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  1. Good catch Bradders. Fantastic knife at a fantastic price.
  2. I have the Above scope for sale (except its 4.5-14x50. Can't alter title) Illuminated fine duplex reticle. In excellent condition with no ring marks and perfect lenses. There is a very small scratch on the battery cap as pictures will show. Has recently been back to Leupold for a service (lifetime warranty) as there was a tiny speck of ?dust that only showed up with illuminated ret on its highest setting (documents from Leupold included). Three batteries and all paperwork and box. No scope caps. Great scope but too many bells and whistles for me. Can email photos as sit
  3. Decided against that and sent it to Baldie instead
  4. I would look no further than SAK too. Cheap, light and very effective. Spend extra money saved on ammo and shoot more
  5. Cheers fella. had .25mm in my head so was pretty much in the ball park.
  6. Have access to a lathe and a man who can use it well (engineer rather than gunsmith) so this is an option. How much clearance is needed between bush and barrel?
  7. Evening all, Would any of the 'smiths of this parish be able to turn the bush from my new DPT moderator to fit my rifle please? I am happy to pay for services of course, Many thanks Rik.
  8. +1 for this. Mine has survived rattling round in my work bag for years and makes fantastic coffee
  9. My "out the box" remmy sps .243 willshoot .5 moa with home loads all day. It does now reside in a hogue stock though (full ally bedding block).
  10. If .243 action is same as .223 then I'll take this stock please.
  11. Hi gazzar15. Just waiting for the man above to get back to me and I'll be in touch asap if that's OK. Rik
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