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  1. David will

    22 lr scope

    Have a look at the Optisan range. Glass is japanese and not to bad , they will paralax right down to airgun, long rifle ranges and come at a decent price. These also work well with IR add ons. Downside is the are not available in MOA.
  2. David will

    Browning x bolt.

    Browning made a big mistake with the trigger. The unit is sound in design zero creep but far to heavy. I took this up one year with the chaps from Browning at the CLA game fair but they weren't much interested in what their customers have to say. I had an early model with the feather trigger unit , not quite sure why they gave it that name. They then pushed the fact that they have fitted a beter unit the super feather which basically is the original set to its lowest setting which is heavy. The Xbolt is an excellent rifle other than the trigger ,the composite stock has a nice soft feel, I have set up a few all in 243 and all have been sub half MOA with bespoke home loads and they look good. The only fix back then was to replace the group with a Jard unit. This set me back over £100 and they are double that now. So there it is, a fine rifle let down by a overly heavy trigger. I still have my stainless flutted example which is a lovely stalking rifle once fitted with the trigger it deserves.
  3. David will

    Sightron SIII Parallax

    Your last message has not been received .
  4. David will

    Nv scopes

    You wont be disapointed with a pard 008 and SRX laser. This set up will take you well out to max night shooting range.
  5. David will

    Delta Stryker

    Hia Pops. The scope is off for repair to a gent in Birmingham who's details I got from someone on this site.
  6. David will

    Delta Stryker

    Further observationson the 5-50 x56 Stryker. Tracking tests have been as expected faultless. The glass optical quality has proven to be of a very good quality. The reticle is sublime , very fine with illuminated centre dot. So no complaints. Well! Only one and I am at a loss as to how this has come about. The objective lens was found to have a small chip , this was very disapointing and I have no idea how it got their. On checking it again an other substantual chip was found again I have no idea how these chips were caused. The scope was put back in the cabinet still attached to my 222 Tikka and was not taken out again, I then contacted Optics warehouse and was told it would have to be sent back to the manufacturer and postage and repairs would have to be paid for. The scope is still under guarantee. The quote for the work was several hundred pounds. 😤. On removing the scope from the rifle I noticed a small area with many tiny chips that looks like a small sharp instrument had been used to sand blast it. The rifle / scope is kept in a cabinet with several scoped rifles none of which are effected in any way. Any ideas as to how this has come about? As I am completely stumped.
  7. David will

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

    I can only coment on what I own and use regularly often four or five times a week and to date I have no issues with my IORs. Tracking on all three has always been without drama.
  8. David will

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

    Got a vulcan a short time ago. very pleased with it as I am with my Crucader and 4x14. the vulcan is as good as anything i have had or used and I have owned / tryed a lot of high end optics. BARGAIN!
  9. David will

    Sightron SIII Parallax

    Fit like min. it looks like your S111 has had its objective reset for shorter airgun ranges. If this is the case you would have to undo the objective lens locking ring and turn the lens out or in i cant remember which to extend the focus range. my 8-32x56 S111 is out on loan but as I remember at high mag it wont paralax down to less than 50 yards at full mag. We probably know each other I am about 15 miles fae the bloo toon in maud. Same interests as yourself, target shooting airgun, rimfire and centrefire, stalking, foxing, rough and driven shooting, salmon and sea trout fishing, Labradors and gundog training . Davie.
  10. David will

    .22LR Scope, for 20m to 100m

    Optisan low mag scopes work well with add ons.
  11. David will

    Schmidt & Bender turret markings

    Why not make your own wraps with a sticky label cut to size mark zero, confirm drops and mark them down as you extend the range. A bit of invisible tape on top will keep them dry. I like to mark the windage turret for a 90° 10 mph wind for a quick referance.
  12. A lot worse than Pard. If Bruce recomends them we of leser knowlage would do well to pay attention.
  13. David will

    Tikka T1X

    Not sure why you would want to swap a P94 for the Tikka. The Tikka is a fine rifle and can shoot but it will not outshoot the P94. My P94 has a sporting barrel and prints very tidy groups and gives nothing away to my friends anschutz target rifle. If I had to replace it the T1X would most likely be my first choise but untill the P94 melts it will remain in the cabinet.
  14. David will

    Delta Stryker

    More on the Stryker. I have used it for a while now and have had it sitting on my Tikka 222 and Bergara 6.5 Creed. These are excellent long range optics the glass is excellent and the turrets are positive and precise. A good buy at the price.
  15. David will


    I have the 6 - 40 x 56 version of the terminator as well as two other IORs a Vulcan 6-24x56 and 4-14x50. The glass is as good as the best on the market bar none and the turrets are excelent. Not quite sure where the negative comments come from but I have had scopes from the best German and Austrian manufacturers and would say that the IORs can hold their own against any other make on the market.

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