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  1. Scooby-93

    6.5CM - RS70 vs RL26

    I would try RL26 with the 24” barrel, please get back to us with your findings once you begin load development
  2. Scooby-93

    Tikka 595 aftermarket trigger

    Bix & andi
  3. Scooby-93

    N150, I’ve been told

    I would open the seal on the new tub and compare the size of the Kernals, if it looks the same I would load some up at minimum and take it from there
  4. As said in my PM, if you change your mind about splitting I will take the mod F2F
  5. Scooby-93


    How does a 1.25” straight barrel at say 28/30” balance in a tactical style stock, McMillan A5 for example? Are barrels of that length and diameter better suited to heavier and longer forend socks?
  6. Scooby-93

    Murom primers required Derby

    Hannams reloading
  7. Scooby-93

    Hornady 147 eld

    I would definitely give N160 a try @SMLE what velocity are you getting @Sherlock i am getting around 2900 with 44.7gr N160
  8. Scooby-93

    Hornady 147 eld

    Seat them touching or into the lands, what powder and velocity are you getting?
  9. @borbal Will you be adding viht n555 to the software?
  10. Excellent condition Swarovski X5i 5-25x56 4wx i reticle 1/4moa clicks Includes front and rear Swarovski flip up covers Glass and scope body is perfect, parallax turret is showing slight wear - i have tried to picture it but it’s so minor camera isn’t picking it up. Realistically it is as new condition SOLD
  11. Scooby-93

    6.5x47 and 130gr ELDM's

    Not 100% but I think it’s around 39-40gr
  12. Scooby-93

    6.5x47 and 130gr ELDM's

    A friend is using n160 under 130eld I’m sure he is getting around 2900fps but with a long barrel. its not a hot load either
  13. Scooby-93

    Remington 700 sa extractor question

    Pleased you have got to the bottom of this 👍🏻

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