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  1. terryh

    Best scope level for older eyes

    As per PbG the Vortex items are quite nice and good quality, https://www.uttings.co.uk/p130550-vortex-lo-pro-bubble-level-30mm-lbl-30/#.Xwx9JyhKiUk Now if you want 'sexy' and very easy to see then the LRA 'Send-it' jockeys are very good, you can set the sensitivity and brightness etc. and they pop on and off a rail: https://shop.marchscopes.co.uk/products/long-range-arms-electronic-level Have both items, each used where suitable/applicable. T
  2. Selling my Annie MPR to fund new project. Fitted with DIP 20 moa Weaver rail and their 'tacticool' bolt knob. Rifle has been Cerakoted as has the stock with a basic camo pattern. Also fitted with and adjustable hand stop with QD sling swivel and a Pic rail to take bi-pods. Comes with 2 x 10 round and 1 x 5 round magazines. Very accurate rifle £650
  3. terryh

    Bad Rock South Fork

    Lehman, Do not think anyone’s saying there is anything ‘wrong’ with a pinned recall lug, it was the way things were always done historically. It is just with EDM technology now more available then a receiver that is one piece with both recoil lug and scope rail is moe common and, in theory, a better approach technically. T
  4. terryh

    Fireforming .303 with O rings

    Andrew, Same effect really, but I was using jacketed and wanted to avoid reduced loads - just used the normal load but ‘held back’ the brass 1st time out. T
  5. terryh

    Fireforming .303 with O rings

    C-22, That sound about right re. O seal section, the O seals I used were a bit under size so the section went down when I stretched them over the case. You are correct, stripper clips will not work, think from memory my rifle fed from the mag though?? good luck but the effort is worth it 😉 T
  6. terryh

    Fireforming .303 with O rings

    C-22, If you have the right sized O rings then ‘no’ you do not need to remove the extractor - least I did not find the need to? 🤔 You should just feel the bolt ‘snug up’ as it closes on the O seal i.e. you know the case is held against the bolt face. Once you have fired the cases hold them up against an unfired case - you might be surprised how much difference there is in the length of the shoulder area. Brgds T
  7. terryh

    Bullet Jump

    Cheers Dave, will take a look. Reading this thread jogged my memory - , think I’ve a bullet pointing setup for 6mm from my Swiss match ‘days’ out in ‘the shed’, might dig out more specifically found this article which has data on my current 6mm bullet, worth a try? ; https://precisionrifleblog.com/2020/03/29/bullet-jump-load-development/ T
  8. terryh

    Bullet Jump

    Dave, Are the 110g 6mm the new A tips? If so where did you obtain them as i'd like to try a few. Cheers T
  9. terryh

    Defiance in Creedmoor.

    Cheers Dave, The ‘boring 😉‘ was tongue in cheek, nice round but it’s becoming a bit ‘pubic’ 😂 T
  10. terryh


    Why 3, what was your thinking? Can see the odd number of grooves, that makes sense, but why 3 in a CF? T
  11. terryh

    Defiance in Creedmoor.

    Dave, Nice and tidy looking - you do not say which cartridge its built on the (boring 😉) 6.5 or the 6? T
  12. terryh

    Bullet Jump

    Al, So in reading you explanations & comments it is, as per a lot of thing, what your rifle (or more specifically you barrel( likes? Also, and correct me if I’ve read this wrong, small increments could make a difference but in some cases (no pun) not. Might go and revisit the 6 Dasher when the world wakes up again T
  13. Raw, Currently using a Vectronix Terrapin which has proved to be solid and reliable. No longer Mande as far as I know? But they have a newer model the ‘X’ which now has Bluetooth to communicate with Apps - not cheap, but cheaper than their military models. T
  14. terryh

    Bullet Jump

    Al, Is there a trend in which bullets are more sensitive? To me they would be the ones to avoid 🤔

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