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  1. Another vote for the 7Rsaum. I've built several, and its a very accurate round indeed, and one of them, like 6.5 x47, 6mmBr etc etc, that you could load with dog sh1t, and it will shoot. Works on your magnum bolt face, and out of a .300 win mag, magazine. The Valkyrie is a 6.8 SPC bolt face, and available in a bighorn action. I've just finished one, and if its fine today, hopefully get some pics.
  2. Whilst its marked wrongly, the important bit [ 5/8" x 24 tpi ] is marked up, so it will fit your gun. Some of the Finnish mods simply state 5/8" unf, which technically should only be 18 TPI. The UNEF thread was one I cut very rarely over the last ten years, and all of a sudden, every bloody thing has it on. This was a tikka thing originally, as their major market is the states, and Bergara have followed suit. When a european manufacturer uses an American thread, its a big hint where most end up. Strangely enough in the states, they don't use many different threads at all. If its a 22 centre fire, they usually fit 1/2" x 28 which is the std AR15 thread, or 5/8 x 24 on anything bigger, such as an AR10 or any varmint barrel. They dont do metric.
  3. Its incorrectly marked. 5/8"UNF is 18 threads per inch. 5/8"UNEF is 24 threads per inch.
  4. 5/8" x 18 is UNF, and 5/8" x 24 is UNEF [ unified extra fine ]
  5. baldie

    Incompetent RFD

    The proof house lost two cases against a gunsmith I believe, who counterbored a barrel many years ago, and also against a moderator importer, who is a qualified engineer, and proved in court that shortening and screw cutting, does NOT weaken a barrel. On the 1st of Jan, 2013, the proof house decided to stamp muzzles, threaded or not, simply to stop people threading them and not proofing. Removal of the mark means the gun has to be re proofed before sale.
  6. baldie

    Incompetent RFD

    Agree with everything you say John. It is an assumption, but its one I would not have to defend in court. Accidents happen these days, and people get dry bummed because they didn't cover their arses.
  7. baldie

    Incompetent RFD

    The very first thing an Insurance company would investigate, upon an accident happening, is whether a gun was in proof or not. If there wasn't enough of it left to see, the serial number would, or would not have gone through the proof house. I think we can all take a pretty good guess as to whether they would pay out or not. I dont believe anyone shooting an unproved gun on a public range is covered by the range insurance, and until someone shows me it in black and white, I will continue to insure myself for such un proofed used, which quite frankly, I never use anyway. I dont have to proof my own guns, but I do, because I would not put other people in uninsured areas of risk. The ranges turn a blind eye to it, I know they do. One day it will bite them on the arse. Proof is not an oiled round anymore. Specifically designed loads working up from a computer, and through test barrels with pressure monitoring equipment. Book a tour of the Birmingham proof house chaps. Its absolutely fascinating, and dispels all the usual rubbish about the process. The loading rooms are a real eye opener.
  8. baldie


    A pretty nice AR10 which went out recently. Cross machine billet upper/lower, and fitted with a Sassen cut blank at 20" , and chambered in .308win. My usual side charging conversion. The new muzzle brake. Magpul UBR stock and grip Midwest industries fore end. Cerakote Armour black Paintwork.
  9. baldie

    Incompetent RFD

    It always intrigues me where these "unproved" guns are shot ? Because if you on an approved home office/NRA range, I'll bet a pound to a pinch of S*it , you are not insured. Nor would you be on private land either. Certainly not by range insurance. I have a special clause in my own RFD insurance, SPECIFICALLY to shoot unproved guns, and it was expensive.
  10. baldie

    McMillan & badger actions

    I have one McMillan G30 magnum long action left, but its only available as part of a build.
  11. baldie

    Arca / Swiss rail systems

    My friends comes with the fittings, and , I have to say, is far better made than that one.
  12. baldie

    .22Lr Training rifle

    This is the ARCA rail, asked about in the other thread guys.
  13. baldie

    Arca / Swiss rail systems

    Nope, its an engineering pal of mine, who does a fair bit of shooting. If you look at my .22 rimfire thread, I have one on that AT.
  14. Thats fine, it gives your location, for potential buyers, thank you.

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