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  1. Hi all I would really appreciate some help I’m looking at writing a letter and getting some business card done to take round all the farms in my area to try and get some more permissions. The problem is I’m absolutely crap with words so don’t know what to put or how to word it I’m severely dyslexic please can people show me there letters/cards thank you in advance
  2. Burney

    Anschutz 520 bolt

    I like to fix things myself tho hate paying other people to fix something if I can do it my self
  3. Burney

    Anschutz 520 bolt

    I’m going to take it to my local gun Smith on Monday to see what he can do
  4. Burney

    Anschutz 520 bolt

    Not the easiest thing to get hold of ate
  5. Burney

    Scope for NV add on

    I’m looking for recommendations for a decent(ish) scope to put my nv add on on. Needs to be a side focus but not cost a fortune it’s for a 17hmr cheers
  6. Burney

    Anschutz 520 bolt

    Hi all but if a long shot but does anyone have a bolt or know where to get one for a anschutz 520 semi auto. Mine hasn’t cycled properly since I got i I have just realise the extractor has snapped off the bolt
  7. Hi all I have just bought a .17HMR can anyone recommend a decent sound mod? Is there much difference between a cheap on and a expensive one? Cheers

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