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  1. Popsbengo

    Lead Exposure

    With regard to dry vibratory cleaning does anyone else have concerns about the potential for airborne lead exposure? I avoid dry vibration cleaning of fired brass without first ultrasonic cleaning as primers are lead styphnate so there's the potential for a build-up of lead in the media and the dust that gets created. My vibratory polisher is in a well ventilated shed and I dump the polishing media regularly (it's dirt cheap from industrial blast-cleaning suppliers). When decanting the brass and separating it from the media quite a lot of dust can be airborne so I pop on a dust mask. I think these are sensible actions to take. For sure, people who do dry-vibration clean fired brass in their house should really think again about breathing in the dust. Any other thoughts?
  2. Popsbengo

    Advice on reloading please

    Possibly insufficient rinsing in clean water. Quicker drying may also help Do you live in a hard or soft water area?
  3. Popsbengo

    Best blank?

    Holy resurrection Batman ! Just over five years and still beating?
  4. Popsbengo


    really? If you can use Excel a template is nothing to knock up. A note book is still easier
  5. Popsbengo


    for why you post twice?
  6. Popsbengo


    Excel spreadsheet or similar
  7. Popsbengo

    new shooter

    Hello, welcome to UKV. Are you a current shooter? What are you interested in?
  8. Popsbengo

    Incompetent RFD

    here lies madness... I hoped this thread had died at last 😁
  9. Popsbengo

    Strelokpro problems

    Oh, of course, I'd just assumed you'd zeroed and were then having the error issue.
  10. Popsbengo

    Strelokpro problems

    allow for what now? how does a muzzle brake affect scope settings
  11. Popsbengo

    SCOPE SURVEY: We need your help!

    that would be great! Especially the uber-expensive makes. We can dream
  12. Popsbengo

    SCOPE SURVEY: We need your help!

    Just a thought - as the turret mechanism of a scope is a precision mechanical device I wonder whether there's a marked change to accuracy between a test at, say -5C. and 35C. ? I'm pretty sure a black scope on a sunny day is going to get plenty warm.
  13. Popsbengo

    Incompetent RFD

    Well I didn't mean any insult; I used "facile" as in superficial knowledge. Isn't that true? You state an engineering principle that's wrong, you quote regs that anyone can read for themselves. From your comments you're not either a lawyer, material scientist or engineer I suspect. Superficial. Sorry you were insulted, it wasn't meant that way.
  14. Popsbengo

    Incompetent RFD

    I give up. This is tedious indeed. Judging from the posts, Mr. or Ms. simgre is clearly not a lawyer or an engineer, just a rather facile internet expert not able to "give it up". I suggest saddler's problems are exacerbated by poor communication and will resolve once fulsome explanation has been given.

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