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  1. A 1-8" will still shoot the 58 grain v-max. Its about all I ever fit to .243's as it will cover all bases .
  2. Nope, nope , nope. The threads haven't seized. Carbon from the brake sticks at certain points inside the moderator, acting as a "key" which locks. If its jammed solid [and they almost never are ] it needs soaking to soften the carbon. The very common mistake most people make, is forgetting its a l/h thread, or removing the brake/mod and putting it in the vice, but still trying to remove it the wrong way. I've had 3 the same recently, all apparently "seized solid" They were'nt. People do not clean the mods as they should, and its this lack of maintenance that
  3. Think I have stock, also got the steel 25 round ones.
  4. baldie

    224 Valkyrie

    I use the CPD 6.8's Dave. Brownells, if they have any. I'll check if I have any in stock, and they could go via our man .
  5. Yep, mine, I can do them in that thread, no problem.
  6. I think you will be hard pressed to find anything light enough to stabilise in what is indeed, a 1-14" twist. The general rule of thumb when wanting to shoot solids, is to go one full inch/twist faster , than you would for a jacketed bullet.
  7. baldie

    224 Valkyrie

    Grendel mags won't work Dave, the cartridges are not the same diameter. The 6.8 mags usually require a tweak, but will work once addressed. Thats quite stunning accuracy with factory ammo. any idea on the barrel twist ? Bet its a 1-6.5" or a 1-7?.
  8. Really ? The rifle will be built and sold , here in the UK.
  9. All the rifles you see "on test" are PRE PRODUCTION PROTOTYPES. The rifle hasn't been released yet, so quite why people are taking orders and giving prices , is beyond me.
  10. here's the win mag on the left.......
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