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  1. We to go order this part but with the shipping it was over $100. Don’t think that it’s worth that, cheaper accordingly to just buy a new torch maybe unless anyone knows of another uk alternative?
  2. Hi all, I have a Surefire M2 centurion here that I would like to convert to LED. Has anyone on here done this and what parts do I need. thanks
  3. My inbox must be full sorry about that I will delete a few so you can try again. thanks
  4. Hi all, Im looking into getting a ‘battle belt’ setup for my different types of shooting and I’m wondering if anyone uses these on here and what make and opinions on practicality and quality? I shoot range, rifle, pistol, shotgun and hunt fox, deer, rabbit and bird. I want something that I can change out for example, for pistol shooting incorporate a holster and mag pouches along with dump pouch for empty cartridges. Hunting, pouches for range finder, magazines, first aid kit, knife etc. I would like a quality system with all of these items. Anybody able to shed any light as to
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