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  1. I am on the look out now so any leads are appreciated thanks
  2. No I never thought about it to be fair I was just looking at the x35 n/f or the x50 delta or the x25 pm11?? I want high mag really so x30 is a minimum max zoom if you get my thinking, finding a 12-50 pm11 is the other task but I would definitely be interested in one
  3. Very interesting thanks for that information,maybe the x30 is a better choice ? Or the pm11? Oh gif I just can’t decide
  4. Yea it’s looking like either the sfp delta 5-50-56 or the second hand pm11!! I do think the 4.5-30 delta is better than the atacr at last light so I am maybe being to much of a scope snob by trying to get another atacr just.
  5. My decision is hard in the way that I like my atacr that I have and I also have x30 power deltas and they are good for the money I’m just not a 100% on the 5-50 delta reticle so atacr would be the way but price is a issue unless I can find a nice second hand 7-35?? The pm11 will b a good hardy scope I’m convinced of that but I think the delta and atacr are more advanced
  6. Hi What would you buy a second hand atacr 7-35-56 or should I buy a pm11 or a new delta stryker 5-50-56? I need a long range high power scope for a new rifle.
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