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  1. Can’t see why not, it’s just like a big rifle after all
  2. srvet

    Ordering the right scope rings

    I used a Tier one rail and medium tier one rings. Some rails (like Farrell) are quite thick and can add significant height
  3. I can confirm it’s new owner is delighted with how this project has turned out. Just on with case prep and initial loads so will post the results!
  4. srvet

    Viht n550/n150 or RS 60/62

    Have you tried AC Firearms near Ingleton? Andrew normally has a good stock http://www.acfirearms.co.uk/
  5. I wonder how many automatic traps are involved with one of those big clay events.... and the cost of those would be.... hundreds of thousands. Not to mention the staff costs ground hire and cost of clays and infrastructure to keep the traps fed. Surely way more than 50 steel targets you would assume
  6. srvet

    Ulfhednar Winter Bolt Comp Video

    Those SSG look slicker than a greased weasel!!
  7. Very very cool rifle Edi. Is it controlled round feed?
  8. This is completely true and it may be that the land owner has been significantly involved. Potentially this may well transpire to be to everyone’s loss, including his own, if the range cannot be used due to inadequate danger area.
  9. srvet

    308 hunting loads

    The very best I have come across after using many soft points and conventional bullets for deer over a 20 + year period is the Barnes 130g TTSX at 3000fps. My load is 46g H4895 but I have also used N135 and N140 (can’t remember the charge weights). Very few roe take a single step and the reds I have shot have never gone far at all either. Very little meat damage either.
  10. Completely agree with you on this one. No winners anywhere with this situation
  11. You would hope not, but it is what I have heard. Clearly rumour may or may not be true
  12. My understanding is that the FCSA do not have permission to use the land surrounding the range that is not owner by Nether Cassock farm as a danger area. There is a property boundary within a few yards of the thousand yard target.
  13. I suppose the big question is have FCSA got approval from the powers that be (Scottish government, police etc) to use the land as a firing range considering the lack of safety zone?
  14. srvet

    New component parts to be numbered ?

    I believe Terry is correct that the barrels are not serial numbered but possessing a chambered blank needs to be listed on an FAC
  15. When you spin up the lighter barrel will you use another barrel extension or thread the barrel into one common extension? I look forward to being beaten by such a fine looking stick 😂

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