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  1. my mate's underselling it - Eskdalemuir is bloomin' fantastic !!
  2. The standard stem may allow the tip of a VLD form bullet to run up against the top of the bore so you're seating off the tip; bad news as it would be all over the place. Redding do a VLD form stem, Spud has them I think. I modified a Hornady stem myself to ensure a good, and most importantly, repeatable seating. I have a lathe and tooling so pretty easy. I now use Wilson in-line dies with VLD stems, don't bother with micrometers as once I've set and measured, nothing need change.
  3. Not quite sure what you're referring to however you may need a different seating stem. What dies are you using? The micrometer sets the stem (insert), the stem fits the bullet ogive
  4. Quite right then, good not going senile: I was of course referring to SLR not SA80 back in the day 😃 We did go through SA80 procedures at Whittington Bks when I was a reserve some time in 1980's but for the life of me I can't recall anything other than massive disappointment with the sh1te presented 😁
  5. 144 Bergers Hybrid and RS62 - excellent in 1:8 30" tube
  6. Re the procedure in the first film, I recall we were taught (in '74) to rack the action three times when unloading and presenting for clearance on the line. I've a copy of "Pamphlet No.1; Infantry Training" - it sets out the tests etc but not the taught detail. Am I right in my recall or is (was) it as per the film, racked once? As an RCO I've always insisted on any fixed magazine rifle (eg under-lever) that can't be easily visually checked be racked three times.
  7. Hi Les It's yours. We just need to sort out the communication.. I've tried to send you a private message but for some reason your profile doesn't give me that option. I tried other profiles and the PM option is working. My inbox is only 60% full. Maybe a moderator can explain/help please?
  8. I use N110 for full power loads in .44mag but I don't think it's suitable for target loads as a substitute for Unique or Herco.
  9. Looking very good. Is the blue 'spider' carrier something you've manufactured?
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