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  1. meles meles

    Choice of 6.5

    We have a 32" barrel for our DTA in 6.5x55 Norsqueagian, plus a nice Carl Gustav 63 with Soderein dioptre sights that is awesome on the 1,000 mard target at Eskdalemuir.
  2. meles meles

    Covid 19 Virus

    Bear in mind oomans that when us and the kows started coughing some of you bald monkeys sought to cull us. Now you lot are coughing, why should we spare you ? *Places a loo roll against a nice backstop as bait, takes up position in a hide*
  3. meles meles

    1967spud World Headquarters is go go go

    Maybe we could find an under-utilised tunnel at the back of the sett. Could be quite useful to have all Spud's stock close to paw. Better to stock up on bullets than bog rolls we thinks... Gold is for the mistress -- silver for the maid -- Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade." "Good!" said the Badger, sitting in his hall, "But Lead-- Hot Lead -- is master of them all." With apologies to Kipling....
  4. Yes, Marc's .416 Barrett can do that to you... 😆
  5. meles meles

    Bullet Surface Texture

    Our opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it 😉
  6. meles meles

    Bullet Surface Texture

    Indeed so, but we understand that clever oomans, with their big brains and stereoscopic vision, can apply pertinent knowledge gained in one area to a second field of endeavour. * Wanders off to look at the small, solid projectile with nylon driving bands in the display case at the far side of the lab *
  7. meles meles

    338 Lap Mag powder choice

    That sounds quite a hot load, Plecotus ! We're closer to 85 grains with the same powder, bullet weight and barrel length. Accurate though...
  8. meles meles

    Bullet Surface Texture

    You might like to research the topic of artillery shells which ride up the barrel on driving bands that obturate the propellant gases and reduce friction whilst isolating the shell itself from contact with the bore. The barrel experiences less wear and the shell itself can have a textured surface. Knowingly or not, the taxpayers of many nations have spent a lot of money on the technologies involved...
  9. meles meles

    Neck size, or full length: has the jury decided?

    We're not sure he is, wordwise at least. Some people seem unsure of the difference betwixt elasticity and plasticity, and stress relief and annealing. By all means stress relieve and then size, but don't anneal. Pedantic ikkle critter aren't us? 😁
  10. meles meles

    Case lube

    honi soit qui mal y pense...
  11. Yes, it's a great place to shoot. We tend to travel there the evening before, stay at the Eskdale Hotel in Langholm, partake of their excellent food and drink, and then venture out to the range to shoot. M & D can always be relied upon to spot for you with excellent range and wind calls, the heater in the cabin is great and there is usually a copious quantity of biscuits, tea and coffee to keep things going. The .416 is awesome.
  12. No, ooman, only words. We're not of the generation that requires instant visual gratification. We prefer to do, to experience, rather than simply #me too and instagram things. Perhaps we could try and write eloquently of the challenges of peering through the drifting rain, estimating wind speed and direction, allowing for the effect of these on a small lead and copper projectile 'urtling towards the 12" diameter steel targets at a range of 1,000 yards or more, of how the different guns and their sights present different problems to be overcome by the shooter. Young eyes might be able to use iron sights to advantage under such conditions whilst older folk rely more on the light gathering power of their telescopic sights and a single focal plane but it's hard to ascertain that from a simple grey image. Why not venture forth and join the next shoot rather than await the vicarious, second paw pleasure of looking at it from afar ?
  13. Well oomans, it was good to meet a few of you up at Eskdalemuir yesterday. We were mightily impressed by that .416 Barrett ! Rounds like milk churns and way more accurate than any .5 Browning we have seen. Tad noisy though, and the muzzle blast blew over all the spent 7.62x54R cases we had carefully lined up on our firing point even though we were 6 benches away ! We'll be very interested to see how it gets on at the King of 2 Miles competition.
  14. meles meles

    Odd coloured cases after tumbling

    Warm water will increase the rate of the reactions going on in the cleaning solution: not necessarily a bad thing. Arrhenius (google 'im) showed that increasing the temperature of a reaction by ten degrees doubles the rate at which it proceeds. Hence if you use boiling water to make tea you only need to have your tea floarting around in the pot for a few minutes before its ready to drink whereas if you use cold water it will take several hours to attain a decent strength brew. The process is reversible too, every 10 degree reduction in temperature halves the reaction rate, hence why we chill or even freeze food to slow down the decay. Using warm water when you clean cases will speed up the reaction between the acid and the brass, making the process faster. However, if you clean for the same length of time as you did with cold water then you'll potentially leach away a little of the zinc from the surface of the brass.
  15. Any of you oomans popping up to Eskdalemuir this Sunday to perforate the 2 mile target? We'll be there, so come and say 'hello' if you see us and partake of a mince pie or two. Helen's promised good weather...

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