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  1. I have a Meopta 6-24x56 RD and it’s very good in low light and under lamping conditions,daylight is great and tracks well ,but dont think a rear adon will fit, but they do a 6-18x50 with side focus/parralex that should fit and is a great all rounder. Just depends on what you want to spend and everyone’s eyesight is different,try and look through a few friends scopes and see what you like and can afford.
  2. Thanks for all the replies and information,just letting you all know I went for a 6mmbr, Tikka T3 action with a 22”Bartlin 1-8 Twist varmint profile barrel sat in a McMillan varmint stock wildcat evolution mod all done by Neil mckillop,he’s done a great job I’m so happy with his work.
  3. Does anyone know if this caliber will make it into the Shops in the uk, it’s a hot topic on YouTube and the Americans , I’ve heard it’s now saami spec , just wondering if it’s going to be much different from the 6mm br any better or worse, or just another caliber for the Americans to play with.
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