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  1. My AT has a rounded allen head bolt in the bottom of the pistol grip, does anyone know the size and thread pitch or where replacements are available please. thanks
  2. Still for sale, Some world-class time wasters in here! Some real next level stuff 😂
  3. Two boxes of 6.5cm 143gr Eldx precision hunter. £40 a box bought in person of course. Dunstable based. Thanks
  4. Hi mate not at this time sorry! I would potentially sell it with the stock
  5. Rifle secured today, from a member on here. Thanks all for discussion.
  6. Thanks for a comprehensive reply, I'm talking ATs with barrel serials beginning with a 3, and barrel serials beginning with a 5.
  7. Well that's positive! I've been told the opposite and I'm inclined to believe that. Unless I've been fed a pack of lies which is of course possible. But when I spoke to certain people and mentioned the specifics of what I had been told, they were in agreement immediately, when it was in their best interests to say its nonsense. Anything beginning with a 3 is likely a much better barrel than anything beginning with a 5. Some poor results from 5 serialed rifles etc.
  8. It was a joke, you've come in here for an argument, and you'll sadly be left arguing with yourself old boy.
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