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  1. Price reduced to £2600 for a quick sale. Will include some ammo in the sale
  2. Thanks. It is a reluctant sale as i have overspent this month. 😂
  3. It is. Will get some pics. But unlike the Harris bipods this is rock solid with two thumbturn tension screws. This is desinged for heavier rifles
  4. Selling a sinclair tactical bipod. Fantastic bipod. Dare i say the best i have used. Have compared it to the likes of atlas, phoenix, tierone etc. This particular bipod eas the most versatile. Unlike the phoenix which was for me the next most stable. The leg length is perfect. You can get it really low like a Fclass bipod or high as anyone would need. Having read all the reviews, i have loctited and adjusted all the screws to make it perfect in operation. I also removed the felt pad and chsnged it for a 3mm closed cell foam pad now looks and performs amazingly. After £215 posted. I
  5. Would prefer to sell all together thanks. If the rifle stays the mod will be needed. Its a standard AR thread.
  6. As above in. 357/.38spl Again little use. Fantastic rifle and comes with williams peep sights etc. £465
  7. As above. Round count no more than 500 at best. Haven't really used it much at all. Too busy with other projects. 16" border match barrel, giesele super match semi auto trigger. Ase jet z cqb mod. The mags in the pic. Nightforce mount and nightforce 1-4 scope. Larue handguard. Luth ar amb3 stock. Best stock for this setup, for me. I tried a number before settling on this. Accuracy. It's a lantac so precission built. You dont see many of these come up for sale so asking a fair £2800 for everything. Truth be told, i have enjoyed it adorning me safe but it needs to be used.
  8. Beautiful job Ronin. Love the twisted fluting. Something about the Tikkas i cant get enough of. You need to be as creative with your props as you are with your rifle builds. Maybe a different tyre next time 😜
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