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  1. so while not illegal a possible awkward moment with the FLO ? I was trying to explain this to a club member who has just put in a variation for a long list of calibres he hasnt currently got ... but he knows best he apparently is making full amunition .
  2. If you started loading calibres not on your licence its obviously an offence, but if you had all the components to reload ,dies heads cases (and they were not usable with a calibre you did posses ) would it be regarded as an offence ?
  3. A friend of mine has purchased a 410 and a 28bore for his other half and his 2 kids to get them into clay shooting and they are hooked . So is there an economical way to load them ? I did think the lee load all but it doesnt do 28 or 410 (thought they used too ) eventually they will upgrade to 20 and 12 bores but currently he is doing around 120 four ten and 60 28's a session is a mec 600 the only answer ?
  4. nothing close and they allready run game shoots there so all good on that front
  5. Has anyone on here set up an informal practical shotgun range or indeed a 3 gun range ? I suddenly have the space (i think) to do it just need some ideas
  6. was using it two weeks ago at Daves place might have been one of my times just looking for a cheaper alternative (the clubs tight ) will it work with airsoft ?
  7. Dave does that work with Airsoft ?
  8. Further advance in dragging a club into the 20th ( i know one century at a time ) century . We need a shot timer any suggestions please ???? price as always is a consideration ...
  9. I was suprised how moch faster i was with the Sig to the old school MP5 , As always i was the limiting factor lol . Certainly is a lot of gear to choose from will be trying to get back before Christmas
  10. Thanks to Dave (ds1 on here ) Czech Tactical Pursuits for the weekend oh and Craig for the holster (shadow doesnt fit mine .......)
  11. Well after 2 years of waiting to be allowed out to play the planets aligned . Flights on offer at 29.99 return (plus the seat booking fees of £4 each way, wouldnt let me stand ) Slack time work wise Pass isued by the managment Double jabbed Czech accepting UK residents . So Mask on and a drive to Stanstead heading to Brno Met by Dave at the airport (2hours later ) and off for some food then to the accomadation . Pick up after breakfast and down to the range , My choice was to get back into the pistol shooting (bit rusty after 2 years ) and
  12. you mean you would hope ....
  13. Club Secetary had a call during the week as some had been bought on a club ticket and i watched one guy hand in around 200 a was refunded . They would have the contact details for any purchaser wouldnt they ? Only trying to save someone some aggro but .....
  14. Apparently anthing bought after June this year from Bisly is suspect . Wouldnt give me batch numbers but they were blamming weak cases .....
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