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  1. shooter83


    Each time I put out a wanted add here I had some one pm. Me with "reach out to so and so in Chicago" obviously I didn't as I assumed it was a scam. Any way, who says "reach out" here. First clue it is a scam IMO.
  2. Love it. I wouldn't be able to resist either. Funniest bit of typo in ages. Blooming phone. 😂
  3. It does not have a Colt mark. I don't think they have a colt mark. Where would it be? It came if a milspec buffer tube. They only way I can identify the stick was by comparison to brownells. No bugger tube at this price. I do have a spare on I can add at an adjusted price.
  4. Came with Me Cmmg but removed and replaces when the rifle was bought. Butt stock all one is £63 in brownells. I will accept £45.posted for both. Thank you
  5. Still here and 200 posted.
  6. As above. Reticle leveller like new £15 posted Larue bipod sling swivel mount. QD picatiny. Extremely well made, machining top notch and has a very nice matte coating. After £60 posted. I believe they go for North of £100 Accushot monopod, mid height £70 posted. The adm qd rail is sold to a forum member.
  7. Reciend with thanks. Will post shortly.
  8. Drop to 175 posted. In used but almost as new condition Price drop to 165 posted. Last drop and I will just leave it on me. 22
  9. Drop to 175 posted. In used but almost as new condition
  10. As the link below. £185 posted https://www.1967spud.com/shop/range-gear/bt-ind-bt10-v8-atlas-bipod/
  11. Still here and at a price to sell
  12. Still here and reasonable offers considered
  13. shooter83

    MDT ESS or XLR Evolution

    Xlr element I have and it is great chassis. Very accurate shooting had it tourqed up for the last 2 years and rifle still shooting accurately. Previously had aics but too heavy and didn't like the look of the pistol grip on it. With the xlr you get the ergo grip which is a very ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. I have the folding mechanism on mine and happy with that too. Pm me if you want any further info

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