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  1. Par for the course in not just my experience I know, just keep on trying...
  2. Look to have finally found a nice matching Karabiner which I should be collecting this week. Have a box each of the .323s Sierra make, 150SP/175SP/200MK. Anyone experience of reloading these (or any other bullet you can actually buy at the mo) for a '40s Mauser? Powder recommendations? Have N140/150 and RL15 on the shelf which seem to be good matches. Mostly plinking but will take the odd Roe and Fallow. Cheers R.
  3. How does it manage 4K rounds? apart from because George says it will I mean - is there evidence of this? He said the same about the 4S 😁
  4. A steal for someone, struggle to buy a T3 as a donor for 400 quid.
  5. My brief experience of an F-Type courtesy car was that that noise gets tedious pretty darn quickly, they really over-did the popping and banging, especially with the V6 - not being 17 anymore, it was close to embarrassing around town 😜 Also an unnecessarily harsh ride like a lot of 'sports cars' these days...grumble grumble!
  6. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be possible to shoot foxes at 350 with an XP, but personally I would choose something with more base magnification for that range. Currently I would choose an Infiray Rico RL42 or if budget allows a Ward T-Ceptor Pro 55-3, both 12 micron with more useful base mag for long range foxing. The Rico RH50 is so also worth a shout but from my testing falls short of the Ward unit by a fair bit and doesn’t look so great value compared to the 42.
  7. There's very little difference between v1 and v2, slightly better performance in poor conditions. What are you going to use it for? there are other options depending on personal requirements (e.g. do you need onboard recording, wifi streaming etc)
  8. Apologies Richy it's just that the whole shooting community has been great welcoming me back in to the fold I was taken back by the person's bluntness rather than his answering 1 question and asking for more information as so many other people have thank you for letting me become a member this is one site I will read from start to finish 

  9. The unpleasant person had a point, what disciplines are you interested in? there are dozens of different types of competitive shooting and competitions, all with differing 'legislation'...
  10. I can't see anywhere that anyone has 'taken issue' with trade pricing - my 😂 (if that's what you are referring to) was reacting to the fact that they had taken that little care in proof-reading their customer email spam - when they did exactly the same thing a few weeks ago with PARD night vision prices - way to support your retailers... And you don't need to run a business to realise businesses require a realistic margin in order to be viable, I assume you are in the gun trade when you state margins are low? @baldie No bother Dave, it wasn't something I was going to post - contrary to
  11. The weekly spam from Sportmans says RRP £4535.99, they've kindly included the Trade Price too 😂
  12. I think the RL7 is the deep rifle cabinet? If its the H1515xW407xD346, I'll take it. Only half hour away so can pick up whenever.
  13. Same question from 10 years ago - seems like the 0.006 extra width of the swede bolt face isn't likely to be a drama. Interesting conjecture that some Swedes may actually be built on .473 bolts these days.
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