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  1. Popsbengo

    Home Office Guidance

    OK, I see that's a crimp on your business however I do run a HO Approved club and I don't find it much of a burden to buy and dispose of firearms - not an activity that's done very often. I don't see anything in the proposals that stops you operating a miniature range, just regularises FAC controls on the operator. I may have missed it ??
  2. Popsbengo

    Home Office Guidance

    so what's the problem there then? I don't find any issue in complying with a simple system, why should a club be more free than an individual? It is still free by the way.
  3. Popsbengo

    Home Office Guidance

    I'm not so sure. The Government position advocates for no serious change to air weapon legislation apart from some around children's uncontrolled access. Component parts for reloading is a non-issue if you have an FAC in my opinion, just falls into line with primers and powder. The imposition of higher levels of security on the 50cal lads (and lassies) is problematic but not nearly as draconian as the original desire to ban. Fair ground miniature rifles ranges are being brought under reasonable FAC control - again I can't see any issue. I've never subscribed to "thin end of the wedge" ism. It's a fear but not borne out by evidence. IMHO.
  4. Popsbengo

    Home Office Guidance

    Turns out to be nothing but some website references.
  5. Popsbengo

    Gardners Guns Rifle Range, Eskdalemuir 2 Mile Range

    You won't regret it, fabulous range and good people
  6. Popsbengo

    Gardners Guns Rifle Range, Eskdalemuir 2 Mile Range

    No, you can book the range privately so if you can get a party together to make it cost effective it's a good way of having a great day.
  7. Popsbengo

    Neck mandrel sizing

    I agree with you regarding metallurgy, even annealed cases of the same batch can have slight tension differences in my experience. I use a Redding mandrel and I do get modest improvements in performance over leaving it to the bushing to size.
  8. This is the whole problem to me. Eley are trying to demonstrate their ammo is consistent in a jigged up system, ie taking away all (?) of the other factors so as to isolate the one set of variables - ammunition alone and not ammo/rifle/environment/shooter combined. It's useful data but not definitive in my mind because for the very reason it's not about the real-world combined results. But one has to start somewhere. If we had perfect ammo then all efforts could be directed to the firearm and shooter variables. Part of the issue is that with less than perfect ammo harmonics can, in certain circumstances, achieve better results due to the factors best described in the papers cited earlier. That stated, it's still best to have near perfect ammo - it's what we reloaders strive for. If an harmonic tuner can aid precision, all the better. It's a fascinating subject.
  9. I think you miss my point; I did say practical experimenting is laudable, clearly Mr Calfee has success - good on him. I was making the general point that some experimenters in the shooting community can't resist creating a 'back story' to underpin their experimental findings. It's not scientific or good engineering and therefor adds little to the understanding of the physics. It can however be very successful as in Calfee's example.
  10. The first link is an excellent if somewhat technical read. I note the quote: "It should be noted that Calfee's theories have absolutely no basis in fact and are mathematically untenable. But that does not stop it being the most quoted work in the popular press on barrel vibrations and the tuning of barrels." Pretty much as Brown Dog described earlier. It seems to me that it's pretty common in shooting that someone stumbles onto an idea or method and gets results by experimenting (which is laudable) but then tries to back-engineer an explanation without either sufficient knowledge or scientific experimentation. Unfortunately that's then taken up by a community of non-experts and becomes dogma. Like many of the most favoured load development techniques (IMHO of course) lacking in any kind of statistical rigour, drawing conclusions from way to small data samples and uncontrolled variables.
  11. Surely the issue is harmonic resonance or more precisely the desire to tune away from resonance but in a fixed and repeatable way. Hit any object and it will transmit the energy through a wave either longitudinally or transversely, the wave energy being dissipated into sound or heat by internal friction or interference waves. A bell resonates true because it's tuned to re-enforce the fundamental frequency. I would think a barrel is mis-tuned to interfere and damp out rather than tuned to a resonant harmonic. We used a shock-pulse instrument to excite and then 'listen' to vibrations in a structure to ascertain the resonant frequency and harmonics allowing us to damp out or adjust away from any excitation input (eg a motor making an enclosure vibrate to bits). I wonder if it was practical to monitor a rifle barrel and look for harmonic nodes that equate to the barrel's fundamental frequency? Probably best to just test and suck it and see? Cheaper.
  12. Popsbengo

    Little bit of lockdown fun....

    500 Nitro Express: Sir Sean Connery
  13. Popsbengo

    Little bit of lockdown fun....

    Very good!
  14. Quite expensive mate. Brand new from SGC - £2254
  15. yes, real. I was wondering if there's any incentive for current members to pay up early - nothing more than that

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