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  1. We can put up any extra targets will put one at the mile for next week we have no NRA affiliations due to the lack of support we received when trying to set up at the start we will have electronic targets fitted at a 1000 yards on Monday for F class shooting will also be able to use same system at the 1 mile and the 2 k targets cameras are also on the way for testing watch this space for more details
  2. Has been hard work so means a lot when we have comments like that thank you hopefully see you soon
  3. Hi, yes it was our intention to run both ranges going forward, along with others we have currently in development elsewhere GGRR club members will be using the new range, and they will have access, via their membership, to ANY long range facility we operate No, FCSA cannot negotiate a lease on the RDA as this is held by Marc Gardner personally for many years yet to come Good question, i have no idea what FCSA were planning for the future but all they have achieved is the closure of the facility. Anybody interested in this situation can read our public announcement that i put on Facebook just now
  4. Hi, Im not sure who you have spoken to in the past but the information you have isnt quite correct? Club days are planned and advertised to members months at a time, usually we set an entire years worth of dates at a time and notify the membership regularly with any updates or added dates too. You can join our club as a full member direct, providing you are an existing full member of another club, we simply request that you contact us prior to you first visit so that we can ensure a training staff member is available to do the short safety assessment. This can be done either at Longtown or Eskdalemuir, the choice is yours. The safety assessment is irrespective of how many years you have shot, or what safety qualifications you have because all clubs and ranges have their own specific way of operating and the safety assessment is simply to enlighten new members of our range/club specific safety operating procedures. You can attend a club day at Eskdalemuir initially as a guest to see if you are happy with our facilities and what we offer before deciding to join, again, let me know if this is of interest and i will let you know when upcoming club days are due to be held. With regards to attendance, a Probationary member must attend the range at Longtown at least 6 times in the space of 1 year for training, im not sure where the 6 months comes from, the only other rule regarding Probationary members is that the training cannot take less than 3 months, both of these requirements are set by the Home Office and are in our Constitution as a fully Home Office Approved Club. However, i am sure that this would not apply to yourself as i understand you have full membership of other clubs already? We ask that Full members try to attend at least 4 times in any 12 month period however we have members from all over Europe and members who work abroad for a significant portion of the year so this is relatively flexible and will depend on individual circumstances. We simply ask that you keep in touch with us and let us know if you dont think you will be able to make the required number of visits but that you still wish to remain a member of the club. Notification to the Police would only apply in the instance that your FAC was issued dependant on your membership of our club, should you then not be able to commit to 4 visits a year then the Police would need to decide if your having an FAC was appropriate. All of this is fairly standard rules for any Home Office Approved club, we dont require anyone to jump through hoops and are firmly committed to seeking new members and expanding the sport of shooting in all formats. You can get in touch direct with me at helen.gardnersguns@gmail.com
  5. Range fees are £20 per day at Longtown (100yds) or £40 per day at Eskdalemuir 2 Mile Range, give Dave at the shop or email me for a membership form!
  6. If you join Gardners Guns Rifle Range Club (current offer of 15 months membership for the price of 12) you have access to the only privately owned 2 mile range in the UK which has no calibre limit, which will maintain the justification on your FAC. email me for details helen.gardnersguns@gmail.com
  8. Marc Gardner

    Send It Series Competition

    For those of you who may have missed out shooting at Eskdalemuir 2 Mile Range we have organised a new series which will comprise shooting upto 10 stages, over various barricades. This is a one-day competition with the opportunity to extend your visit to have a play over the full 2 mile range capacity on the Sunday for a modest fee. Rules etc are in the process of being published, and the website is being built as we speak, however the basic format is as follows: Open Rifle - upto 30 cal, no limits on spend Factory Rifle - upto £2500 retail for the rifle, no limits on scope cost .22 Rimfire - self explanatory? within those 2 basic categories will be Mens, Ladies and Juniors to start with depending on entries this may be extended to Disabled etc. The idea is to utilise a similar format to the National Rifle League in the US and make this a much more open and family friendly event, with entry fees being kept low yet still offering a full package day of food, refreshments and plenty of craic! Squads on each stage will be mixed between larger calibres and .22's, shooting from the same barricades but at different targets. All juniors will be allowed coaching on the firing point, either from a family member of another designated shooter within the squad to maximize their enjoyment and promote learning. Teams are permitted but will have a maximum of 3 members. This is our first event in this series but we hope to take it countrywide in the future, enabling those interested to get a foothold in the series at a local event instead of having to travel excessively so watch this space! In the meantime there will be 4 events on our calendar at Eskdalemuir 2 Mile Range next year, dates to be confirmed shortly.
  9. Please email or PM me for application form for membership and get access to the UK's only privately owned 2 Mile Range!! email helen.gardnersguns@gmail.com Memberships run from 1st Feb to 31st Jan but if you join now you get the next 2 months FREE!!! Please also look for us on Facebook, we are running a whole host of offers on kit in the run up to Christmas MEMBERSHIP INFO.docx
  10. Please email or PM me for application form for membership and get access to the UK's only privately owned 2 Mile Range!! email helen.gardnersguns@gmail.com Memberships run from 1st Feb to 31st Jan but if you join now you get the next 2 months FREE!!! Please also look for us on Facebook, we are running a whole host of offers on kit in the run up to Christmas MEMBERSHIP INFO.docx
  11. Marc Gardner

    Gardners Extreme Target Shoot - New Competition

    Can you remind Mike to send in his entry form then!!! lol
  12. Marc Gardner

    Gardners Extreme Target Shoot - New Competition

    Hi, quite a few but still room for more!!! let me know if you or anyone you know needs an entry form still ?

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