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  1. I was reading the thread on the new AMP case and I wondered how cartridge cases could be identified in perpetuity so that their history of encounters with an AMP press could be tracked. Has anyone ever laser etched their cartridge cases with numbers? Best regards JCS
  2. Admin I'm still having this issue. I only see three posts when I click on 'Content I Started'. Any thoughts? Regards JCS
  3. SOLD. I have for sale a set of Leica Geovid 8x42 HD-R, Y binoculars that I've owned from new. I've upgraded to another pair of Leicas, so the old ones are now for sale.Photos of binoculars£850 ono, posted to UK only via RMSD.ThanksJCS
  4. Wifi is required for firmware updates. Regards JCS
  5. Can anyone explain why I can't search for content that I have started any more? Thanks JCS
  6. I'm not normally a target shooter, but have just posted an ad on the stirton site. Unlike most forums, you can just start posting. I also post some stuff on https://www.full-bore.co.uk/index.php sometimes. Regards JCS
  7. SOLD. I have for sale a 6mm True Flite barrel. It's unchambered and in 1:8 twist. £450 ono, buyer arranges collection.Photos of barrel Barrel diameters in inches At the breech 1.233 At the breech end of the flutes 0.855 At the muzzle end of the flutes 0.705 At the muzzle 0.597 Barrel lengths Overall 31 3/8 inches Fluting starts 6 3/8 inches from breech Fluting finishes 22 1/8 inches from breech Final 9 ¼ inches to muzzle unfluted. ThanksJCS
  8. SOLD. TAB Gear cover for Jet-Z moderator, only used a couple of times. No longer required. £45 posted ono. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lp8u69dsvabqs4h/TAB Gear cover for Jet-Z moderator 2019-05-12 14.31.09.jpg?dl=0 Thanks JCS
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