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  1. I had a great night playing with my No4 Mk2 and started to get my head around the singer sight, it’s more accurate than I gave it credit for being. the bullets I am using are literally the cheapest I could buy, probably Sellier Beloit. What bullets do you guys use?
  2. I have one. I love it to bits, but it is a bit of a phaff to get on and off as it won't go back in it's foam lined case with mounting bit attached. The picitinny quick release bit is also very fussy about rail sizes and cheap pic rail seems to vary in size enormously. I have made various attachments for it to fit different rifles. Overall though it wipes the floor with any other bipod I have tried for stability and ease of use once attached, so I'll have to put up with attaching the quick release bit every time I use it. The solution I suppose would be to not take it off and store the bipod in
  3. I have been a member of ODRC since the good days. The 'nice' man was ousted in a frankly disgusting manner and his replacement was probably the author of the unhelpful rude reply you got. He was a deeply troubled individual who was very unpleasant to many people and put a lot of noses out of joint. He is no longer at the helm and sadly the club is now rudderless, but is at least no longer running into rocks and heading for a terminally big one. That said if the club can't recruit a friendly and competent person to take on the onerous duties of membership secretary and general secretary it is l
  4. As many on here are, I am a member of ODRC. I am a pretty good judge of character as is essential when you are long term self employed. When i first met John I saw him as a thoroughly good egg and a gentleman to boot. When I was informed by Mr Wheeler and his cohorts that Johns was robbing the club blind I found this hard to believe and I have had it confirmed by someone in the know that, whilst bean counting wasn't his strong point, he was massively honest and had no reason to rob a club. Isn't it strange that once he was ousted that we no longer had any regular shoots. Hmm. The club did
  5. As a member of this club, I was very disappointed to receive an email from the “management” informing me as a member that a ‘bad person’ who was a member of ODRC had grassed the club up to the NRA to do with some COVID rule misdemeanour. Don’t get me wrong we do need to take great care not to allow this dreadful virus to to proliferate, but the email suggested that this was vindictive. Due to health reasons (nowt to do with Kung Flu) I have yet to have the opportunity to go to a long range shooting since lockdown but had been given the green light from June onwards by those in white coats
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