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  1. I was going to suggest LERA but it sounds like you have a buyer!
  2. Private Marker

    Quad bike insurance

    That's odd, sorry for the misinfo.
  3. Private Marker

    Quad bike insurance

    Have you tried NFU? Farmers often have quad bikes and the NFU insure all sorts of stuff. I've got a recovery truck with them and I'm not a farmer! 😁
  4. Private Marker

    2019 European FTR champion.

    Here's hoping for another success this year Dan!
  5. I misread that as loser applies the sauce and was going to ask to where. I'll get me coat......
  6. Private Marker

    NRA survey on a limited September TR Imperial

    It's now clear the competitions are going ahead. I can confirm that there will be NRA markers as I am in possession of an application form.
  7. Good to know Deserttech! Bisley didn't have the target centres so I had to improvise. All part of the service!
  8. Ended up stapling the circles on to the target. It worked OK, don't think anybody noticed. Unless they read this......
  9. I went with circles of white paper in the end. I usually have pritt stick in me kit. Let you know how l get on tomorrow.
  10. I am thinking a roll of white fablon actually. :)
  11. Sorry to drag up an old thread. I can't get hold of the 5" white target centres for clients. The NRA are no help. At this rate l will be doing a Blue Peter with 3" centres! Any ideas?
  12. Private Marker


    Just tried to PM you, it said you can't recieve messages Deserttech!
  13. Private Marker


    1200 is Stickledown, to the right hand side of the range only. There are maybe four electronic targets that side of the range, I have marked 1200, but very rarely.
  14. Private Marker

    Markers Bisley

    Hmmmm, there's a suspicion that Bisley are only booking the young markers because they are cheaper than those over 25. All I can say for sure is they aren't booking the older markers. If you don't want a bored teenager on your target, best book a private marker.....
  15. Private Marker

    NRA survey on a limited September TR Imperial

    I get what you mean Leeman, maybe I didn't put it clearly. Either way, according to the NRA Bible, it doesn't look unusual for shooters to mark targets in competitions, if there's a shortage of markers.

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