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  1. It’s my mate who has this set up. He kept the scope in the end and put it on a new 6.5CM Tikka CTR he treated himself to.
  2. Shytalk

    Covid 19 Virus

    Excellent ex Matelot thinking. I had suggested a 1980’s style Ex Northern Winter deployment mentality to the wife (also ex Forces) of closing up in Defence Watches (6 hours on, 6 off) State 1 Condition Zula Alpha. With off watch Action Stations in full anti-flash and foul weather gear. She declined. The time will come.
  3. It is the reason. It used to be just for ‘Avian Vermin’ but logically got accepted just as Vermin. It’s the Geese bit, despite the Canada’s status - that I still think makes it a grey area for using an FAC Shotgun against them (specifically).
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-49693003 Not sure how this one will play out. Good or bad Image shows what looks like an FAC Shotgun with the man in the picture they have used for this article Is there not an offence under a number of Acts, in relation to Shotgun mag capacity of only two cartridges for the taking of Wildbirds (without lawful exemption), game or wildfowl in the UK? Regardless of the Canada Goose status. This was also run on the BBC Look North programme on 13/09. There looks to have been the expected backlash locally.
  5. For Sale: 3 x new Tikka T3/T3x magazines 2 x 3 round, 1 x 5 round (L-Long. .25-06, 6.5x55E, .270, .30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag) and a new Atlas mag well T3/T3x bottom metal - never fitted to a stock. £155 posted to a UK Mainland address only. Not looking to split this set down. For Sale as a whole lot.
  6. Aimpoint H2 2MOA red dot sight for sale. Less than 12 months old. Rare to see for sale 2nd hand. Includes: OD Green TangoDown sight cover and ADM Picatinny/Picatinny QD lever mount. Has only been used a couple of times. £475 inc UK Mainland postage.
  7. For sale - built just over a year ago by Baldie (Valkyrie Rifles): Blue printed Rem 700 action, 20 inch Shilen .243 1-8 barrel. Tactical bolt handle, steel 0 MOA rail, Timney Calvin Elite trigger. Accuracy International AX folding stock (black/olive green) with the full rail kit. 3 AX magazines 2x5 round, 1x10 round. Action, barrel and bolt all Cerakote Mil OD green. Invisible thread cap. ASE jet-Z moderator. Genuine AI sling with HK clips. This was a compact folding rifle project that more than achieved the aim, with exceptional accuracy and adaptability. Very reluctant sale. Significant saving on new - priced at £2700. Will deliver/transfer within 100 miles of Harrogate.
  8. Swarovski X5 P 3-18x50 BRM reticle in as new condition. Purchased just over a year ago. Complete with Third Eye Tactical TAC two piece mounts (34mm with 30mm inserts). Scope is also fitted with a genuine Swarovski aluminium objective flip cover. Total new price (all items inclusive) would be in the region of £2460. Excellent kit, reluctant sale. Complete with box and original sale items. Will deliver for the right buyer within 100 miles of Harrogate. Collection welcome. Offers in the region of £1850, may split. Scope pics as per the Valkyrie Rem Ax thread.
  9. Some great targets at reasonable prices from both sites. Picked up a few ideas too. Thank you.
  10. Good point. I have some smaller frames to get organised with 6x6" or 4x4" plates. Obviously each size plate goes with each frame. We proved that they can be carted into position over a moor (or retrieved) whilst also shouldering Aim bags, range bags and brew kit! They had to be compact enough to throw into the truck and break down to carry. Simple design ideas there. Think this type of thing can be more modular though. Appreciate if the land allowed it, that you could have a frame left in place (wood or bar) along with the plates, and then just need to carry a spray can wth you after that. The steel used is the biggest cost unless you want to bash low quality plates, even with less enthusiastic calibres.
  11. I am sure a few people will have gone down this path. Had a thought towards putting together a few steel targets. Fortunate enough to have access to enough safe and practical land to try them out. Have already pulled a few single stand targets into shape and will be testing them soon. The most simple and basic idea to face up to the challenge - has been a standard over frame with stamping-in posts. The shackle/plate option holds up well but may need some end stops adding either side of the shackles to stop the plate jumping sideways. Chains could also be added. The 8x8 inch manganese steel plate has held up so far - against .308/.243/.22-250 and .223. Showing minimal indentations (over a gentle start at 200-450 yards) on softpoints and ballistic tips etc. Bit of cheap spray paint and they get back up to speed. Looking for any more design pointers and advice from anyone else who may have done the same thing. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the poor pic quality. Had to down size the image a bit.
  12. Shytalk

    Oddments from this month

    All looks good Dave. Like the AX colour. May have gone for that one.
  13. Shytalk

    Benelli sling

    I have one of the same. I got a GG&G rear sling attachment that fits on the rear of the action. It increases the stock length slightly but it is a solid piece of kit. I then made a sling from 2 HK hooks and an old SA80 sling. Easy side mounting option and great for quickly binning the sling off while in a pigeon hide etc.
  14. Shytalk

    Jacket quest......will it never end

    Another decent jacket as a green goretex shell is the Harkila Laponia. As above, not overly quiet but worthwhile. I got one because it was half price as a throw in the truck work jacket. Makes for a good paclite layer. For stalking (waterproof and smock'wise) I am currently trialling a Swedteam Pro Titan smock. Expensive but seems to be a fair piece of kit.

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