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  1. Will be going on a 7mm SAUM with a 20moa rail. Hoping that will be enough.
  2. After some advice on the decent quality quality scope with enough mag to spot misses at ranges up to a mile. But also enough elevation to get me out to that sort of distance. within a about £1300. Currently thinking delta or tract as options. Thanks
  3. Having looked at your pics Ronin, wish I would have contacted you regarding me build. I was going to do exactly what you have done there and open up the boltface. But those I spoke to said it would not leave enough material so we're hesitant. But looks like there is more ethan enough. The yanks have been doing it a while without anything going amiss. Nice to see those that might be into a bit of working outside the box. Can't wait to hear how it shoots. All the best
  4. When I ordered my xlr chassis through - they asked for a scan of me FAC which they included on the outside of the chassis. Customs checked it and me chassis was delivered. But it had been damaged by the carriers. Nevertheless not really a problem as Kyle at xlr replaced it within weeks for free. I did check with both MDT and Highlands about the whereabouts. MDT were very clear, and verified Ronins experience. No delay. They are shipping and fullfilling all orders. Highland told me it was down to suez canal issue causing issues at the border 😂 Not sure what to believe. Hey ho. Will
  5. Thanks for the info. Apologies for hijacking your thread. Ordered the chassis through me Smith. Will see what he says end of month.
  6. Thanks for the heads up Ronin. Wasn't sure I could order from them direct. Thought I'd have to go through an importer. Will shoot them an email and see what they say. If that's the case I'll order another for me. 308.
  7. I was looking to do the same. Open up the bolt face etc. In the end end managed to find a tikka t3 with magnum boltface. I went for 26" 1in8. M18x1. Throated for 184hybrids. But longer coal to maximise case capacity but seated to avoid 🍩. Went for mdt ess chassis. Still awaiting delivery from Highland. Usual delays due to covid etc. But looking forward to it. Mine is mag fed using mdt tikka 300wm mags. So can mag feed longer coal.
  8. Vortex solo monocular. In excellent condition. This is the ranging reticle version. 95 posted.
  9. Sent payment and after over two weeks and after various reassurances the bipod would be posted this day/that day. It still was not. He could try being open about the time frame as I don't mind waiting if I knew how long for or take payment when he can post. Just an idea.
  10. Dear all, can I pick your brains for which powder, primer and and bullet combination for 7mm rem saum. In particular is anyone using vihitavuri? For rifle in 26" barrell 8.5 twist Thank you
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