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  1. Ha ha thats very kind but I agree that a little white baggy might be a bit suspicious!! Where did you get yours from?
  2. I am getting to the end of my moly coated bullets (bought with a coating in place) and am looking at HBN as a possible successor. What are peoples impressions of HBN - is it worthwhile, does it improve cold bore accuracy and barrel life or is it a waste of time?
  3. I really like that, very unusual but lovely at the same time! Who did the work?
  4. Hmm … freedom bucket doesn’t sound like match quality fodder to me but I am happy to be corrected. I would try some decent 55g , 69 grain and 75 grain bullets and see what the rifle likes. Just because it has a fast twist barrel doesn’t mean it won’t shoot lighter bullet weights
  5. Marsupial gear are fantastic, I carry my RF Binos in one with a side mounted G36 Mag pouch for the XQ38 thermal. I ordered direct from the US
  6. Can I ask which scope you had mounted, Im looking to mount a S&B 5-25 PMII and see that some scopes dont fit this type of mount. Cheers
  7. The video was well made and the bullet trace was very visible but the shot wasn’t good at all. The elevation was perhaps 20cm too high and the deer was killed by chance rather than by good judgement and precise shooting. I personally would be trying to forget the shot rather than putting it up on the internet. All it shows is the hunter was shooting beyond his abilities.
  8. Can I ask if the elevation is CW or CCW on this scope, I can’t get the pictures to load
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