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  1. If you are going 7mm the SAUM is nice, hand one for a while and found it a nice round and worked well with the 180g bullets to ‘way’ out there, not silly recoil and loaded sensibly reasonable on the barrel. But actually a straight 284’s not too shabby? As OoToT Said - up to you, the Worlds your Oyster, Terry
  2. terryh

    CV-19 Lessons

    Personally had a bit of a ramp up before it became silly so a few weeks in hand. Initial rush seems over and you can go and do a shop, still things like flour missing.
  3. terryh

    CV-19 Lessons

    You know he’s going to be unliveable now, don’t you!! 😫 😂
  4. Nothing again prize tables personally - current rifle is built on an action from a prize table 😎 No cash though! If you have a sponsors prize table there is a dedicated 1st place prize then everything else is by shooter number not result, their number is pulled from a hat and they come up and pick what they would like from the table - simples! (with the exception of who comes last, they get their entry back) Re. humping your gear - being and older fart that would really whittle down my kit, but that was the format for the original US shoots, what you had at the beginning of the day, rifle, pistol, ammo food etc. was it (water you could top up - it was Texas after all).
  5. Ronin, Probably allow one bag just to compensate for shooting off a hard surface. T
  6. .....oooo! Anarchy 😂
  7. Interesting that it appears to be around cost and travel time etc. Shooting can be (is) expensive, the costs are what they are, I've gone to comps in the US a few times, it costs more to get your rifle there than the entry fees. The existing PRL sells our quick = enough people that will make the effort and accept the cost, as Mike said do not think that that this money is a high % of profit, its not. Comparing it to entry fees for comp run at Bisley or any other range is not apples for apples, they already exist. Tiff's place and Orion are small venue private operations. Any of you can sort a shoot at Orion, UKV did so a few years ago, I do it now for my local club a couple of times a year, cost now would be closer to £200 for the day. The 22rf version sounds a good alternative, more ranges available and the COF's for the US 'postal' version available on the NRL 22 website, not many props, my old club, Tamar Rangers, are going to be running these (or were!). Dave, have to completely disagree with you on sponsorship, as soon as there is money involved the sport is over as far as I'm concerned, in creeps the silly shiny shirt brigade a la IPSC and it is all becomes about winning, just look at CAS in the US or even what the PRS/NRL are now compared to the original Snipers hide Cup/Bash etc. Not even close. Which is a shame as this type of shooting is great fun, probably the best discipline I've ever competed in - period (and I've shot a few), if you care to look I wrote and article about the SH Cup in Shooting sports in 2007 (Vol 9, issue 8). Enough rambling and back to the subject of the OP: 'What would you change?' Bin tripods and multiple bean bags - learn to shoot, the organisers go out of their way to make challenging stages that make you think/do different things only to have folks add multiple pillows and other augmentations to their rifles to turn it back into plinking. Yes, I know that's what they do in the US but do we have to copy? Bring the distances in to 800 yards max = competitive to all rifles not just the 'wind cheater' cartridges. The odd offhand stage plus reduced amount of added props reduces the attraction of 20 pound plus rifle (with options for adding weights - really 🤣) and get things back into perspective. I know these comments are going to ruffle a few feathers but you'd be a better rifleman if these were applied - honest! 😉 Terry Or put it another way:
  8. terryh

    New Tripod choice

    Paddy, have used it a couple of times with no issues. like a few things these days, suppose there is risk everywhere? Think the N52 might be overkill, the N44 is rated 25 kg and I’d be using a rifle less than half that on a tripod rated to 20 kg so do not think the increase height is worth it. I’d also look to bin the quick connect and mount the Monkey clamp direct to the ball, T
  9. terryh

    New Tripod choice

    Sorry to have misled your gents £1900 : https://www.photospecialist.co.uk/really-right-stuff-tfct-34-mk2-soar-series-3-tripod-anvil-30-ball-head 😯 😁
  10. terryh

    New Tripod choice

    Bob, I’m sort of with you on this, crossed sticks for live game’s OK, but the gear race into the sport is a bit of an issue with me, hence going for the cheaper option just in case you have no option but to use one. The HSLD guys are probably into £1500 of tripod setup 😧 T
  11. terryh

    New Tripod choice

    Morning, I purchased online thru’ this site: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32820038650.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.37231e26vHV4hn&algo_pvid=4a5684ea-6fec-4e78-b818-99d72c34b4ab&algo_expid=4a5684ea-6fec-4e78-b818-99d72c34b4ab-17&btsid=0b0a0ae215854664323442067e9b71&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ Will be adding a ball head as the levelling base although good, does not give enough flexibility, probably one of these: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000063700704.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.37231e26vHV4hn&algo_pvid=4a5684ea-6fec-4e78-b818-99d72c34b4ab&algo_expid=4a5684ea-6fec-4e78-b818-99d72c34b4ab-10&btsid=0b0a0ae215854664323442067e9b71&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ The N44 looks about right? Whole package will probably weight just over 5 pounds. Terry
  12. terryh

    New Tripod choice

    Better late than never.......
  13. terryh

    Ulfhednar Winter Bolt Comp Video

    Ronin, Interesting video and comp, watched it a couple of times. Be interesting to see what the ‘scores’ were i.e. % of hits. Couple of observations/thoughts: All stages were sensible distances with the pressure being time and/or movement, multiple target distances & sizes i.e. not a calibre race 😎 At least one person dialling on a stage between different distances which I found ‘interesting’ (aka ‘strange approach?’) No golden BB stage (excellent!) IMHO Found the use of not one, but two tripods very disappointing - all good to that point 😔 As you say some nice kit and natural feel to the environment /stages, the short range stages on a ‘range’ was proportionate. Terry
  14. terryh


    Dave i retesting project and like the added refinement re the safety, I had a Romak for a while and was a fun rifle but as you say the safety on these rifles is the pits. be nice to hear how it shoots brgds Terry ps still feel it’s like putting lipstick on a pig though🤔😂😂
  15. terryh

    Semi Custom 22lr

    Kaboom Trying to not go too far off Op but..... The ejection problems on the 64 action, which your mk.10 was based around I believe, is a fairly recent issue that is very simply fixed and well documented on the InterWeb. I complained to Anschutz direct about it, gave them links to other info supporting my gripe and received a free 10 round mag as an apology. Not sure I understand your second comment re barrel contour and accuracy? brgds T

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