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  1. I was one who did butts duty. I was going to shoot in the second detail but the RCO was so rude to my friend Clinton over the radio at the gate that we decided that enough was enough. Working the targets was miserable as the rain poured down our upturned sleeves and necks. I could have endured the rain alone but the constant sniping from the RCO made it unbearable and to be honest makes me question my membership of the club. I appreciate he gave up his free time to run the shoot, but if he can't be polite then he may as well have stayed at home.
  2. Is this scope in mil rads or moa? Thanks
  3. I have a couple of Sabatti rifles with Multi Radial Rifling which seem reasonably accurate, even in my hands and are a piece of cake to clean. The first, an STR chambered in .308 was bought on the longevity of barrels and after parting with a huge bag of change I wasn't looking for something that need re-barrelling on a regular basis. My second is the heavier barrel MRR rifle chambered in .300 Win Mag with a plastic stock which I would dearly love to change for something like a Formrifle, GRS or similar laminated stock. To be fair it shoots really well and is a genuine pleasure to use, but from an aesthetic perspective it isn't pretty. Using my home machined muzzle brake recoil is almost non existent. I also have a CZ chambered in.223 which has a formrifle stock and looks adorable in my opinion. It also shoots accurately, allowing for my imperfections. It is far more fussy about load development than the Sabattis. BUT when it comes to cleaning, it is a right royal pain in the rear and takes dozens and dozens of patches before they come out really clean. I have for a while I have been toying with the idea of a 6.5mm Creedmoor and/or .338 lapua. I am less than enthusiastic about conventional rifling due to wear, long term accuracy and cleaning, but like the idea of building a custom rifle myself, but I don't believe that Sabatti sell their barrels as blanks. Are there many manufacturers selling polygonal rifled barrels? What do you guys think?
  4. Like me, you probably joined when John was at the helm. I have a feeling that a there has been a tightening up of rules.
  5. I am going on holiday to Tenerife on Friday and wondered if anyone had found anywhere to shoot there? I found a club that does F class, FTR etc, using Google, but they ignored my e-mail enquiry. When I was in Malta last year I found a place to play with 9mil pistols and had a go with an AK47 for shits and giggles. I think the longest range they had was 35 metres, but they had every gun under the sun
  6. I would also love to pop my one mile cherry. Furthest I have shot to date is 1000 metres at J3A, but that seems no longer available currently. I have a Sabatti MRR chambered in .300 win mag and using my current load it will go transonic at about 1200metres πŸ˜₯ Perhaps I might win the lottery and be able to afford a 50cal πŸ˜‚ Tad unlikely as I can't afford to spend money on tickets LOL
  7. I'm already a member of ODRC, it's Frome & District Pistol Club I want to join to get more opportunities to shoot. All the clubs I have ever spoken to suggest that they are legally bound to have a probationary period for all new members, even those who are members of other clubs. I have to say that it sounds strange, but then again the rules surrounding FACs are pretty odd at the best of times. From a clubs perspective I guess it makes sense to ensure that a joining member is going to fit in and not upset other members.
  8. I do not profess to have any expert knowledge of who's to blame, but who ever is mismanaging tax payers assets should be called to account. My suggestion that maybe it should be the NRA, is that they are paid by all the clubs and was under the impression that one of their purposes was to speak on behalf of the clubs that are members of their association. Their voice doesn't seem to be as powerful as their namesakes across the pond, not that I believe a rifle association with that level of power is desirable 🀣
  9. Offa's Dyke Shoot at Warminster IR2 (1000yards) once most months on a Thursday and are allied to the 50cal club, though all the field firing ranges seem off limits currently. They also shoot at Kingsbury, North of Birmingham, Sennybridge (Brecon) and Rogiet Moor when it comes back on line. Good bunch o lads at Offa's Dyke. Frome and District Pistol Club use Langport (600yards), Yoxter (600yards), Warminster (not sure which ranges they use) and Bulford (500yards) I am in the process of applying to join them, but despite being a member of two other clubs and holder of a safe shooters card I will still most likely have to do a 6 month probation.
  10. I think it is about time the NRA called Landmarc to account. These people are supposed to be employed by the tax payers to manage the publicly owned infrastructure. I do not feel that they are fulfilling their remit.
  11. I sadly was unable to make the last shoot at Warminster thanks to a serious dose of Man Flu , but my mates that went said that they wouldn't let any one, presumably except the RCO, take a vehicle to the firing point despite one of the lads being physically disabled. On a personal level they were pretty pissed off with Landmarc's intransigence, who seem to see paying customers as a damned nuisance. Our views not necessarily those of our club.
  12. Warminster IR2 is 900 metres/1000 Yards It's a great shoot except that Landmarc won't allow us to take vehicles to the shooting pointing to load/unload even though a good few shooters have mobility issues. I'm self employed so the Thursday isn't a game changer and it's not a million miles from home.
  13. I did suggest Yoxter as well. I was brought up very close to Yoxter and have had the opportunity to shoot there once with the Muzzle Loaders; I really enjoyed it. Langport is quite a bit south, nearer to Taunton. Never been there but would love to.
  14. I just realised I posted Langford instead of Langport - senior moment πŸ˜– I only heard about it on Monday when I was using Rifleman Firearms 100yd indoor range also in Langport for load development. The military range is 600 yards. It’s in Somerset in the Taunton area
  15. Does anyone on here know what clubs shoot at Langport? I have suggested to my club, Offas Dyke, but haven't had a reply, possibly a bit far south for many of them? Cheers Ralph

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