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  1. Popsbengo

    6.5CM RS62 next steps in load dev

    Wouldn't it be great if you could go down to the local tool-hire shop and rent a Labradar for the day?
  2. Popsbengo

    Lee enfield No3, New deactivate Legislation

    There's loads of stuff on-line. The Government website is a good start https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/circular-0102019-firearms-regulations-2019-and-the-firearms-amendment-no2-rules-2019/0102019-firearms-regulations-2019-and-the-firearms-amendment-no2-rules-2019 I'd recommend contacting a deactivation specialist for advice and a possible modification to comply with all necessary paperwork
  3. Popsbengo

    6.5 Creedmoor Reloading (UK)

    That's my go at being wrong - I should be right from now on.........😂
  4. Popsbengo

    6.5 Creedmoor Reloading (UK)

    oh yeh, don't do maths after dinner involving wine...... I'll get my coat Apologies to Big Al
  5. Popsbengo

    6.5 Creedmoor Reloading (UK)

    Al, how do you get 25p for powder? 1kg of N150 is about £80 so 2p per grain in round numbers (2.205 x 7000/8000). That's about 80p per bang at 40gr load Can I buy my powder from you? 😁
  6. what's the point of knowing the wind speed at the shooting position only? I've never shot anywhere where it's the same down range - and that's where there's more influence on the slower bullet. Seems like a gadget - thing wrong there of course. A little practice and reading the wind becomes reasonably straight forward (again only where there's indicators)
  7. chromate sand from foundry supplies - way cheaper than shooting supplies. Very heavy https://www.artisanfoundry.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=156
  8. The KILO2000 is excellent - see my sales post!
  9. another bump with a price reduction to £340
  10. Popsbengo

    Murom primers required Derby

    That's worrying, how does the gas cutting happen ? Puncturing primers?
  11. Popsbengo

    1-4-1 question.

    I could have been clearer
  12. Popsbengo

    1-4-1 question.

    While I agree with what Roy and Matt say, it's not necessarily always as cut and dry as that. One for one with a different calibre requires the additional step of justification - that may be, and usually is, straight forward, but not always. For example: swapping a .223 for a .30 Win Mag may require access to a suitable range possibly not available to the club. Easy to say about pressing the FEO etc, not all FAC holders have the confidence to do that.
  13. Popsbengo

    1-4-1 question.

    Common misunderstanding: the FAC permission is for the specific rifle you have by its serial number etc. If you sell it you loose the permission. You need to get a new permission for the replacement rifle 1 for 1 which should be free as long as you sell the first one and then ask for the same calibre variation. If you ask for a variation whilst you have the current rifle it counts as an additional firearm so £20 for the variation. I know of one chap that thought he could sell one and buy another (both privately) without bothering the FEO ! Oh dear, it took some explaining...
  14. Popsbengo

    Bullet Jump

    In general UK prices are similar to US dollar ie 1to 1 so we're paying about 30% more. A box of Berger 30cal 185 Juggernauts are £71 per 100 at the moment. Euro stuff is dependant on exchange rates and our VAT (sort of national sales tax at 20% for manufactured goods etc). A question for you guys in the States: when a price is shown on a US website, is there State tax to add to that, or is the listed price the total price you pay for the goods? My brother lives in Maine so it may work out for him to buy small items (non-controlled) and ship to me.
  15. Popsbengo

    Vortex PST Gen 2 tracking

    torque is an indirect measure of tension in the bolts and therefore pressure exerted on the scope tube. Vortex know there product so I would go with their recommendation. If you are worried about the cope moving, a little violin bow rosin powder on the inside of the rings will increase the friction.

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