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  1. GT3_richy

    Foxing Facebook Groups

    Sadly this about sums up my experience too. Also never post anything to do with shooting fluffies, doesn't matter what I set privacy settings to on FB, people still seem to know my business ;s
  2. GT3_richy

    6mm Dasher

    Did you import the thing built, or was it plumbed here T? no pressure signs at 32.4 I take it? Looks lovely, what does the stock weigh?
  3. GT3_richy

    17HMR what to get

    Good luck with that...
  4. GT3_richy

    Problems Sierra TMK seating

    Was going to say the same, often hard to get consistency seating over very compressed loads
  5. Guy is after a spotter, the above are scopes. But the same applies to the Helion spotters, Helion 2 is out (well, the XP50 at least) and in stock already in the UK, havent seen anything about the 38s or scope releases yet but shouldnt have thought the Helion 38s can be far away, as they must sell them by the boat load.
  6. Wasn't aware Nitesite made thermal? as for DDO and Liemke, don't think either are readily available/marketed in the UK atm, Liemke were at the BSS but cant say I've seen/heard of them much otherwise.
  7. GT3_richy

    204 Ruger

    Love my 204, interestingly also use 25.6gr of 530 under 39SBKs. Mostly lives a night life with thermal on it, great fun on magpies etc in the summer though.
  8. XPs have 640x480 pixel sensors, XQs have 384x288s. XPs have lower base mag.
  9. GT3_richy

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    RL15 seems to be pretty temp sensitive - my 6BRA was mint at 8c with no pressure signs - in the summer at mid-20s it was stamped heads with the ejector and heavy to lift ;s
  10. ^^ Listen to Bruce/Phoenix, knows more than most by a country mile when it comes to thermal!
  11. Look out for a cheap Pulsar Helion XQ38F, they're about the benchmark for performance/cost, or an older Quantum XQ50 or XQ38. The HD units on ebay are fairly long in the tooth now, both will be 25 micron units - and are pretty expensive for what they are. I know of a couple of XQ50s sold in the last few months for £900-1000 which are far superior, I'd put feelers out on the various foxing etc pages on bookface, see if anyone's looking to upgrade etc Lots of similar questions here https://nightvisionforumuk.com (hope external links are ok?!).
  12. GT3_richy

    Bore Scopes

    Got one of the Teslong jobs also - does the job for sure. Hot loads of RS60...throat as expected, no noticeable degradation in performance however. Bought to check how my (lack of) cleaning regime is working out (carbon rings, general crud build up), not to get hung up on how spiral staircaseed things look.
  13. My RS60 6.5CM load is (considerably) down on pressure/fps compared to real world actual and QL estimate. But as neither calc accounts for LRP v SRP its probably not the best example; QL doesn't account for SRP brass but the estimated output is inline with my SRP velocity, in spite of SRP usually needing at least an extra grain/grain and a half to achieve LRP fps.
  14. Was fine from the link earlier, for some reason its adding a load of random characters into the address when clicked or copy/pastad now, some kind of naming issue. If you type in the address manually or delete all the crap in the address that appears, it should load ok (or does for me in firefox/opera/chrome).
  15. GT3_richy

    Viht N555 - The Ultimate Creedmoor Powder?

    What brass is that, Scooby? Lap srp or?

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