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  1. meles meles

    New barrel for a Remington 700 : suggestions?

    So, plenty of food for thought, much of which can be boiled down to: Safe option: Remain with the 7mm Rem Mag. It's a known quantity, already have good loads worked out and the reloading kit for it. Mainstream Calibre: .300 WSM. A proven cartridge, components easily available, dies available at a fair price. Similar or slightly better in performance to the 7mm Rem Mag. Something different: 7mm RSAUM. An unknown quantity to us, but recommended by Big Al and Baldie which has to be worth something in itself. Uses known bullets, initial studies put it on a par, at least, with 7mm Rem Mag, possibly better in terms of accuracy. Not sure if it will feed in a long action but that can be looked into. Brass availability might be an issue at times. The 7mm RSAUM is looking worthy of further investigation....
  2. So, a civilian who has in a former incarnation completed the 'sniper progression of training' is good to go then?
  3. meles meles

    New barrel for a Remington 700 : suggestions?

    The 300 WSM sounds worthy of further investigation ! An alternative thought might also be to get a standard bolt and look at going in the other direction towards a smaller calibre and leaving the heavy lifting to our 338 Lapua. We don't have a .223 rifle, and we've also heard good things about the .224 Valkyrie, both from Baldie's posts here and also from others who have seen him shoot with it. That could fill a niche...
  4. meles meles

    New barrel for a Remington 700 : suggestions?

    Yes, the rifle will be for perforating paper and clanging steel. We like the 7mm Rem Mag cartridge, but are now just wondering what other options might be worth considering for the future.
  5. Hmmm, so if we were to turn up with a less dangerous rifle, chambered in, say, 8.58 x 69mm ?
  6. meles meles

    Send it Series 2020

    Not on that particular range, at the moment, but we think there are things afoot for the future.
  7. Thinking ahead, oomans, what might make a good , alternative calibre when the time comes to re-barrel our Remington 700 ? It's currently in 7mm Rem Mag and has served us well in that form but following our acquisition of a .338 Lapua Magnum it's now no longer our primary long ranger artillery piece. It's in an AICS stock and obviously has a magnum bolt face. We can either have it re-barrelled in 7mm Rem Mag again and carry on using it as our 600 to 1,000 mard gun, or go for something different. Wh at would you suggest, and why ?
  8. meles meles

    Send it Series 2020

    Yes, a superb range and run by a great guy. There are ten positions in the firing point, with windows that can be opened selectively for either bench rested or prone shooting. Observation ports for spotters too.
  9. Why the prohibition on .338" ?
  10. You wasn't the one on about shooting Brer Fox by the dozen was you? And us badgers too ? We may have chewed through the brake pipes of your van: careful when you goes downhill, ooman
  11. Oh but they do provide early brekkers at the Eskdale Hotel, ooman, if you ask 'em nicely. We had a yoghurt, a bowl of porridge, followed by bacon, eggs, sausages, a "tatty cake" *, fried egg, black pudding, baked beans, a couple of slices of toast and an apple. All washed down with plenty of fruit juice and tea. We were up there on Monday and a great day was had by all. Marc even laid on a bit of nature watching for us too with red kites and golden eagles performing aerobatics during the lunch break to keep us entertained. We rather liked the hit indicators on the targets that flash bright red, and felt doubly impressed when, after a string of nine hits, the tenth flashed a golden yellow. Thinking Marc had programme it to award us a gold medal for a string of ten successive hits we were brought down to earth with a bump when Marc explained a flashing 'gold' was actually indicating a near miss. * Scottish equivalent of a hash brown we thinks...
  12. meles meles

    Advice on reloading please

    Why all the fascination with getting your brass washed a dozen times and making it bright and shiny ? Dull brass is far more tacticool...
  13. meles meles

    New Defender

    Pah ! Unless you've been stung by the nettles growing in the window seals of a Series Rover you're not a real Roverphiliac
  14. meles meles

    Amateur Radio Licensing

    For those of you who don't want to stray far from your pootahs, you can do it all in software too with a Software Defined Radio https://www.rtl-sdr.com/about-rtl-sdr/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QzklSyKqQM
  15. meles meles

    English Chassis system

    I hope this catches on ! Echoing the sentiments expressed elsewhere, if the CAD monkey knows his stuff, it oughtn't be too complex a job to have it drawn up for a wide variety of actions

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