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  1. Dellboy

    Rps bipod?

    if its AI related he will know
  2. Dellboy

    Rps bipod?

    no the BR question
  3. Dellboy

    Rps bipod?

    Baldie will know the answer to that
  4. Dellboy


    Is there a very good mp5 copy available by any of the manufacturers ? Obviouly UK legal so 22 friend of mine has the hots for one
  5. Dellboy

    MARS Rifles?

    time has flown by . I did mention the clever boockocing effectively making them worthl;ess without the need for compensation ... Whats next ? Later date could be 20 years
  6. Dellboy

    MARS Rifles?

    so they have brococked them
  7. Dellboy

    Australian International Arms

    any idea of the price
  8. Australian International Arms No4 Type Model M10-A1 Calibre 7.62x39mm anyone experience with them some seem to say they are not that good ? thanks in advance
  9. Dellboy

    Sphur or Tier One Mounts?

    you wont be sorry

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