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  1. As per title, have a 10 pack of unissued Mk 4 303 (5 round) stripper clips - £25 delivered Also a standard AR 15 trigger group: It has not been 'played with' and was carried as a spare when I shot CSR so now surplus to needs - £40 delivered
  2. As per suggestions, have a good look on YouTube and read up on the various online articles then do the work yourself, if you take things slowly it is not a too difficult job. I would suggest though obtaining the correct size hollow ground flat blade screwdrivers or set of 1/4 drive tips: https://www.marlinspares.com/product/marlin-screw-driver-bits/ makes life easier and prevents chance of messing the heads of screws up or slipping and gouging the bluing. T
  3. Is the barrel parallel(ish) at the muzzle or threaded? If the former then Harrell's ( http://harrellsprec.com/index.php/products/harrell-rimfire-tuners-403) or Ezell (https://www.ezellcustomrifles.com/home-3/pdt-tuners/) have used both and they work, but different setting up process for each. Not sure who carries Harrell's in the UK, March Scopes UK keeps the Ezell. If threaded then the ADT is a neat solution that works with a suppressor ( https://www.marchscopes.co.uk/product/adaptive-tuning-system/ ) Good luck. T
  4. As per Big Al's comments trigger and tuner would be a good start - tuner's on 22rf's really do work. Then batch testing, RWS are running this at Bisley in November, they test your rifle to find a batch it likes then you can purchase from that batch. In saying this a shooting buddy has just installed a drop in Lilja into his CZ and it it is an absolute blinder re. consistency and grouping. T
  5. As per title, I'm looking for a soft carry case, possibly back pack design, to transport a Marling lever rifle (36" LOA) and / or a 'AR' type carbine, so a double rifle case would be nice. Also needs a couple of exterior pockets to put ammunition, mags, ear defenders in. AIM's are nice but an overkill for this application - from house into car, 50 yard walk from car to range. So any suggestion please? Cheers Terry
  6. Re. non lead for stalking, some game dealers will now not accept deer shot with lead bullets. Help out a stalking buddy re. load development using the 'Fox' non lead bullets, seemed OK in a 270. So bit stuck there I feel? T
  7. …… and not wanting to pour cold water in things but a .223 is not normally associated with ‘long range’. What club or group do you shoot with currently, other members should be able to help you or show you the different options? Do you reload? brgds Terry Bes
  8. Here's what I believe is a link to the current regs: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/circular-0012021-antique-firearms/circular-0012021-antique-firearms-regulations-2021-and-the-policing-and-crime-act-2017-commencement-no11-and-transitional-provisions-regulations Terry
  9. ColinBR, I’m also finding the purple box flat nose SK performs well, but was told in the NSRA shop SK are dropping this ammunition from production, some comment re easier to make the standard bullet ammunition ( which has also performed well) Not sure on the validity of this statement at present, it’s only been in production for a while?
  10. Gents, just sorting out the NSRA 22rf Benchrest comps within and for my local club - all pretty straight forwards re. targets rules etc. Thought I'd have a look at the larger picture re 22rf Benchrest in the UK and come up with 2 apparently different organisations: Benchrest UK: https://www.benchrestuk.com/ & UKBR22: https://ukbr22.org.uk/ Both shooting very similar targets. Could someone explain the difference - if it is a historically contentious thing then a PM me please? Thanks Terry
  11. Have spare to needs an APW Brake, M18 x 1 thread, 5 port model, suitable up to 338. Black finish. ref: https://www.precisionshooting.store/product/raptor-muzzle-brake/ As new condition, very effective and nice piece of kit. I'm using a suppressor all the time on the rifle so it's just sitting on the shelf. £67.50 delivered SOLD
  12. Sorting out the man cave and have some items that might be of interest to folks? Rifle Basics LV-1 trigger, New an unused, carried as a spare when I travelled distances to shoot. fits Remington 700, model 7 and 40X actions (or any action that takes a Remington design trigger) https://riflebasix.com/product/remington-700-varmint-trigger-lv-1/ Fitted with the safety kit: https://riflebasix.com/product/remington-700-safety-rem-saf/ £130 delivered SOLD PENDING etc. Timney CZ455 trigger https://timneytriggers.com/cz-455-trigger/ cannot find the little packing piece hence £
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