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  1. Offas' club members need to be aware that if the club doesn't have a range available to use their FAC conditions maybe compromised. Home Office regs require a club to identify their regular ranges, be it owned, rented or booked on a regular basis. I do hope this is all a storm in a teacup and all will be sorted out amicably.
  2. I too knew John M., only briefly, in my opinion he is a thoroughly decent chap. These are strong accusations that you report - that Wheeler et-al accuse John of theft. Is that actually first hand knowledge or just rumour ? I was briefly a member of Offa's, the retirement of John M. and the interactions with S. Wheeler convinced me to go elsewhere. Pity as some members are still mates. I'm a current club secretary and I've been a club treasurer amongst a multitude of club officer roles including range bookings officer for DIO ranges, it's admin heavy and some of the paperwork can
  3. I do wonder at the fact we trim necks to a thou' tolerance (I do anyway) but do we control the depth of chamfer on the inside neck ? This obviously affects the point at where the neck touches the bullet. A slightly deeper or shallower chamfer will more likely than not exceed the tolerance of the trim operation.
  4. Yes but what's the point ?
  5. "F Class John's" video was interesting - not least for demonstrating the lack of correlation between insertion force and group size. It was also noteworthy that the best groups are virgin .284 expander (0.3) & virgin no-expander (.26). Strings with better ES grouped less well ! It seems to me that the insertion force may not be well correlated to the force needed to release the bullet, after all there's other factors to consider due to the interface between the copper jacket and the internal neck brass as well as the 'springiness' of the neck et-al. If you look at the inserti
  6. Nail square on the head - well said
  7. ^^ Par for the course, not impressed. He may be a good shot but he's full of it.
  8. In a nutshell - No. I have constructed a load cell with force monitoring & charting software and have satisfied myself that a "calibrated" hand/arm operating an arbour press gives all the feedback needed to match seating forces. The press in the ad is just a very efficient way to empty one's wallet (IMHO). Whatever the heating method used to 'anneal' brass necks, it's imperative that the control is accurate and stable throughout the process if there's any expectation of 'standardised' neck tension. Induction heating such as AMP seems to offer that - at a price, molten salt bat
  9. 🤣🤣 My laptop blew a fuse (fuze for you chaps across the pond)
  10. 144 Berger Hybrid in small primer Lapua brass, 42gr RS62 - very good in my 30" Dolphin. Loaded 10 thou jump. The usual caveat: this is my load, in my rifle, it may be unsafe in your rifle ! Proceed with usual caution. NB Edited as I stupidly transposed my .308 Berger 185gr load (accidentally proving my point about the veracity of load data from non-official sources).
  11. Wipe-Out Tactical Advantage. Bloody marvellous stuff. As is their case lube by the way.
  12. I suspect the expander mandrel is set too deep and the shoulder is impacting the neck on full stroke
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