornady Eldm’s. A mates much newer AXMC will only shoot Lapua Scenars - really hates Eldm’s. He swapped it for a US AI factory made 27” tube - likes Bergers and Eldm’s now. This is in 338. I can’t see anything obviously different with a bore scope. I haven’t measured the throats though.
  8. several options - Give Sporting Services a ring. They at least do a zero MOA picatinny rail. It then increases ring / mount options. Spuhr do direct AI 11mounts at various MOA - this would be my choice. Brugger and Thomet do a 11mm to 20 MOA picatinny rail (or at least did). I had one on a 338lm AW . Drop me a PM if you need something more extreme - I had a USO sn9 that I had a long USO picatinny rail made up for to go on the 11mm dovetail. It’s tall though. https://spuhrwebshop.com/en/isms/ai/ https://www.sportingservices.co.uk/products/new-sporting-servic
  9. One of the best discussions that I’ve heard:
  10. Nick, is it an AW or AX model ( I don’t know about other models) ? You don’t need a bolt tool - cycle the bolt but don’t fire it, put the safety in the middle position it’s a three position safety ( safety is on but bolt cycles). Remove the bolt and press the detent plunger with your finger tip , bolt comes apart and assembles easily as it’s already cocked so there is no firing pin spring tension. Takes about 1 second once the bolt is out of the rifle.
  11. ds1

    New Rifle.

    Dave, in your experience have you noticed any difference in breaking in a barrel with how the rifling is produced- cut, button (push / pull) or hammer forged- not that anyone is going to put a hammer forged or CM ( chrome-molly) aftermarket barrel on their gat but it’s what’s from the factory with Sako / Tikka, Cz etc………..I’ve seen barrels being drilled and hammer forged at the Cz factory- wouldn’t want one for free - waste of ammunition. Does process matter or is it mainly about smoothing the throat from the reamer cutting? Curious if the 200 FPS speed gain is mainly from from the throa
  12. Suppressor testing GIS vs ATec smg on my Sig MPX 9mm. 9mm is quite a dirty round in terms of adding carbon to a suppressor. Short version…… the ATec is cleaner, much easier to clean and shorter. A-Tec on the bottom and GIS on the top. ATec is 42mm diameter and GIS 35mm diameter. GIS after 300 rounds ( traditional baffles) ATec after 300 rounds Noise reduction is similar to my ears but the shot timer will not record the ATec at all and sometimes the GIS with the same ammunition (subsonic). I have two timers so I will set one up to work with subsonic.
  13. Del, I don’t know….. A quick scan on Brian Enos Forum suggest that it might. I would try downloading the app on your mobile and cranking the sensitivity all the way up. It might work better than a ‘real’ shot timer. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/104538-ced7000a-airsoft-shot-timer/
  14. Del, there are free apps but they are just not professional like a dedicated unit. I need one more or less for every course so I have a couple of the CED 7000’s. You might get away with a free app for occasional use. I have tried the ‘Free Shot Timer’ app, you can customise the type of firearm and sensitivity. Pops, basically a timer that measures shot report. Used for things like calculating COMSTOCK scoring ( score vs time) or just measuring first shot / splits / total time. It’s a useful training and competition tool.
  15. Del, what you were using here were the CED 7000’s. Nothing fancy but they work - shot time, number of shots fired, split times etc. Cost about £100. I expect that you can get them for less. The yellow rubber cover is a good idea for protection and finding the thing. They are rechargeable- the charge times last a long time.
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