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  1. But the properties of the underlying barrel may change with heat, or are you saying that barrel steel is immune to expansion and contraction with heating and cooling?
  2. I am interested. Cut or button rifled? What is the shank diameter?
  3. srvet

    375 Load Enquiry

    Did you get any further with this? I loaded my 375 with the 300g TSX /RS60 and got up to 2611fps when I hit the first pressure signs. Haven’t had chance to group test it yet but looks promising!
  4. I have had a 7RM for years and love it dearly. My son has just bought a 300 WSM with the intention to use it as a hill stalking rifle and I must say I am quite impressed so far. With minimal work up we have a load for the 130g TTSX that hovers at the 3600fps mark with no pressure signs whatsoever and 0.5-0.6 MOA accuracy. If I were looking to change I personally would seriously consider a WSM.
  5. The comps so far have been out to 1000 but no further - can’t say whether this will always be the case. As Andy said the COF is only released on the day ( which is as it should be to avoid cheating.... I’ll say no more !! 🤭)
  6. You are welcome, what calibre are you after??
  7. Have you had a look at the Holts sealed bid auction under section 5. There are two single shot humane killers and a selection of revolvers that could be readily converted at sensible cost. Just a thought.... https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/fullCatalogue.asp?salelot=S2020+++3826+&refno=++145777&saletype= https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/fullCatalogue.asp?salelot=S2020+++3823+&refno=++152929&saletype= https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/fullCatalogue.asp?salelot=S2020+++3847+&refno=++154380&saletype=
  8. I would expect the longer 7RM case will be easier to get to feed than a short stumpy SAUM. You could consider a 7mm Practical (7mm-300 Win Mag) as I don’t think the case forming is arduous. The only disadvantage of the 7 Rem Mag is the belted case
  9. srvet

    With love from....that B*tch at G*rdners

    Now bearing in mind Eskdalemuir is only a few degrees off the arctic circle 🐧 that would be a terrible and frankly not a very impressive sight 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Which reticle, is it Mil or MOA and is the elevation CCW? Thanks
  11. srvet

    My new Brake.

    Looks very good, how many magic beans are needed to buy one?
  12. I can only add that it is an awesome range to shoot on. The comment about the wind is bang on as when we were there for the SIS last month there were wind flags showing exact opposite directions separated by 100m in distance!! Made my head hurt!!! I look forward to seeing the moving target range in the flesh!! The possibilities at the range are endless

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