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  1. The following rules apply to posts in the For Sale (Private items only) section: You must have been a member of the site for more than 1 month to sell any items. You may only advertise SECONDHAND shooting related items that you are not selling for gain. If you wish to advertise shooting related items of any other nature you must sponsor the board and place your advert in the For Sale (Trade and UKV Supporter items) section. You are limited to ADVERTISING 5 PRIVATE SECONDHAND ITEMS FREE PER CALENDAR MONTH -Anyone wishing to advertise more frequently must sponsor UKV. You
  2. Me neither with V4, but I was done for 1 of 2 V2s and one or both V3s previously /shrug
  3. Pot luck, get the impression most who've had their V4s haven't been caught by import/VAT on clearing customs. If unlucky, ((cost+shipping) x1.05 ) x 1.2 should about cover it.
  4. Hull also import the powder burners, my 17H went back to them.
  5. I have V3 and V4 next to each other, the V4 is definitely nicer swapping between powders, but I've yet to get the V4 to throw as fast as the V3, just because you can tweak the V3 Autothrow to dump very close your target charge weight. Early days as I've not used them side by side much but I wouldn't be disappointed if I had a V3 that's for sure.
  6. As I said, if the circumstances (inc location) are right. There was a 1200ish yard plinking/prs training type thing operating about 15 mins down the road from me (until he fell out with the land owner recently), he was charging £475 a day 1 to 1, with additional shooters at 75 quid a pop - and I know people were paying it ;s Silverstone are doing ok I assume, as they're building a load more ranges.
  7. Nope, https://www.silverstoneshootingcentre.co.uk/shop/membership-renewal/, that's the current costs - people will pay it and more if it fits them. Same with the £35/hour mentioned above - plenty of people will pay that and more if the circumstances are right and their wallet permits.
  8. WC Evolutions are over barrel mods, the threaded part is roughly just behind the screw you can see in the top pic.
  9. Mines still in the box on the kitchen floor where it’s been since it was delivered. You don’t sound blown away, John? Though I doubt any of us was expecting something earth shatteringly different from v3?
  10. Completely your prerogative of course, and why someone else has bought it. My profile about 1” < that way also says West Berks :)
  11. Mines showing as due Monday as well, but was at Stanstead @ 11pm yesterday, so may still attract duty/vat; I've had 4 Autotricklers from Adam and been stung every time so not expecting to clear HMRC without a bill, but there's always a first time I guess 🤞
  12. PM me Ruger. @NID - if Rugers a no go for some reason, I could do Bisley, I'm just off J13 M4, so not a million miles away...
  13. Anyone got theirs yet? first impressions? Mines meant to arrive next week but imagine a few will have had them already?
  14. Anyone using H1000 still? I have 4lbs that I was going to put through a SAUM, but never did due to being led a merry little dance by a gun plumber. RRP probably £50-55/lb, say £30/lb? £100 for the lot. Collection RG20 or don't mind meeting within a reasonable distance.
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