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  1. Hi Rick, I've sent a couple of messages regarding the mounts. Not sure if you're just not seeing my PMs? Mounts haven't arrived with me yet....
  2. Can I have a pair of Tier One 30mm medium please?
  3. Sorry, Farmer7, I've had no message or email come through to me. However the rods are now sold (Although lost by Hermes)



  4. I didn't get an acknowledgement here or a PM either. Just silence......
  5. I'll take one please. If you send your details I'll sort the payment. Many thanks.
  6. Yeah I had the same from Jasonxx in the wanted section. Referring to "Steven in Texas".
  7. It's CW turrets and 0.1 MRAD clicks.
  8. Selling the above, immaculate K624i with MSR ret, boxed. It's only been on a rifle for about 200 rounds and is sitting unused currently so I think it's time to move it on. £1550 delivered. Absolutely spotless.
  9. Rifle and associated bits, case etc. now sold to the man above, thank you. Scope and mount still here which I'll relist seperatly. Thanks.
  10. It comes either with whatever you want from above as I haven't sold any accessories until I sell the rifle or in its standard CMMG form for £675
  11. No worries chaps, I'll sort through on a first come first served basis if I split it. If anyone doesn't want any extras and just wants the rifle in standard CMMG spec but including the JP trigger springs £725, it's done next to nothing. Just don't have a use for it!
  12. If anyone is interested in just the rifle alone I'd be happy to revert it to standard and sell the other bits separately.

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