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  1. Something simple like one or more of these might do the trick, just need a vernier to measure the distance so a bit more time consuming
  2. Yes I thought that would be the case , works in principle but not practice to a fine enough degree. Is there one on the market that will allow a moderator without machining the barrel eg clamp on.
  3. Sorry what I meant was could the compensator be used as a tuner as it can be set at different distances using the lock nut although you couldn't fine tune obviously
  4. I am guessing that the compensator has a locking nut to get the orientation correct wouldn't that have the same affect as a tuner or isn't there enough mass to it?
  5. As I am still doing load development for my 308 I will start with experimenting with my .22 Tikka T1x with the mod and shim washers just for the hell of it. But first I will put it in my Oryx chassis I have just ordered.
  6. I didn't think it would be up to the task. Is there one where you can still use the moderator and the barrel doesn't need to be machined
  7. Have you tried the limbsaver rubber thing as I would like to use the moderator with it
  8. Thanks for replies I think I will give some shim washers a try, could be a fun experiment
  9. This may sound like a strange questions but could you tune a barrel using the moderator. My thoughts are that a tuner is basically a weight that can be adjusted by sometimes a very small amount to improve barrel harmonics so could you do the same with a moderator using different thickness washers as spacers or as usual am I living in cuckoo land. I have a jet z compact mod
  10. Forgive my lack of knowledge but what is a particle damper

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