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  1. here's some "information" from FCSA-UK for what it's worth
  2. FCSA members are very quiet on this. Care to share a view?
  3. Popsbengo


    I would add to talk on the phone, it should be reasonably easy to sniff out a fraud with a few questions. If they claim an FAC ask for an image of it.
  4. Marc, some of us avoid Facebook like the plague - any chance Helen could send out the post to members please?
  5. This raises some questions: Was the intention for Gardner's to run both ranges going forward? Would the new 2K range take over for GGC members anyway? Could FCSA negotiate the danger area leases? But maybe the biggest question is why FCSA think it's a good idea to take over a facility and make it exclusive to them and affiliates? Please do tell.
  6. I've heard one side of the issue so I'm not prepared to take a position quite yet. All I would say is, if what has been said is true then it's a damn shame. We have enough problems with non-shooters causing grief, we should not be screwing ourselves.
  7. Popsbengo

    Bullet Surface Texture

    I was making a general plea - badger input is always welcome even if you have no pockets for coins
  8. Popsbengo

    Bullet Surface Texture

    pertinent knowledge ! if only...
  9. I suggest a call or email to Helen. Members of Gardner's Guns should have had an email this morning.
  10. that email raised more questions than it settled for me
  11. I have just looked at a copy of the DIO License form for my old club. This was issued 2018 by DIO West & Wales and is a standard MoD form "DE FORM 5665 (F/Lands/434) (Version 3.0 — Jun 06)" Section 10 (2: ensure that all members and authorised spectators while on the premises behave in a proper and orderly manner and that no disorderly person is permitted to be or remain on the premises and that without the permission of the said Officer no child under the age of 16 years and no animals are brought on or allowed to remain on the premises The "Officer" is the Range Commandant. This is Maj. Jim Salisbury I believe. Good luck with getting anything out of him 😉
  12. Popsbengo

    Shoulder bumping

    Big Al, 100% agree, thank you for saying it as you have way more credibility than many (including me) that post on here. I'm heartily fed up with the bull-shine that get's trotted out as gospel without any real understanding of what's being touted as this week's 'Big Idea'.
  13. Popsbengo

    After barrel cleaning groups

    OCW "The right way" ?? Dan Newberry I presume. Nice shooting Catch22 but each to his own. I get similar results shooting groups of five in one weight, then five more at another weight etc. I don't buy the rational for round-robin shooting 'spreading the errors across all groups equally" so thereby reducing the effect. Voodoo statistics. Regarding charge weight increments: 0.1gr is 0.11% of the likely load of 95gr for a .338 LM. I do not buy the idea that one could resolve the difference from all the other factors.
  14. Popsbengo

    After barrel cleaning groups

    half grain increments is sensible for .338 as you say. N570 is excellent. Don't understand the logic for round-robin groups - introduces too many other variables in my opinion.

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