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  1. I'd go with 308 personally, unless you are shooting the shorter distance on century. Very few people shoot 6.5 in F open, especially @ 800 yds+these days. Get that accommodation booked first. You can always get a refund if you cancel 7 day+prior. 180 miles a day is nuts, the fuel saving alone will pay for it not to mention time saved and the socialising.
  2. If you join the GB Fclass league https://gbfclass.com/ you'll be able to shoot 6th > 10th (all 5 days) All distances from 300 to 1000yds. Given you're traveling, you'd do well to book into the pavillion but you'll need to be quick as accommodation will be booked up very quickly. Oh, and about 300 + rds plus plenty of money for Beer food and more beer.
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