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  1. Totally agree that until both sides are aired that no position can be taken, that is why I have neither named nor attempted to speak gospel regarding the matter. I am a member of the Gardner’s Range so would definitely be interested in the other parties point of view.
  2. From what I have heard there may have been some skulduggery regarding the lease on the ground by another club. If this Is true it is very disappointing behaviour on their part. Unfortunately they do not sound to have secured the surrounding land so may not have an adequate danger area to allow safe use of the range. Perhaps a representative of the club in question could comment.
  3. srvet

    Left hooker wmr

    and here is a T bolt for sale!! https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/rifles/browning/straight-pull/22-wmr/t-bolt-composite-sporter-191217092351002
  4. Are the .224 55g Sierra number 1455??
  5. This may be of interest, lots of information on YouTube from these guys but what strikes me is that the desert situation they have is optimal for spotting bullet strike. In the UK the wetter environment tends to kill the really helpful puff of dust. At Eskdalemuir you get almost no splash at many ranges which makes life challenging to say the least. I too am hoping to pop my 1 mile cherry this year too so all the best of luck to you!!
  6. Oopsie daisy !!! 😕
  7. Eskdalemuir would be closer that Warcop for you wouldnt it and probably less red tape to circumvent? Cleared for 50BMG AFAIK
  8. “but was not permitted a variation due to lack of experience “ Really!! If you are a full club member then you have good reason and as you are controlled by an RCO experience should not be an issue. I would ask for the decision to be clarified in writing and run this past your shooting organisation
  9. Do you have the base plate shell holder thingy and pilot as well ( or does it not need a pilot??)
  10. srvet

    VhitN140- 123grn

    Furyan, We (my son and I) are on 36.6g N140 with a 123 scenar. Our rifles may even have been cut with the same reamer?? 😁
  11. There is a guy on SD looking for 7mm Rem mag ammo https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/7mm-rem-mag-ammo-help.177067/
  12. srvet

    Best Deer legal Calibre for a Carbine

    Fair enough indeed, just wanted to make sure. I have jiggled around on quickload and the 308 Win seems to be as good as anything. With around 44 g of Viht N130 and a 125g Hornady SST you will get a predicted 2600 fps for 1874 ft lbs with a 12 inch barrel. Deer legal and providing a relatively frangible bullet is chosen (such as the SST) should be effective at the more modest velocity. This load has approaching 100% load density and burns almost 99% of the powder in the barrel. The other way around this problem would be a folding stock or a ......... blaser!! Incidentally with a 12 inch barrel you may end up having to amputate some of the forend to gain enough space to moderate it! By extending a bit to 14 inches you may get away without chopping the stock and would gain a fair bit ballistically. Another option would be a single shot like a Thompson Centre which I believe is available in 308 with a 15 inch barrel that due to the short length of the action would be very short but retain some ballistic efficiency
  13. srvet

    Best Deer legal Calibre for a Carbine

    Is that a misprint or did you say 12 inch???? As in one foot long!!

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