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  1. Private Marker


    Better late than never. Happy New Year!
  2. Private Marker

    Happy New Year

    I look forward to it!! :)
  3. Private Marker

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everybody! Here's hoping next year will be better than this one. See you on the range soon.
  4. It's personal choice isn't it? Within the rules, obviously.
  5. I would say go for it. You are allowed to go for exercise, and there's no rule as to how far you have to travel. The reality is there's no police around here to stop you or question you. I don't think armed response on Short Siberia would care either.
  6. Take it from me there's not a lot of evidence that Bisley cares. From the dead earwigs in the hand gel (for weeks) to the social distancing notices in the bins in the butts, you would think the pandemic was over! I went to speak to a member of staff. I was the only one wearing a mask. It's more like what Roy W said, it's a business decision due to lack of cutomers.
  7. Fair enough then. PM sent
  8. Once again interesting. I was availble thurs PM, on century AM private.
  9. I think you will find it's not just small bookings that are messed around with. They cancelled three targets recently sighting lack of markers. As for most of the staff being on furlough, some have just been made redundant.
  10. I was surprised Bisley closed (as it was clear from gov.org.uk they could remain open). Now they are opening as they did after the first lockdown, on electronic targets only. That's me off work for the foreseeable then! Bisley put in an awful lot of Covid measures when they reopened after the first lockdown. I don't see why they are coming to nothing now. As for their customers travelling, thats not for the NRA to police. From a business perspective, it's probably that the business won't be there. It certainly won't be if they restrict shooters to hourly bookings on electronic targets. Merry Christmas everybody, 2021 isn't starting off too well.
  11. Private Marker


    Welcome to the forum, better late than never!
  12. Private Marker

    Ranges Shut Again

    Erm, Bisley is closed. See you there in December. Hopefully.
  13. Private Marker

    Jack Russell

    Any news on this Ronin? We are now down to two dogs, after losing the older lurcher last week
  14. Some butt markers already wear PPE then again some wear none at all.....
  15. Private Marker

    Red alert

    Is this the same incident?

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