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  1. 6.5shooter

    Rpa action

    Staffordshire synthetics make the stocks for RPA. Give Danny a call
  2. Try now JP. Just deleted some messages
  3. Jp, maybe my inbox is full I will delete some msgs. The lense is as new unmarked and boxed. If you would like some pics I can send them through email.
  4. No it hasnt got the reticle Simon.
  5. For sale is my 12-40x60 hd gold ring leupold spotting scope with protective case and tripod. As new £750
  6. For sale I have a spare 30x wa lens for a spotting scope £190
  7. 6.5shooter

    bes thermal handheld spotter

    What is the difference in the xq range over the xp range? I have no knowledge of thermal imagers atall and would like to purchase one this year.
  8. 6.5shooter

    New Way to Post Pics

  9. 6.5shooter

    Woodchuck den annealer

  10. 6.5shooter

    Woodchuck den annealer

    Do any of you chaps have any experience with the woodchuck den annealer? It looks so simple and I imagine not too expensive. I would like to try something like this firstly to give it a go to see if its for me and I wont be annealing vast numbers at a time so I imagine if I set all my cases in a tray of water to keep the bases cool and use this annealer it should work ok? anyone have one or ever made one similar? thanks
  11. 6.5shooter

    Primer seating tool

    Sorry I didnt even see that model! yes I would be happy with that one I think! any uk stockists have them?
  12. 6.5shooter

    Primer seating tool

    Thanks all who replied! The primal rights tool is the one I want after researching the ones suggested but $600, im not sure if its worth it for seating primers. ? The forster looks like a more sensibly priced option. It would probably be second on my list but im a bit of a tackle tart and I want the primal rights one but dont want to pay $600 ? I seen a youtube vid where someone had a lee ram prime with a DIY manual primer feed arm which looked very good! Looked like a modified primer feed from something like a dillon press.

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