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  1. baldie

    Murom primers required Derby

    Forget I said anything fella's. Crack on.
  2. baldie

    Bad Rock South Fork

    Its a Defiance Tenacity action [ I use them ] Custom barrel, MDT stock, trigger tech. You could have that built here for less money than importing one.
  3. baldie

    Murom primers required Derby

    Think I still have a 1000 in the shop Scotch, yours if you want to pick them up. No charge.
  4. baldie

    Murom primers required Derby

    No idea how its happened, but the cutting on the bolt face would indicated leakage around the edge. Perhaps they were used in loose pockets. You never get the full story second hand, but those were the primers used, and enough for me to stop selling them personally. Perhaps with them being so hard, gas is taking the path of least resistance, ie, around a loose pocket.
  5. baldie

    Murom primers required Derby

    I've seen several damaged bolts of late, with horrendous gas cutting into them. That bad, the only remedy is welding up. The common denominator was Murom primers..... Scotch....get some CCI450's, they are just over half the price of the BR4, and work better in 6.5 x 47 anyway.
  6. baldie

    Bullet Jump

    No Terry, sierra match kings, but the new style they all seem to now be, with a factory point. Stunning bullets.
  7. baldie

    7 saum in AW Mag

    Its not the feed lips that will be the issue in a double stack AW mag...its the follower. Its cut for a 308 width case. The saum is fatter. You may get 2-3 in and feed, but it will always be dodgy. Altering the follower would work The AW is longer internally than the AICS.
  8. baldie

    Bullet Jump

    I use a variety really. i always go to sierra first, as their bullets are always good quality, affordable, and most importantly, available. Their current target offerings all seem to be of the new type, with a factory pointed meplat , which is clean, square and proper. Always a bonus.... They are bringing new stuff out regular, I got in a few 6mm 107 and 110's yesterday, and these look very interesting, as a "heavy for cal" bullet with great BC's. The only tipped bullet i use is the ELDM in 225 grain in my Norma Mag. After working up a load, I shot it the next day at Diggle in a 1000 yds F class friendly. During the "blowing off" period, i hit a tennis ball, 4 shots in a row, and the gun [an AXMC, i Barrelled ] finished one point behind the winning F class score. Those work nicely. If you fancy a tipped bullet, check out Pete at MME bullets, he makes some very nice stainless tipped bullets, at a far better price than A-tips. Upon giving some a once over, I was staggered by the quality. Every bullet was actually identical in weight and measurement....but they are handmade. Not tried them at range yet, but certainly good at 100 yards.
  9. baldie

    Hornady 6mm Arc

    Its an AR15 cartridge, I've ran one, and built several for many years. Its the 6mmAR with its shoulders bumped back a gnats. Its a very good cartridge, and a game changer in an AR. I could have sold a lot more had the dies been accessible. The ARC will sell. Bolt gun ? nah....its a ppc.
  10. baldie

    Defiance in Creedmoor.

    6.5 Terry. Dont knock it.... Think i'm on my 6th reamer in 10 years....and I very rarely wear a reamer out. The 6 is starting to become more common now too, especially after Lapua brought out the brass, and its showing great promise with some of the heavy hornady/sierra bullets now available.
  11. baldie

    Bullet Jump

    Another interesting one from a few weeks ago, was a customers 7 Rsaum i built on a Bat/bartlien. The guy is a meticulous loader, and managed a super load at 100-800 yards. It wouldn't hold it together at 1000 and 1200 though. Then he showed me his bullets. Bergers, and the biggest pile of sh1t, i've seen in a long time. When the bullet meplat is at 45 degrees, and jagged, You really should know you are pissing in the wind. Replaced with a Hornady tipped bullet, and he's now hammering the 1200 yards at Stickledown. Just because the "top" shooters endorse them, doesn't mean they are any good. Test for yourself !
  12. My favourite style of gun, and the style I would say really embodies a classic tactical rig. I started with a Defiance Deviant action, to which was fitted a Bartlien rev varmint profile, 1-8" blank. Muzzle thread and invisible cap, and also has a Jet Z moderator. All metalwork in Cerakote H series Magpul FDE. The trigger is a Triggertech diamond unit. The stock chosen was a McMillan A5, and then the work started. First job was to mill it out for a Tier one floor plate, then bed that in, once aluminium pillar had been fitted to the stock. Then the action was bedded, and the top bedding, married to the bottom, which gives a rock solid action/floorplate interface, sandwiched between pillars, and absolutely removes the need for a torque wrench. Nothing can move, stretch, stress etc. Once all that was finished, the gun was dry fitted, and everything checked, for clearance fit, such as the barrel channel, bolt stop etc, and enough room allowed for stock paint. The stock was prepped, and then done in Ceracote Magpul FDE and OD green. sealed under a matt lacquer. I enjoy building all guns, but these are special.
  13. baldie

    Bullet Jump

    i would guess at the different bearing lengths, or possible one type has a similar angle to the rifling leade. Secants, while sometimes have the accuracy edge, are known to travel transonic usually worse thanTangent. however the tangent gives up BC to the secant. Both important things to consider when its seriously long range. My favourite bullet in .308 is the scenar 167. Its a tangent bullet, doesn't have a wonderful bc, and is basically a glittery brick. It does go transonic/subsonic very well though. I've used it from a 20" AI at 1000 yards, and scored very well with it. Barrel length not suitable for such a range, but it works with that particular bullet. Ideally though, you would have a cartridge that came nowhere near transonic, at the range you are shooting at. I do think that seating depth, is married to barrel time/harmonics. If you see two separate sweet spots, say 0.100" apart, that could well be the difference in the muzzle end, doing one full revolution, harmonically. I dont know, I dont have the equipment, or the knowledge to measure such a thing. A barrel tuner would probably show such a thing up though. On the .338 subject, I've almost always run Scenar 250's and 300's, until I happened upon a 500 box of the 250 SMK's. Hell, the gun went from a half inch gun, to a quarter inch gun, simply down to the shape. no mean feat in a 338, where recoil and shooter fatigue, usually prevent tiny groups. For all my shooting, i search for a half inch 100 yards load, that isn't fussy on seating depth, doesn't walk when it get hot, and will hold it further out. Shooting tactical comps, CSR, gonging etc, will rapidly see a tiny accuracy advantage at 100 blown into the weeds , when you are up and down, off obstacles, running etc. The minuscule group chasing is time better spent, actually shooting. Again, only applies to me personally, and the disciplines I shoot.
  14. baldie

    Bullet Jump

    A good rule of thumb Terry, is Ogive shape. Tangent will happily jump from anywhere, Secant is always jump sensitive. Its a broad rule, but generally correct. The reason I shoot sierra's in anything, where possible. Nothing worse than a bullet that is 5 thou sensitive, its as much use as tits on a boar.

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