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  1. V2-V3 upgrade sold to Locknload pending cash - sorry Tim, have checked back through this thread and inbox box messages to see who first messaged to say theyd buy and Lock pipped you - I may still have some other bits floating about as I'm sure I bought 2x upgrade kits but thats tbc...
  2. Sorry for not getting back to people, to-ing and fro-ing the last week! Assuming he still wants it, V3 kit sold to rwadw545. Have attached pic of V2->V3 upgrade kit. Its missing the cup that's actually used for the powder, but any small vessel/pan will do.
  3. V3 kit is as per factory (https://autotrickler.com/pages/autotrickler-v3) + V3 autothrow + A419 trickler base https://www.area419.com/product/at-base/ + A419 perspex lid https://www.area419.com/product/area-419-lid-for-ad-fxi-scales/ + A419 autothrow straw replacement https://www.area419.com/product/auto-trickler-straw-replacement/funnel. V2 to V3 kit is basically a V3 kit without motors.
  4. Surprised if anyone's still running V2 autotrickler/autothrow, but I have an unused V2 to V3 upgrade kit going cheap if so, call it £75? Also have a complete V3 kit available due to arrival of V4, includes A419 trickler base and autothrow nozzle - dont think you can get V3 autothrow anymore, £175? been a while since I bought one but think they were best part of 450-500 quid after shipping and duty/vat.
  5. I don't expect V4 to be faster. If you mess about with the slider and the tilt of the trickler body you should be able to get it to throw within 10s - you should also be able to get the autothrow to leave less than a grain to go. I wouldn't be too upset about getting a V3, especially when you can have it in a couple of weeks instead of probably getting on for Feb next year for a V4. I should've advertised mine before I guess!
  6. I didn't think there was much difference in performance as far as load to load went? Hopefully get mine next month, if anyone wants a V3 setup cheap...
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