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  1. if not the Hoptic have found the Weibad a very good product, vey comfortable, well made: https://wiebad.com/mini-stock-pad/ Not sure if there is a UK distributor though? T
  2. terryh

    SCOPE SURVEY: We need your help!

    PbG, Indeed, would not think it would take much to add to the final products QC, also having a standard, any standard, would remove the meaningless values currently give. e.g. % light transmission - % of what 🤔
  3. terryh

    SCOPE SURVEY: We need your help!

    Completed survey. Perhaps each scope should come with a calibration chart from the factory against and ISO standard - would not be be too much to ask IMHO? T
  4. Andrew, Think if you were a serious shooter you'd send your rifle for batch testing and secure a good few 1000 of ammo that performed in your gun (or add a tuner perhaps?) For me currently, only having a 22rf AR, I cannot see the difference between Centre-X and Midas so a bit moot. Looking at a 'nice' bolt action 22rf rig in near future so a bit more effort/practice/focus on my part might ring out the difference to justify the odd box? As to X-act - 😭, just 'gosh' at the cost.
  5. terryh

    9mm straight pull options?

    You could probably get Baldie to make you one, but it would be for fun as the lever guys would be at an advantage if any speed was involved? If they perform anything like the LR version not too impressed in the accuracy 🙁
  6. terryh

    Incompetent RFD

    ??? BD = Brown Dog. misinterpretation , no just take. Me, I’m as calm as *uck, I have nothing to decide or worry about , I’m more than happy with my life/ shooting , actually that’s a lie, I’d like to do more 🤔😂 its all the other buggers trying to prove / disprove crap that in the end , in real terms, means nothing as those who will get their rifles proofed will, those that won,t, well , won,t, so it’s handbags on the inter web 🤦🏼‍♂️😂
  7. terryh

    Incompetent RFD

    Bloody hell, this is all getting a bit unnecessary It is your choice if you feel ( by whatever reading into rules etc); you do not need to use a proofed firearm or not - period. BD you read ‘generally smokeless loads should only be used in firearms so proofed’  As meaning you do not need to have a proofed rifle to use smokeless powder, I read it as you do, or to put it another way ‘generally you should only use petrol in cars tests for such’ Quoting all these range rules (NB ‘to me’) feels like justification of ‘what you can get away with’. Why work to the minimum common denominator, why not try to up your game. Perhaps it’s my background or the industry/ countries I have worked, doing ’just enough’ normally ends up not going so well 🙁 For the sake of the cost of a box of bullets why even go there, life’s too short FFS 🤔
  8. terryh

    Incompetent RFD

    Saddler, Recorded letter asking under what authority they handed in you rifle was when they were instructed ( and accepted) to ship it to proof - the result of which would have been binary , a proofed rifle or not. If no satisfactory result then you’d need to pursue by a means balanced against the value of the item. The law in general can not be relied on to do the right thing.
  9. terryh

    Incompetent RFD

    ..... gosh well off OP, apologies
  10. terryh

    Incompetent RFD

    Had this discussion before re proof or not to ( because the law lets you). It is down to personal choice I.e. you can import a rifle and use it yourself without putting it thru’ proof, only having to proof it if you sell it. You know the proof test is available, not expensive or particularly hard to arrange ( last one I had a coffee in the place opposite while parked in a dedicated slot outside the proof house) so why not have it done? Regadless of the method ( and it is a lot more thorough than deciding if they use 15W oil as opposed to 30W on the case 😉😂) you have done as much as you can. Interesting that MOT’s are mentioned, if you have a new car no MOT for 3 years. So applying the same logic, you know garages are available to fix anything, your new car’s brakes feel a bit off but you do not legally have to have the car checked for another couple of years so why bother. Your insurance would still pay out should you have an accident - yes? Agree international shooters come and go with no U.K. proof but what has the actions ( no pun!) of others to do with how you act - non sequitur. Also, while we’re at it, do not agree with the comparison of avoiding proof vs reloading error. One is not doing something that you know is available ( conscious decision) the other is an error ( unconscious decision) . Caveat ‘avoiding’ is probably not the right word but you get my meaning? At the end of the day it is as I said, your choice. Me I have any rifle proofed it is not costly and I’ve done what I can. If it let go and injured someone I knew I had at least made some effort.
  11. .....I'm just hoping it will still be on and not silly effect of the various lockdown rules/changes etc? Just sorting out the munitions 😎
  12. terryh

    DIO Close Ranges again

    PbG, Yup, easy to do, think we have 3 or 4 in our club to allow exactly that, I have one in my car now for looking after club bookings. T
  13. terryh

    DIO Close Ranges again

    Yup, you need to be an individual member, hence my comment: 'You simply go online and book a range, assuming you are an NRA member, or your club organises.' If you can get a couple of you from ODRC then the club can book for you - but you'd need the clubs NRA card to book in on the day (in theory). Concur whole heartedly re. the current C-19 driven system, please for the love of God NRA do not go back 'to the way its always been done' 😒 T
  14. terryh

    243 bullet weights

    As a passing note, stability and twist is, I believe, related to bullet length as opposed to weight. so not necessarily a lighter bullet will work where a heavier one had previously. It did sort of apply when all you really had were SMK’s of different weights - they simply got longer with each increment in weight so a straight twist vs weight vs stability comparison worked. You will see the Greenhill formula quoted, but this originated in the days of flat based bullets so needs a ‘tweak’ to work with modern bullets. Now all this might be naff all to do with the TMK’s, just throwing it into the mix T
  15. terryh

    DIO Close Ranges again

    Electronic targets are pretty good, have experienced a few issues now and then but generally OK. You simply go online and book a range, assuming you are an NRA member, or your club organises. As a note, because the electronic targets are pretty slick you will chew thru' a lot of ammo or more important you can book 2 distances in a morning or afternoon session and have plenty of time to shoot both i.e. 900/1000. Last time, a few weeks ago, the process was book online then rock up on the day and go direct to the firing point on Stickledown, there is a gazebo with your lane information and a radio waiting, you drive to and park behind the 1000 yard line, if shooting 900 you walk your kit down to the 900 from the 1000 and start shooting (after the hooter!). Actually much more efficient that pre C-19 IMHO. T as to closing the ranges - bloody morons, no reason as far as I can see?

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