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  1. Hi Banus02. i have replied to your pm twice. are you not getting them?
  2. Stocks for sale, 1- GRS BIFOST Tikka T3 complete with trigger guard , magazine for 243 and fixing screws . Stock in excellent condition £300 plus postage uk only. 2-BLASER R8 in green with black inserts brand new , no internal metalwork, barrel channel for 17 mm barrels. £275 plus postage uk only. 3 - Inlet for a LAWTON ACTION including bottom metal which takes AI MAGAZINES, £250 plus postage in uk. 4 - HW 100 walnut stock mint condition £250 plus postage uk only
  3. I use this technique shooting 6mm Benchrest rest it work for me , minimum contact with the rifle , rifle sits on front rest ,butt on rear bag result very small groups😀
  4. Hope so , so far this year we have had two shoots in January and February the rest have been cancelled at the last minute .
  5. Hi, we use , Hythe,Lydd and Stoney castle . two days ago we received a email from the Mod to say civilian use of ranges has been suspended so the next shoot at Stoney castle on the 25/10/2020 is cancelled.
  6. Hi , Don’t know if you are getting the PM’s I have sent you regards steve
  7. Hi , if it’s still for sale I’ll have it please regards steve
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