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  1. terryh

    Show your varmint/target rifle

    Mr Huevos, I’ll play BPCR in 45-70 using cannula ‘greasers, 100m group if I‘m having a good day But now playing with paper patch, possibly going to breach seating 🤔
  2. terryh

    Something completely different

    Keep looking at the Westlake, (nice groups there Allan to the point of ‘GSP’esque’). I’d not be interested in any pistol that did not shoot well, have looked at the competition grade Reminington cap-n-ball ( Pedersoli, Pietta) as the FWB is no longer with us, but not sure I can be arsed with BP in a revolver - which gets you back to the Westlake. Casting is not an issue, already make pretty good bullets for BPCR’s , not sure if I’m daft, but find it quite therapeutic . Food for thought
  3. terryh

    Something completely different

    Knew 'of' Mr Westlake - did 'not know' he was local 😎
  4. BD so you’re developing’ a version of the Hicks tuner/ Freelend forend (of 52E fame)/ ‘SmartStock’ system I.e.applying strategic pressure 😉😁 - can I do an online version of the (small cough) and refer to my earlier post 😘
  5. terryh

    Something completely different

    Allan, bit off OP but like the look of the .32 Patriot , some more info please at some point - harmonica fed 32 ML 🤔??
  6. terryh

    Something completely different

    Dave, nice pistil, keep posting things like that and I will have to come over and shoot. Looks good quality and thought out. Just wish they’d not put ‘Costa’ in the name - after that Japanese airsoft thing I cannot see ‘ Costa’ without flashback to the video 🤔😂
  7. terryh

    .22LR Semi Auto Ammo

    Private FB group so no access unless you are a fan boy 😉😂
  8. terryh

    2021 Accuracy International

    .....dang you beat me to it 😉😂 or to use a slant on the current narrative ‘feelings over truth’ perhaps 🤐
  9. 😂😂 Actually as an engineer I thought the barrel length should be ‘horizontal’ as that’s how I shoot and also how I’d hacksaw it down in size 😉
  10. Allan, I'm seeing locally more interest in 22rf for a few reasons, personally it is a bit of a challenge (couple of other shooting buddies also jave this view). As to the smaller groups at longer ranges. I hate to point to the US but here is a listing of 6 x 5 shot groups https://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/6x5-thread-v5-0-new-1-1-21.6253073/ Also here's some of BD's linked data graphically:
  11. Interesting data - if I had the patience I'd drop it onto a graph 😉 Personally I'd ignore the Stinger and other HV ammunition and focus on the SK standard, Midas and Tenex .which on the face of it go (nominally) slow-fast-slow in the process from 24" down to 17". Shame the grouping was not carried out at the shorter lengths - but this is a person and probably got a bit choffed off in the chop and shoot process? 😄 There is some other interesting work being carried out, primarily by the Vudoo folks re. fast twist and barrel length in the strive for long range accuracy from 22rf's
  12. PbG, Your stray shot after a reasonable duration (put away and taken out) with 22rf is something I've seen/experienced. Mine is actually low 1st shot(from memory) Is it that the wax lube 'sets off' ? Also, when trying the new plastic coated stuff from CCI the first shot post normal wax ammo is low, the next about half way between the 1st and where I'm aiming and the third on the money - but not the other way i.e. wax directly after plastic.
  13. '.........there's too many variables not least the nut behind the trigger' This is my limiting factor 😉
  14. Been playing with QL to mirror some of the various data in this thread i.e. Case capacity 3.3 Dummy cartridge configured as 22 hornet and modified Lyman lead bullet 40g Fast powder, Unique, adjusted to give the muzzle velocities vs barrel lengths quoted. Thus starting with the 16.25" barrel and MV of 1016 etc.: BD as to the horses vs zebras, I'm open to possibilities, what I have learnt is something might be right/good/real others need to be viewed with a slight jaundiced eye, the 'if it was good that's how all guns would be made' - non sequitur, we know bedding and a good trigger is effective in improving things - but not all rifles have them because like everything improvements come with a price 😉

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