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  1. Popsbengo

    CB radios ... who’s playing ?

    Clint's made an appearance too it seems 😂 Breaker, breaker 10-4 good buddy
  2. Popsbengo

    Dry firing

    Rim fire - never Centre fire - I prefer to use a snap cap for practice to prevent the 'hard landing' of the firing pin at the end of the stroke but the occasional dry fire should be no problem.
  3. Popsbengo

    CB radios ... who’s playing ?

    You are half correct, AM was illegal (but fun) however legislation changed in 2014 to allow amplitude modulation on 27MHz (as well as FM/PM)
  4. Popsbengo

    CB radios ... who’s playing ?

    4 Watts AM, 12 Watts SSB (base station/mobile remote antenna only) if I recall. Higher power is illegal
  5. Popsbengo


    welcome to the forum
  6. Popsbengo

    April 1st

    I've got to get "Voodoo Accuracy 2nd Ed." Absolutely a must for serious shooters looking for that extra edge. I've ordered my copy: Free beanie hat 😀
  7. Popsbengo

    Covid 19 Virus

    I think it was pretty obvious that they would have to close. You are right though, they should have told you
  8. Lot's of excellent input there thanks. Done some reading elsewhere and I'm starting to think 7mm SAUM or WSM now. I'm not into competing as I don't want to be tied down to comp dates. I do however what to shoot as well as I can possibly do. All I need now is a gunsmith to make dreams into reality...
  9. OK, the time is nearly upon me to decide which 6.5 or do I go 7mm ? We're talking long range targets only. Cost of reloading is irrelevant (I own a .338 after all 😁); accuracy is everything, historic interest is for others. I don't want anything wildcat - factory brass a must (Lapua or Norma cases preferred) Custom rifle build is to be the way to go so not fussed about availability of factory iron. No requirement for magazine loading. No limitations on competition classes for me but I don't want anything breaking into HME territory. The front runner is 6.5CM because I have tried & observed this calibre and am suitably impressed. OSOK threw a spanner with his 7mm / .284 thoughts. What's the collective thoughts folks ??
  10. Popsbengo

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    Pretty windy then ! That explains that - cheers !
  11. Popsbengo

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    I'm no hunter so please take my question with a pinch of salt: If you guys are shooting deer or elk at less than 300 yds why does windage matter between 6.5CM and a 308? It's peanuts except in very strong 90 deg conditions. Surely the kill zone is pretty big (5" diameter ??)
  12. Popsbengo

    CV-19 Lessons

    I actually read the National & Local Gov. Risk Register and Local Contingency Plans along with the NHS Flu pandemic plans back in the Jurassic period when I was in a position of authority (the fools!) at a large car manufacturer. Myself and the rather enlightened Head of Security (believe me, that's rare) tried to engage the company in contingency planning for such an event but we were not taken seriously. How's that working for you Mr CEO? One issue that was predicted, as yet (hope never) come to pass, and that's a national fuel shortage due to deliveries failing. I have 'some' jerry cans of diesel and keep the truck topped up. It's a good idea to swap out the diesel annually as it looses cetane rating in storage. Upshot is, like Brown Dog, I have kept a food & essentials store for some years now - minimum of 30 days for two at recommended calories (could be eked out to 45 days), not including what's in the larder & freezer. Even had some bog roll! I too was clearly mad in the eyes of some. He who laughs last etc. Oh, and one last piece of advice, that I've just blown myself, don't tell anyone about your store especially neighbours who can be assholes 😉 And, should Zombies emerge, I have a surprise for them 😂🤣
  13. Popsbengo

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    Agree with Kaboom, total lack of feel using a press. I have an RCBS bench mounted priming tool, excellent feel with the added benefit of not running out of hand strength part way through a batch. It's fitted right next to my Rockchucker and doesn't get in the way by cluttering up the bench
  14. Popsbengo

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    Hello! Been for a walk, sorry to keep you. Archers omnibus so plenty of .308 to load..
  15. Popsbengo

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    I'm still waiting for the first episode of "The Archers" where someone goes out lamping or culling badgers

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