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  1. If you want a cheap deer bagging rifle this would be a decent one to look at. 243 is a bit marmite but it has its advantages too. https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/mint-cz550-243-scope-and-mod.212315/
  2. Have you considered the 6XC. I’ve just had a 595 rebarreled to 6XC (1:8 twist) by Ronin and I’m getting just shy of 3200fps with 105g Scenars. I am very impressed so far
  3. He has done his duty for us all with great distinction. Rest in peace
  4. Hi Jan, there is a lot in your post. I guess the first thing is to get written confirmation of an invite to shoot deer then apply for a variation for a suitable rifle (or just borrow one of the keeper if possible). There are lots of serviceable secondhand stalking rifles out there that will get you going. How are you with recoil? The safe bet for non lead ammunition is the good old jack of all trades and master of none 308 Winchester but if recoil is an issue then 6.5x55 would be another good choice. The 308 is great as it will kill any deer at normal sporting ranges and ammo is widely a
  5. Recoil trigger is definitely a game changer for the Labradar. I haven’t missed a shot since I got mine.
  6. I’ve just received and read these documents too. Great news indeed. Let’s hope that this smooths the passage through the planning process
  7. Depends on the case, my 458 Win Mag definitely headspaces on the belt as there is no shoulder! With the 7 REM Mag I headspace on the shoulder after cases are fireformed to my chamber
  8. Ahh I see what you mean, mole grips would work but would muller the life out of the bullets
  9. I have a good number of reloaded rounds that came with a secondhand rifle. I want to salvage the cases but do not want to shoot them. Can anyone recommend a press mounted bullet puller that is suitable for high volume use. I have a kinetic hammer already but will end up with forearms like Popeye if I pull all these with the hammer!
  10. I got sent a pdf with the details of Brownridge. It looks to be a fantastic facility, but for me it is much further away than Eskdalemuir and a lot more expensive
  11. I tried one of these out off the secondhand rack at a range I visited. I would agree with the quality issues but what I would say is we ran a couple of hundred rounds through it in fairly short order and there were no malfunctions..... which is something....??
  12. I use the 100g Barnes TTSX in 6,5mm. Works exceptionally well with good terminal effect and low meat damage, well worth the price
  13. To act as a go between where two main players had a big falling out and to protect the competitors from one organiser, who seems to aim for nothing short of national domination of the sport displaying distinctly dubious ethics with regards to conducting business, charging competitors and running a fair competition, then taking the huff (repeatedly) when anyone points this out (often in a very humorous manner). Is it needed? I can only answer ... do BAIRS s**t in the woods?? .... did you see what I did there!!🤣
  14. I wonder if the organisers friends will get to shoot the COF the day before at this shoot??
  15. But the properties of the underlying barrel may change with heat, or are you saying that barrel steel is immune to expansion and contraction with heating and cooling?
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