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  1. This very subject was proved in court by Jackson rifles. The proof house lost, so you therefore have a legal ruling.
  2. No. There is no requirement to proof sound moderators.
  3. Fill your profile in, as per forum rules please.
  4. Fill your profile in, as per forum rules please.
  5. The Bifrost is an injection moulded stock. Looking at the ones I have in stock, the insides of where the stock bolts go through is hollow. That means if you mill into the stock, to accept the DBM, there would be no support there at all. Fit pillars to cure the issue ? Nothing there to bond them too. Pretty sure i've seen a pic somewhere, with one in, but how it was bodged to work, i don't know. Trouble is, you are working, and possibly weakening an area, that needs to me more rigid, not less. If you like the bifrost shape, then go for the Beserk instead. Its a nylon moulded stock, but its solid, and will accept a floor plate mod, no problem, i've done quite a few.
  6. The thread is M24 x 1, and there are 24 increments giving 15 degrees each.
  7. Should have been a holiday today, but agreed to see a chap with some work [ who never showed up ! ] So i thought i'd do a bit for me, for a change. Moving the thought process on from the barrel mounted brake I made earlier, which works a treat, I realised, should a customer want one, it would entail too much work, and a re-proof, when the barrel is machined. This unit is completely self contained, and doesn't alter the rifle in any way. Looking around the internet, I saw Harrel's did a tuner fitted to a brake, so that sent me scurrying for the micrometer. I wanted to fit one to my 3 port brake, as its a timed unit, and locked on. The brake was big enough to allow a thread to be machined onto its outside, for a tuner to run on. I allowed 4 full turns, though it won't need one, just to be sure. Machined up the tuner to clear the barrel nicely [it fits over the barrel ] and fitted three grub screws, to lock it in position with, once the correct mark is found. Into the dividing head on the engraver, and a lick of cerakote in the marks did the trick nicely. This is fitted to my .224 Valkyrie, which is shooting very well now with 77g TMK's. I want to use the 85 g RDF's too, but from previous experience, they are very length sensitive. I think i will be able to seat them , where I want them, not the gun, and tune them in at that desired length. Thats the theory anyway, whether it works or not, only time will tell, and the range re opens. All good fun, and made a refreshing change !
  8. Looking at pics of the muzzle mounted ones, they are a simple idea, which requires nothing more than a muzzle thread, though I would guess, it could do with being a tad longer than normal. I'll knock up a different design when I get time.
  9. Funnily enough Matt, one of the lads had a brake on his AR15 the other day, which had a tuner built in it.
  10. Who knows Sean. One-offs are never a problem. Coming up with a size that would fit a range of barrel profiles and what tuner thread they could accept could be a bit of a challenge. Getting them cnc machined would be the easy bit.
  11. Fill your profile in please.
  12. baldie

    Auction, may be interesting to some.

    Only used an Auctioneer once. To sell a load of Taxidermy. They managed to "lose" the only valuable piece. A Peter Spicer mounted otter mask. Thieves.
  13. I've been experimenting over Christmas with a couple of home made tuners. After looking at the frankly, stupid prices charged here, for the EC ones, I did some digging and came up with my own design. There is not much info out there, quite, simply, because there is not much to tell. Tuners are simply a threaded piece of tube. Not difficult to make with a lathe, dividing head, and an engraving machine. I aimed for a weight of around 4oz, but i used a finer thread than the yanks do. Made one for a new 6.5 x 47 barrel for one of my AI's, and also one for my 6XC, which i'm currently working loads up for. Had the XC up to Diggle, and shot 2 shot at progressive targets, and 3 when they touched. It quite rapidly shows you how it works. I had 3 nodes in 10 clicks, each division being 10 degrees. I was just going to shoot groups, and the trigger died. Back yesterday, and proved the theory....works beautifully. Pics later.
  14. baldie

    My new Brake.

    New stock just in, hot off the CNC man.

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