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    We used to do s[m[lar in the UK in the 70;s 80.s and 90.s.
  2. kindwarf

    1000 yds

    H i Vince its Tiny from Slawit, As I said before I cant make 1000yds, the problem I have is because of my size and the long stock i need the throw back mounts to get eye relief. please see the photos, I counted the clicks on the scope and from top to bottom and there was 424 1/8 inch clicks which i think is 53 minute
  3. kindwarf

    1000 yds

    Hi guys. i have had a problem with my scope at long distance, for years I have shot the English XX match at Bisley and used a 6.5 x 55 Swede with a good Japanese scope called an Optima, I hade it and it has worked and adjusted well for about ten years, it gave good elevation to over 1000 yds with a 20moa rail. this year I thought I would up my game and put a Sightron lll on my rifle same rail same rings, thinking I had a much better scope went to 900 yds raised the elevation from 600 to 900 yds and the scope locked out at 900, luckily it was dead on at that distance And I got a good score, but there was nothing left for 1000 so I had to hold over to get them in the 5. The question is why wasn't there enough adjustment on what I thought was a long distant scope also how would you experts out there rectify this problem. Many Thanks.

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