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  1. Maybe. I think I've exhausted my interest in this now, people do what they do and courts decide, I know what I'll do and what I'll advise anyone in my club that should ask (unlikely). As Richiew wrote above, sound advice.
  2. The VCR Act 2006 has redefined the law I believe.
  3. the interesting ones tend to 😁
  4. Yes, but why would the wall vary enough to matter? We're talking about competent manufacturing with quality control, there's all sort of issues with thicker/thiner brass in the forming process that would cause the manufacturer to need to control the material dimensions. It's not a credible issue in my mind. Volume variance is much more likely to be length, especially head to shoulder index.
  5. I've got a Sinclair carbide neck turning mandrel in .270 that I have never used. It's brand new. £35 posted UK mainland
  6. Excellent. Well presented and logical. No.1 Be able to shoot well No.2 Have a good rifle and equipment. No.3 ~ 10 Quality Ammo.
  7. A point well made - it's also the sensible, self-protecting approach to avoid awkward conversations with the Police (at the very least).
  8. I agree with the principle of what you say - ie, law of diminishing returns on steps over and above good consistent fundamentals, however what constitutes "basics" and what constitutes "extra steps" ? I think this is what the OP was trying to get at in posing the question "what do you do". Realising the potential of fine improvements must depend on equipment and shooting technique (skill). For sure the weather is the great variable when shooting over 100yds, I may faff about to the finest degree but can't read wind for sh1t 😂.
  9. 😂 no, just happy to put misses down to wind or cosmic ray activity
  10. I suspect that just having primers in packaging would be difficult for the Police to prosecute given the simple interchangeability of primer types (yes I know not optimal, but do-able). A primed case on the other hand could be clear intent to build ammo not approved.
  11. Exactly. This is why I said above: "A primed case is considered to be a "live round" ........ If he primes cases he doesn't have permission for then he's breaking the law - to hold ammo you don't have permission for is a breach of the Act. ........" I suppose an argument could be made that 'having' isn't 'buying' but I'd not want to argue that in court especially if I also possessed cases that could be assembled that I didn't have permission for.
  12. A primed case is considered to be a "live round" as Blueboy said above. If he primes cases he doesn't have permission for then he's breaking the law - to hold ammo you don't have permission for is a breach of the Act. A fully assembled round is clearly illegal. If he's doing so he's a d1ck risking his FAC and worse
  13. A lay opinion: It's about intent. If it can be shown you intended to manufacture ammo one doesn't have permission for, then that would be a potential offence I think. Primers could be the issue if there's no approved calibre that uses what one holds. That would still be very difficult to prove, I can explain LRP, SRP, MRP & LPP but not small pistol primers so I could expect a difficult explanation with the police. Dies, cases, powder, bullets, - non need an FAC to hold.
  14. Thanks chaps, There's .303 kits still available over here and Lee still list on their web-page.
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