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  1. Private Marker

    Jack Russell

    Any news on this Ronin? We are now down to two dogs, after losing the older lurcher last week
  2. Some butt markers already wear PPE then again some wear none at all.....
  3. Private Marker

    Red alert

    Is this the same incident?
  4. Private Marker

    DIO Close Ranges again

    You do need to be an NRA member, or be a member of an affiliated club. The target is up to you. If you go manual, do get in touch with me if you need a private marker.
  5. Private Marker


    Welcome to the forum Tello!
  6. Private Marker


    I would have called 999 too. Usually "shots fired" gets the plod's attention.
  7. Private Marker

    New Defender

    I have to disagree about the emissions and fuel economy. I have a 1988 7.5 ton Ford Cargo. Minimec mechanical pump, nearly 7L Dover six pot 5 speed manual. No air ride seats, no aircon, not even an immobiliser. Driven carefully, I get 25-30mpg. That's MPG many modern transit custom owners would kill for. The emissions have passed the VOSA commercial MOT consistently.
  8. Private Marker

    New Defender

    electronics. Exactly. Anything you fill with electronics will suffer some way or another. Take the two and a quarter out, stick a Di in (sans PATS obv) and off you go. Again and again and again.
  9. Private Marker

    New Defender

    Harsh. Define reliable. Does it start in all weathers? Stop when you want it to? Change gear when required? That's the test of reliability. Up to recently, the real defender did all of those things. A nice comfy seat, metallic paint and on board computer that tells you the outside temperature and how many miles to new gearbox oil is not a measure of reliability. I suspect the army won't be taking the latest landy into a battle situation.
  10. Private Marker

    New Defender

    To be fair, landies were never meant to be be big load carriers. Now even less so.
  11. Private Marker

    New Defender

    Just pop rivet a nice big chequer plate onto the bonnet. That will do it!
  12. Private Marker

    New Defender

    I bet they don't.
  13. Private Marker

    New Defender

    I'm in lurve!
  14. Private Marker

    New Defender

    I bet the army are desperate to buy a load of those new defenders
  15. Private Marker


    Not at all. What I called unbelievable was the construction quality and location of the range. I doubt anybody on here would disagree that there was no common sense applied to either aspects, let alone how the place was operated. The law should be basically common sense, and enforcing it is the last resort when common sense isn't present. How is that condemning any law abiding shooters?

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